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One of the most surprising and delightful creations of architecture of Barcelona, the capital of the Spanish province of Catalonia, grandiose Expiatory Sagrada Familia (Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Família) is. It is one of the most known unfinished constructions of the world, the well-known project of the architect Antoni Gaudi. Its erection is already conducted more than 130 years with small breaks (since 1882). According to the statement of the government of Spain, completely it will be possible to complete the temple not earlier than 2026.

Mystical data-center

Banal shortage of funds for constructions of it really of architecture masterpiece as the grandiose project was under construction only on donations of residents of Barcelona was constant obstacle. In spite of the fact that it still is in construction stage, the captivating magic of this creation attracts more than 3 million tourists a year.

Mystical data-center

Unique constructions upon which the temple arches, steel concrete columns revetted with basalt, sandstone or granite are based. Colons go under the earth on depth to 20 meters, and in height reach 70 meters. Each of them can sustain seven-point earthquake and flaws to 200 kilometers per hour. It was the house first in the history with underground garage.

Mystical data-center

For Sagrada Familia the question of expediency began to unroll TsOD. And matter of course, if it is about expansion of data-center, terms in centuries here well are no good in any way. Until recently was the small server room for support and service of the site, and also for this purpose quite enough, what to make monitoring more than 250 surveillance cameras. Commissioning of small and safe TsODA, would allow to increase reliability of the site, the number of visitors and which users constantly grows. Also considering input of supplementary services and services in the future which would be provided through world web of the current capacities simply was not enough.

As Sagrada Familia in 2005 has been entered in the list of the world heritage of UNESCO, priority task is its saving owing to special cultural and historical value. Therefore construction of traditional data-center because of complexity of the project is inadmissible. But the solution has been found — combined modular data processing centers of production AST Modular (Schneider Electric). Building block solutions allow to unroll IT infrastructure rather quickly, absence of heavy burden of high capital investments is one of pluses also. In the project 2 double modular data-centers of the NON ISO 25 series were used, each of which contains 10 racks. Power of rack of 4 kW, is also provided opportunity increase in this indicator to 8 kW. The project has been recently complete thanks to what the site became more functional and safe, for visitors there was function of acquisition of digital tickets, the new monitoring system of access has been entered.

Also the whole monitoring system behind winds on the basis of solutions from Weathercloud has been developed for ensuring safety of visitors and workers of the temple. The temple was equipped with the ultrasonic anemometer which sensor allows to accept and transfer data on speed and the direction of wind even to cases of lack of power supply. All indicators about wind gather in real time and are stored on the special ventOS server which is just installed in new modular TsODE.

Mystical data-center

Perhaps the temple is also not the most favorable place for any development of IT technologies, but that that they appear in such unusual and mystical places shows importance of the innovative solutions in our everyday life. Everything around very quickly develops and even such monumental constructions need to keep up to date.

UPD: the group of students of university of Eindhoven has constructed Sagrada Família of ice, as material was used so-called paykerit (mix of wood sawdust and water ice). One dome has height about 30 meters that has made it the highest ice dome in the world. Interestingly, they do not think what in such favorable cool conditions to place also data-center.

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