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Mailing groups remain one of the most effective tools for work with audience, including IT projects. However many companies, in particular, in the field of electronic commerce, still make mistakes which lead to that their letters do not reach addressees.

In today's topic we will talk about the general trends in the field of mailing groups and we will support this information with statistical data which will help the IT companies to create effective mailings.

Email-marketing trends

Let's begin with conversation on noticeable tendencies in the field of email-marketing. Here it is possible to select some important facts.

4,3 billion accounting entries in 2015

According to researchers, in 2015 the mark of 4,3 billion accounting entries of email will be overcome. It means that e-mail not only does not lose the popularity, but will continue to remain one of the most demanded channels of digital communication.

Is obvious also that fact that the companies will aim to receive as it is possible bigger coverage of audience by means of mailings. Some statistical data are given below, using which it is possible to achieve more good results during the work with email.

Field length of subject is not especially important

The team of service for email-mailings Mailchimp has conducted research with the purpose to find out, whether letter subject length influences its efficiency. Analysts have studied 12 billion letters sent in 2012 how the increase in field length of subject influences indicator of opening of letters and number of clicks on links in it. Results say that subject length does not influence these indicators in any way:


Representatives of the Adestra company have conducted the research which has confirmed that fact that the indicator of opening does not depend on letter length. As for clicks and number of the users who have clicked the links after opening of the letter, here it has appeared that longer subjects of letters show the best results:


Personalisation — key to success

According to the same Adestra, the letter with the personalized subject will be opened with probability in 22,2%.

Social buttons in letters raise CTR

According to information of the GetResponse company, e-mails with the buttons of social networks installed in them, have shown CTR 158% higher than the mailings which were not turning on such buttons.


Statistics on the Runet

Daily through the service large number of letters that gives us the chance to collect interesting statistics about goes what mailings of the companies of the Runet show the best results, and what factors influence it.

It is most favorable to send mailings on Monday

There is popular belief that is possible to achieve the best results at implementation of email-mailings if to send letters on Tuesday (there are also denials of this thesis).

There are data that on Monday is possible to achieve the greatest financial return from the sent letters — our statistics confirms the thesis about productivity of the first working day (though, in all honesty, and other days of the week are suitable for mailings by the little worse):


In the first days after mailing it is opened most often

In spite of the fact that according to some researches, e-mail is called one of the slowest ways of communication with clients, our data indicate the opposite. Actually mailings are very operational — half of all discoveries of letters is made within 6 hours, and in the first days — it is more than 75%.


When letters are read best of all

People read e-mail during all working day — apparently on the diagram, distribution of percent of opening of letters rather uniform. To receive the greatest coverage of audience, it is necessary to send mailings at the beginning of the working day — the most part of opening happens in the first some hours therefore it is not necessary to wait till the night.


Gmail has outstripped Rambler mail on poulyarnost in RuNet

Two years ago we already published similar material on Habré. According to statistics of that time, users of RuNet sent letters through Rambler mail more often. Lately Gmail has managed not only to win back lag, but also it is essential to be ahead of the competitor.


Mailings of the IT companies are how effective

Many IT companies have started using actively mailings in recent years, as communication medium with clients and have achieved on this field of certain progress. According to the Mailchimp service, mailings of technology projects, in general, read not worse, than letters of the companies from other industries. The cut to telecommunication companies, social services, software developers and online stores is given below:

Industry Opening indicator Cliques Failures
Social services 22,54% 3,81% 0,44%
Developers of software and mobile applications 23,27% 2,80% 1,17%
Telecommunications 20,63% 2,25% 1,26%
Electronic commerce 17,14% 2,69% 0,36%

For comparison, the organizations from the sphere of real estate have indicator of failures at the level of 22,20%, percent of clicks of 2,29% and percent of failures of 0,87%.

For today everything, thanks for attention. In our following publications we will tell how to impose and make out letters that they did not get to the folder spam, services and tools for creation of HTML versions of letters, technologies of accounting of clicks, opening and adding in spam and other interesting subjects.

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