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It is well known that response time of the server exerts direct impact on indexation of the website a search engine. The longer the website is loaded, the below it is ranged, and low positions of search issue have a number of negative consequences: the smaller number of visitors from a search traffic, reduction of indicators of conversion, increase in number of failures and so forth. Response time is understood as time of receipt of the answer of the server for requests of the client as which the web browser most often acts. Response time directly influences the speed of loading of web pages therefore these two characteristics often confuse. Hosttreker offers function for measurement of this time from the different countries and continents.

How to control response time or how your website is quickly loaded?

Communication of the CEO and response time

The Internet contains in itself a heap of the most various statistics of different degree of usefulness. For example, it is possible to find researches of dependence of provision of the website in search issue of its response time. Search robots love too the websites which are quickly loaded — websites with good response time, with other things being equal, most often are located on upper positions of search issue. What good time is? Of course, it depends on category of the website as different types of the websites by default contain different quantity of content and different buns. But for the majority of the websites load time of 0.35-0.38 pages is considered good. Such time is shown, as a rule, by the websites about the TOP of issue of searchers on popular requests. About one second it is also considered good result, but the difference in only 0.1 or 0.2 pages can influence a final position. Of course, content and relevance still remain on the first place on influence on provision in search issue, but at the current level of the competition good webmasters consider more and more factors.

It is logical that at a response time measurement it is necessary to consider a geographical arrangement of the server with the website. If the user from Iceland suddenly decides to polazit on the Australian websites — that he, certainly, will feel some discomfort. Than further from the server the user wishing to open pages on it located is located, the answer will go that through bigger quantity of hosts to it, and processing on each of them takes some time (we still will hold back it an extremity of light speed). Therefore it is extremely desirable to place the website as it is possible closer to the target audience. For the global websites the problem is solved by use of CDN (Content Delivery Network).

Monitoring of response time

Host-Tracker gives several opportunities of tracking of response time of the server. First, response time from different points of the world is fixed at the instant check available is free even for the non-authorized users. If the statistics, monitoring from a certain region or the notification about exceeding of time is interesting to you — then it is possible to use the Check of Response Time function; also, this function is available at setup of the Check of the Website (Http) task — response time is configured in expanded settings of a http-task.
How to control response time or how your website is quickly loaded?

It is possible to specify the most allowed time of a response for your website in settings. If the server was not responsible for time exposed in the field "Timeout", then Host-Tracker will send the message that the website began "to brake". By the way, it can be useful even if you do not fight for fractions of a second — the sudden or gradual growth of response time can demonstrate the different technical works which are carried out on the server or about a Web server overload the hosting company.

It is also important to pay attention to the region from where it is necessary to conduct check as response time strongly depends on website arrangement geography. This option is configured in the list of expanded settings of a task.
How to control response time or how your website is quickly loaded?


As we see, Hosttreker can help. The most acceptable value of a response researchers call 0.5 with that is very important for indexation of the website and for its ranging. Taking into account geography, this value can be expected about 1-3 seconds. If value of a response steadily appears more indicated value, then it is necessary to think of change of a hosting or optimization of the website.

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