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The term "hakaton" in IT community did not hear today, probably, only the lazy. That it for "animal", is known by slightly less participants of the market. And even less people really took part in hakatona and can be proud of that have survived in their rigid realities. And here that such internal hakatona of the companies, ordinary developers almost do not know. In this sense only the few specialists were lucky, in whose companies similar events were held.

We want to tell that such internal hakaton and as it is best of all to organize this sign event. And it, believe us, it will become obligatory sign in life of your company. Our experience of carrying out internal hakaton has poured out in set of councils which we called "The rule of five it "is impossible"".

What is internal hakaton, or the Rule of five "is impossible"

It "is impossible" to carry out hakaton by own efforts

What is internal hakaton, or the Rule of five "is impossible"

That is it is possible, of course, but if you do not want that it was the first and the last hakaton in your company, it is worth addressing to those who has experience of carrying out such actions. The organization of hakaton — difficult process which means work with participants, training in their art of presentation of own ideas, preparation of performances. It will be necessary to go in for logistics, catering, purchase of necessary office.
We carry out our hakatona jointly with old friends — "Mikhail Kechinov's Studio" which will organize series of actions of HackDay. It is clear that it is necessary to put on it certain budget, but quality of action will increase unambiguously. About their view of process of the organization of external hakaton it is possible to esteem here.

It is necessary to pay attention to any, even naznachitelny, to trifles because you will have only one chance to make hakaton incendiary, memorable, and, the most important, useful to employees. And if the first pancake is lump, for the second time to you already nobody will come.

It "is impossible" to motivate employees with expensive prizes

What is internal hakaton, or the Rule of five "is impossible"

Hakaton — it not competition. It is not enticement of specialists from the project on the project, and in possibility of cooperation between participants from different teams. The more engineers communicate, working on joint projects, the climate on site, and consequently and in the working groups after hakaton is more favorable. Therefore command prizes are important not personified, and. They have to be inexpensive, but surely aimed at team pastime: multi-level difficult puzzles, million puzzles, chess, radio-controlled toys and any lovely miscellanea which is expected team. No expensive devices should become bait for participation in the hakatena; if the person expects it — to him not to you.

The role of the correct motivation, as well as marketing of the hakaton, is so great that, perhaps, this basic on what it is necessary to reflect from the very beginning. How to attract the people? At correctly built chain of "advance", business will be done by everything good: and the creative advertizing banners stuck everywhere at office; and the "warming" event of warm-up which is held usually in 1-2 weeks prior to hakaton.

What is internal hakaton, or the Rule of five "is impossible" What is internal hakaton, or the Rule of five "is impossible"

What is internal hakaton, or the Rule of five "is impossible" What is internal hakaton, or the Rule of five "is impossible"

At ourselves we carry out series of brainstorming sessions (the innovation manifestos) to EMS, and we urge to bring on hakaton all giving rise ideas, to gather team and to work on creation of prototype. It is one of types of motivation which we use.
It is possible to give Andrey Pakhomov's idea, the head of design team of the EMS Research center to Skolkovo as example. He has suggested to make "lightweight" system for collaboration of scientific communities. Here is how he describes it: "We solved problem of management, storage and exchange of scientific data. At the heart of architecture — popular and reliable OSS solutions. Thanks to their application our functionality represents rather small level of management, potentially scalable on any requirements. In principle, the system can be used not only for scientific projects, but also for any tasks in which data management, including search and analytics is necessary". This idea was, is given rise during the innovation manifesto, on the next hakaton has poured out in working prototype.

But it does not mean that further hakaton business does not go. We suggest employees to enter their ideas to annual corporate Innovation Roadmap — the internal program competition for collecting the innovation ideas. And here not foggy pipe dreams, and the thought-over prototypes which have passed fire-water-and-copper pipes of hakaton so hakaton helps to become someone the winner also at the corporate level gather. It is the second type of motivation in our company. And, of course, there is the third reason why employees come on hakaton — this is the fan.

It "is impossible" to underestimate comfort

What is internal hakaton, or the Rule of five "is impossible"

Hakaton — action long and continuous. Usually their duration makes 48 hours, and we here do the second year 35-hour hakaton (Friday-Saturday). For comfort of participants insufficiently simply convenient bin-begov, full-fledged sleeping bags are necessary, and it is more convenient more. We too have learned this truth by the experience.

It "is impossible" to forget about back coupling from experts

What is internal hakaton, or the Rule of five "is impossible"

Why employees come to internal hakaton? To work the ideas. To have fun. And, the most important to receive back coupling on the provided prototypes. You should not limit participants in Views of ideas. It can be as task, to solve which already today it is necessary for teams or customers, and ideas which lie outside your business.

Here too important everything: from nominating of structure of jury to the organization of obligatory personal back coupling from each judge on each project! Also the role of the moderator of discussion during meeting of jury who has to monitor that all valuable comments have been sounded is important and any project did not remain ignored.

The structure of jury has to be various, it is necessary to include in it representatives of different departments, not only engineering, but also business, both sales, and development. Back coupling has to be versatile.

And the last: it "is impossible" to consider that after hakaton life is not present

What is internal hakaton, or the Rule of five "is impossible"

Just the opposite: the success of the prototypes developed during hakaton in many respects depends on further implementation of projects, on as far as you will manage to help participants to show their project to the necessary people in the company, whether will receive the project of investment on further development, or results of works can be implemented in product. Of course, both patent requests, and incubation of ideas, and attraction of investments in the company, but it already another story altogether will be farther.

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