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3 years, 3 months ago
For research of the market sometimes it is necessary to find all sites of the set subject. For example, all sites, about drugs such as, and or all news sites similar to, or

For reasonable time such problem can be solved with the help of the graph of the similar sites.
Search of the sites of the set subject

Idea such: manually we gather some sites which precisely suit us, somehow for everyone we find similar, we check them manually, suitable we add to set, we repeat procedure. If on each step accurately to select the sites, process will meet sooner or later, the graph of the similar sites will become isolated.
Search of the sites of the set subject

The similar sites can be looked for in Google with the help of key word of related, to take from Alexa and Similarweb.

Not to spend time for emptying of the suitable, but small sites, it is necessary to monitor how the total traffic on the sites from set changes. Usually it comes to plateau much earlier, than number of the sites in set.

Then the graph it is possible to use approximately to understand structure of subject. For example, the news sites happen about games:
Search of the sites of the set subject
About religion:
Search of the sites of the set subject
About science:
Search of the sites of the set subject

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