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Efficiency of the site in no small measure depends on its reputation. To relieve the user of spam – one of the major tasks in network for conscientious business. For fight against spam lists of hosts spammers which are located in bleklist form, creating DNSBL. Hosttreker offers functionality which, in addition to normal check of availability of the site, checks the domain for hit in DNSBL.
Care of reputation: we check the sites for hit in bleklist

How DNSBL works?

DNSBL – the list faded - or block sheets which forms on basis:
  • Bases of e-mail servers of the wrong configuration, created automatically according to the list of the open rayleighs allowing to extend spam
  • Responses and complaints of users of the different sites and services
  • The IP lists of suspicious e-mail servers, criteria can be different
  • Lists of the anonymous proxies promoting the hidden actions in network of any user including for fraud and spam sending.

The domain or _r, got in any bleklist, is marked as source of spam or fraudulent actions. Providers, operators of mail services, and in general anyone can be synchronized with certain DNSBL that will lead to corresponding marking, blocking or removal of messages and requests from the hosts which are present at the list. Blocking is made to cut expenses on message handling and to increase convenience to the clients. Further events develop as follows: if violation validly is, the domain gradually (within several days, or weeks) creeps away on all bleklist. Thus all providers using the DNSBL lists in the work will have bad opinion on the site (which is on the blocked domain), and your potential audience will quickly enough be narrowed. As option — your clients will cease to receive from you letters. If violation is not present — that pleasure too a little. The domain or _r can hang for years in one-two lists where it has got by mistake that will also yield some indirect losses on constant basis. That, you see, it is very unpleasant. Therefore it is important to find and eliminate the reason of getting into lists in time, and also to delete the address from these lists quicker. As a rule, it becomes quickly enough.

How to check availability of the site in bleklist?

Hosttreker suggests to make it very simply — at creation of monitoring it is only necessary to set necessary flag, and in parallel with normal checks, there will be checks for hit to DNSBL. Besides, if normal monitoring is not necessary — it is possible to create separate task for monitoring of DNSBL.

Let's review some examples

  • We take the personal site which, of course, bears to the world only good and in its what DNSBL never was and will not be. We add the site to monitoring, we select option of monitoring of DNSBL (as it looks — see screenshot of article in the beginning). Reports on task can be received on mail or to view in private office on the site. We are convinced that really nobody will deign to tell about it the bad word.
  • Also available available even to the non-authorized users, instant check of the site on presence at DNSBL. For contrast and testing of feeling of deep satisfaction from the fact that someone bans spammers, for the sake of experiment we find some sites satisfying to modest request "site swindler" in google. We copy URL and we place in form in upper part of the site. On example we see that the sites are in DNSBL, that is their harmful activity has already been noticed not only Google.
    Care of reputation: we check the sites for hit in bleklist
  • We take any free proxy from, respectively, free proxy sheet. We place the address in form. We analyze and see that everything is right — the address "suspicious" as from it it is nevozbranno possible to unroll the most different activity therefore it is already entered to DNSBL.
    Care of reputation: we check the sites for hit in bleklist

What to do if your domain has got to DNSBL?

Sharp recession of visit of the site can be connected with hit in bleklist on IP. There is no guarantee that the accidental spammer will not order hosting on one server, one IP, with your site. That is you can get to these lists without any actions of you. In an amicable way, of course, the hoster has to be engaged in it. But it in an amicable way. And even if is engaged, it can take some time therefore the incentive kick of you obviously will not do much harm. In this situation it is necessary to check availability of the site in bleklist and if it is found in some of them – it is necessary to create request to administrators of the specific DNSBL base and to try to exclude the address from black list. And if the jackpot is broken: and the hoster has got careless, and the spammer everything is not appeased, and from DNSBL do not hurry to delete your domain — then it is possible to change way of routing of mail, that is the MX records for your domain. Record MX contains IP. These changes belong to correction of the record DNS of the server where the domain is located. On each such server the functionality. Having studied it, it is possible to make necessary changes.

We want to emphasize that instant checks of DNSBL can be made from the service site absolutely free of charge and without registration. Therefore we hope that this function will be useful. Let's be glad to hear your wishes and responses.

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