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2 years, 10 months ago

Though support of Unity in Consulo also appeared at the end of 2014 (the first kommit) — the majority of opportunities appeared in 2015. Below significant features which were implemented are described:

For those who passed my posts:
Consulo — fork IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition which has support of .NET (if to be exact — C# which support develops at the moment), Java and NodeJS.

Unity Event Methods

At the end of 2014 there was a support of markers for Unity Event Methods, such as Update/Start and others. Also the fast method of adding of methods through completion was added (including methods with parameters):


Project Import

It is one of the biggest tasks of Unity. Up to this point, distinction between Unity modules such as Assembly-CSharp-firstpass, Assembly-CSharp was not. For example, everywhere there was an access to UnityEditor to classes — and it was possible to write a code which will not be compiled:


Work with .meta as files

Before this change — .meta files were visible in a tree of the project and it was possible to hide them only through global ignoring of files on expansion, however, not really correctly to do it since it is not pure Unity IDE. In addition, there were problems with VCS since during removal of the main files, .meta-files remained. Now the following logic is implemented:
  • You can independently include/switch off the .meta display of files for the existing files
  • Meta-files without parent files are displayed always
  • During removal or change of the main file through IDE corresponding to it the meta-file also is removed or changes


Debugging in the editor

Support of a debugger was present from the very beginning, but it could be used only for standalone of a bild of game, i.e. it was necessary to collect and start game, out of the Unity editor. It was not really convenient and here, after April 15, 2015, it is possible to do safely attach to the editor and to have all opportunities of a debugger (such as changes of value of variables in a rantayma, or stepping)



Unity has the language for writing of shaders. Syntax support, autocompletion, navigation in the file and basic refactoring was added.



Though C# also prevails when writing Unity-scripts, but you should not forget about UnityScript. As support of UnityScript is based on a JavaScript-plug-in (rather crude), opportunities are very limited here:


However, already now UnityScript elements are available in autocompletion C# classes inside:


C# classes in Unity-scenes

The problem when the break point does not work is familiar to much. It it seems as is, but does not work though has to. After you will believe in supernatural, it will turn out that you just forgot to place a class in a scene. A similar situation — one of the reasons of adding of a possibility of display in what scene the class given C# is used. This opportunity is available only to YML of scenes, binary scenes are not supported as the file format is closed, by sad but true …


UnityEditor Integration

Earlier there was no possibility of opening of the file in Consulo on doubleclick in the editor. This plug-in is urged to add such feature.


It is almost complete list of what was added to Consulo from Unity. But in addition to Unity also other directions develop:
  • C# — a lot of things were remade, optimized, support of C# 6 is added
  • JavaScript and NodeJS — is improved debugging, support of Mocha appeared
  • … and many other things is but it is absolutely a drugiya history...

Thanks to All who uses Consulo

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