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In this publication I would like to tell a little about advantages of placing in the Netherlands, Netherlands Date Center EvoSwitch in which we take place, about pluses and minuses in work with it TSOD (data-processing centre).

Advantages of placing in the Netherlands, Date Center EvoSwitch

Why the Netherlands?

The Netherlands – the most loyal in respect of the legislation the country among other countries of Europe. And the convenient geographical position gives the chance constructions of good connectivity, both with America, and with Europe simultaneously, including with Ukraine and Russia – the basic consumers of the traffic of a Russian-speaking segment the Internet. And in the Netherlands it is possible to place legal sites for adults that is impossible in many other countries because of the imperfect legislation or it is possible with restrictions. For example, in Germany, almost in all territory, in the presence of a cap and paid access – it is authorised, and in open access – is not present. For some reason even there politicians do not think that minors in need of a status to use a map of parents or to come on a site placed in other region where there are no restrictions.

Adalt makes a huge share of all Internet traffic – on the average on the world over 30 % therefore to interfere with its placing silly and to not far-sighted, such countries it is necessary to pay dearly for the external traffic, after all when it is impossible – demand still above. Russia where the share of the adult foreign traffic is estimated in a range to 54 % can be acknowledgement of it. As a result development of internal networks of such countries leaves much to be desired, as local Date the Centers lose to half of market. But as spoke earlier – in Russia and Ukraine of sex is not present, so legislators probably believe, entering similar interdictions. Only now this concept is actual for a network the Internet, for what even criminal responsibility if God forbid you "klubnichku" have placed in Ukraine or Russia (in the Russian Federation all the same the situation with it is better, but also it is officially forbidden and is punishable) is provided.

Interdiction of sites for adults — alas, not a unique problem. Unfortunately, in Ukraine and Russia recently there is a sad situation, as in respect of connectivity between the countries (very few qualitative channels, Russia and Ukraine do not develop connectivity with each other, probably, there is no interest in an exchange of the traffic), and in the legislative plan. Servers can be withdrawn without a judgement as "proof" on various far-fetched motives at any moment, and viewing potokovogo cannot be made video equally qualitative for both countries simultaneously if only it will not be spent thoroughly for construction normal piringov. Vkontakte is not capable Of it, apparently, even. Viewing of video with Vkontakte at times fairly tupit in Ukraine. Bad connectivity and losses on channels which are present always because of congestion of networks, lead to that speed on a stream between Russia and Ukraine at times reaches only 2 Mbit / with, sometimes and more low that at times is not enough for viewing potokovogo video and especially HD-quality video.

Very often between Ukraine and Russia the traffic goes on very difficult route, for example through Budapest, Frankfurt, London:

Advantages of placing in the Netherlands, Date Center EvoSwitch

But grief not only in it, and and in internal networks of the countries. For the similar reason at times the site from zarubezha pingovatsja will be better, than a site which is in Date the Center of capital if to check from regions. In the same Ukrtelecom which is the Internet monopolist in Ukraine, such it is observed often. The user from region can get access to a site placed in Kiev, through Germany or even through some European countries. In Russia as a whole the situation is not better, and at times even is worse. For this reason, the guaranteed GB in the Internet which will have more or less comprehensible connectivity, both with Russian, and with the Ukrainian users simultaneously, will cost considerably the big money, rather than the similar channel in the Netherlands.

There is a logical question, and whether these all problems with placing of servers in Ukraine and Russia, moreover and for the big money are necessary? In my opinion – is not present. Where Date the Center and the adequate country will be easier to place servers in reliable and to provide excellent connectivity therefrom.

Date Center "EvoSwitch"

Located in Haarleme, 19 km on the West from the centre of Amsterdam, it is based in 2006 year and it is placed in operation in 2007 expansions with the plan to 5 halls and 2 switching rooms. The current occupied space over 5000 sq. m with possibility of growth to 10 000 sq. m, and in long-term prospect – to 40 000 sq. m. Thanks to a successful arrangement in area with small consumers of electric power EvoSwitch has possibility to expand consumption to 60 MVatt capacity, at present is used from above 30 MVatt.

Advantages of placing in the Netherlands, Date Center EvoSwitch

EvoSwitch uses on 100 % "green" energy, and it is as much as possible effective, power consumption effectiveness ratio — nearby 1,2. It is the Center first Date in the Netherlands as a result of which activity there are no emissions of carbonic gas in atmosphere, almost are absent. Unique sources – cars of the employees, which emissions Date the Center compensates payments in ecological fund.

Advantages of placing in the Netherlands, Date Center EvoSwitch

Cooling is designed by a principle of hot and cold corridors, applied falshpol:

Advantages of placing in the Netherlands, Date Center EvoSwitch

In each hall servers take place in the isolated modules with adiabaticheskim cooling, warmly from modules is thrown out in a hall, and from a hall is taken away by industrial conditioners:

Advantages of placing in the Netherlands, Date Center EvoSwitch

Spaciousness of one module – 32 server cases, in each of cases is supposed consumption by the equipment to 25 kw of capacity.

Advantages of placing in the Netherlands, Date Center EvoSwitch

Besides Date Center EvoSwitch is the owner of certificates of safety ISO27001 and 9001, PCI DSS (the standard of safety of the data of the industry of payment maps) and SAS-70 that Date of the Center confirms high reliability and allows to take place even to banks.


