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3 years, 3 months ago
Entrepreneurs from the USA are going to start a network of floating data-centers

In our blog we write about creation of a cloud service underground data-centers much, and now it became known of plans of the American entrepreneurs for start of the whole network of floating DPCs (the concept is given on the picture above).

took for such DPC, it was only "the center of training", and then and it is sent to scrap metal). Now the startup of Nautilus Data Technologies decided to reanimate this idea.

The company created by entrepreneurs Arnold Magkeyl (Arnold Magcale) and Daniel Kekay (Daniel Kekai) is going to build a network of floating data-centers and to render services in placement of the equipment in them. According to Magkeyl and Kekay, floating data-centers are better protected from natural cataclysms like earthquakes. Besides, they are mobile and in case of the emergency need they can be moved from place to place.

For 6 years the startup was engaged in construction of test DPC, the project included also registration of the patent for the cooling system of own development using water on which the data-center floats (she gets directly from under the barge). Besides, the company also creates own platform of a cloudy orkestration and develops software for management of a data-center — is planned that by means of machine learning the system will be able effectively to optimize processes in DPC.

After a successful completion of a test project, Nautilus Data Technologies Mar-Aylend of armed forces of the USA builds the first two data-centers on naval shipyard. Founders of the project are convinced that use for construction of military base will help them to protect better technologies, is also going to build the subsequent data-centers on military shipyards.

Entrepreneurs from the USA are going to start a network of floating data-centers

Shipyard Mar-Aylend

One of benefits of the project his initiators call fast expansion — two data-centers are under construction now, and all for half a year construction of eight barges is going to complete. Besides, Magkeyl and Kekay are convinced that their data-centers will be able to work worldwide. Nevertheless, at first entrepreneurs should deal with receipt of different permissions from coast guard service of the USA.

The first floating - the centers which are under construction on shipyard Mar-Aylend are only the first iteration of the project, tells Kekay. He already thinks of barges of the next generation which will use fuel elements as the main source of energy (the electric network will provide back supply). In a combination with own system of a cloudy orkestration and DCIM solutions, the startup will be able to propose to clients rather qualitative solution in the field of DPC. The entrepreneur hopes that all this will allow to interest in floating data-centers enough conservative clients of "traditional" DPCs.

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