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3 years, 4 months ago
Hosttreker brings to attention of webmasters function of automatic monitoring of content of websites. It allows to trace availability or absence on the checked pages of certain key word.

How to control availability of key word on the site

Why it is necessary?

Let's say you have got for the site series from 50 articles, each of which has to contain phrases "choice hosting of provider", "reliable hosting", "check of reliability of hosting". To check availability of these phrases in all texts manually — not really bright prospect. But you have URL-y of all pages — means, the task is significantly facilitated. Service allows to add addresses of the necessary pages the list, and function of check of content will help to find hack-work quickly. For this purpose simply specify all key word in special field and expose necessary interval of check (the minimum 1 minute). The interval is not important for this specific case as it is necessary to check only once. If the system does not find key phrases on any page, it will notify you on it the letter on e-mail to the specified address.

But in regular checks too there is sense. Let's consider other situation: you have advanced site, with blackjack and databases. When the user visits some page — the special script podgruzhat on it information from database. The best marketing specialists have developed for your clients special offer which will bring to your clients a lot of good, and to you — money. And this sentence contains according to the link "hot sentence". But all marketing breaks about technical issues — you have noticed that sometimes data are not displayed on the page. Monitoring of content will allow to control with certain frequency availability on the page of key word and to notify you if it has suddenly disappeared. It can help to find weak places of system — for example, it can appear that the base is unavailable during backup.
Sometimes it is useful to trace not only presence, but also absence on the site of certain words. Happens that someone has slightly overlooked — and already on your site the harmful script publishes contextual advertizing without your consent. You have found virus code. It contains, for example, the word "iframe". You have replaced the infected file old of backup, but after a while through slovenliness of hosting the virus code appears again. Of course, the problem needs to be solved cardinally — but for a start it is possible "to catch" it at least steadily. Set on service way to the problem file, specify "iframe" as key word. In settings note that klyuchevik has to be absent. As soon as the word appears in the specified file — you will be notified: it is possible to begin new scandal with hosting.

Check setup

Takes less than a minute. On the home page Host-Tracker (after registration) click the Add key. From the revealing list select the Check Content item.
In the form of creation of task specify the address of the page which needs to be checked (it is possible to set many pages the list). Key word is entered into the corresponding field. As it was already mentioned, it is possible to select check both on presence, and on absence of certain words. Necessarily we select some additional settings. And voila!

How to control availability of key word on the site
As soon as the system finds absence (or presence) key phrases on the site, it will send you such message. Thus, there is opportunity to receive notifications on email, SMS, Skype, Hangouts.

How to control availability of key word on the site
Now can go about the own business. We will assume control of work of your sites.
Are always glad to your responses and sentences.

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