Date Center EvoSwitch has excellent connectivity, both with Russia, and with Ukraine, it as already it was specified above, at times is better, than connectivity between various regions of Russia and Ukraine in the country. For acknowledgement of the words I will result some lines to Russia (Moscow and Peter):

[ ~] # tracert
traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 40 byte packets
1 ( 0.665 ms 0.663 ms 0.661 ms
2 ( 0.253 ms 0.266 ms 0.267 ms
3 ( 0.918 ms 0.930 ms 0.932 ms
4 ( 0.932 ms 0.934 ms 0.935 ms
5 ( 44.981 ms 44.993 ms 44.994 ms
6 ( 52.378 ms 52.101 ms 52.095 ms
7 ( 52.093 ms 52.086 ms 52.081 ms
8 ( 41.870 ms 42.195 ms 42.181 ms
[ ~] #

[ ~] # tracert
traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 40 byte packets
1 ( 0.494 ms 0.775 ms 0.793 ms
2 ( 0.233 ms 0.239 ms 0.241 ms
3 ( 0.767 ms 0.771 ms 0.772 ms
4 ( 0.782 ms 0.996 ms 0.999 ms
5 ( 34.562 ms 34.573 ms 34.575 ms
6 ( 41.945 ms 41.735 ms 41.728 ms
7 42.686 ms 42.469 ms 42.448 ms
[ ~] #

Well, and now I will show connectivity with my house provider in Ukraine:

[ ~] # tracert
traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 40 byte packets
1 ( 0.578 ms 0.569 ms 0.569 ms
2 ( 0.253 ms 0.259 ms 0.260 ms
3 0.894 ms 0.895 ms 0.894 ms
4 ( 7.186 ms 7.192 ms 7.192 ms
5 ( 35.204 ms 35.402 ms 35.404 ms
6 ( 39.237 ms 39.285 ms 39.279 ms
7 ( 38.184 ms 38.304 ms 38.289 ms
8 ( 39.080 ms 39.200 ms 39.190 ms
[ ~] #

So remarkable connectivity allows me to work with my servers in the Netherlands for the speed above, than with servers located in Kiev in Date Ukrtelecom Center "Utel". It is sad, but the fact, connectivity from Kiev with Date the Center in Kiev at me is worse, rather than connectivity with Netherlands TSOD … These are realities. And all because in TSOD EvoSwitch not 2-3 aplinka as frequently happens on the Ukrainian and Russian platforms, and some tens. As are present various piringi and inclusions in the basic points of an exchange of the traffic. Total aplinkov and piringov – more than 30, and the general connectivity exceeds 3 Tbit / with. Perhaps, it is Date the Center with the best connectivity in the world.

Advantages of placing in the Netherlands, Date Center EvoSwitch

External routeing is carried out through 3 different inputs in a building. Optical cables are reliably laid to optical cross-country in a switching room. All cables are anonymous and are supervised EvoSwitch, data on a cable infrastructure are constantly updated in a corresponding database. At vicinities Center Date there are fibres of following operators: BT, Colt, Ziggo, Enertel, Eurofiber, FiberRing, Global Crossing, KPN, MCI/Verizon, Priority, Tele2, UPC. As a result such cores aplinki, as BT, Cogent, Colt, Deutsche Telekom, FiberRing, Eurofiber, Global Crossing, Interoute, KPN, Relined, Tele2, Telecom Italia, Teleglobe/VSNL, TeliaSonera are used.

Advantages of placing in the Netherlands, Date Center EvoSwitch

In a switching room Center Date it is possible to see "spaghetti" from hundreds optical cables of yellow colour (carrying capacity of 10 Gbit/), and much less orange (carrying capacity of 1 Gbit/).

Switching room:

Advantages of placing in the Netherlands, Date Center EvoSwitch

So the kernel the Center Date which cost exceeds 1 million euro looks, and this kernel is duplicated:

Advantages of placing in the Netherlands, Date Center EvoSwitch

Here exchange points in which there are inclusions:

MOSCOW TIME-IX — 10 Gbit / s
FRANCEIX — 10 Gbit / s
AMSIX — 140 Gbit / s
DE-CIX — 60 Gbit / s
LINX — 40 Gbit / s
BNIX — 10 Gbit / s
EXPANIX — 10 Gbit / s
NLIX — 10 Gbit / s
DIX — 1 Gbit / s
NIX1 — 1 Gbit / s
NETNOD — 10 Gbit / s
DE-CIX — 60 Gbit / s
SWISSIX - 10 Gbit / s
MIX — 1 Gbit / s
NIX — 1 Gbit / s
VIX — 1 Gbit / s
SIX — 1 Gbit / s
BIX — 1 Gbit / s
INTERLAN — 1 Gbit / s

Standardization and self-service system

At a present situation growth rate of client base Center Date is high enough, in particular thanks to partners which order servers for the clients, in Date the Center is established over hundred new servers daily. For this reason certain rules of placing and delivery of servers operate.

So, there are standard cases (with the so-called "automatic" preestablished servers which stand out automatically), designed under granting to each server of the guaranteed 100 Mbit / with Flat Fee (without traffic restriction), the guaranteed 1 Gbit / with, and also cases for servers with the limited consumption of the traffic.

Besides it standardization on a configuration is applied. One case is filled with servers of one type. The only thing that can differ in them – quantity of disks and operative memory.

So the new party of servers expecting installation in a case, 40 servers HP DL120 looks:

Advantages of placing in the Netherlands, Date Center EvoSwitch

Already established servers:

Advantages of placing in the Netherlands, Date Center EvoSwitch

Each server is connected not only to a network the Internet, but also to the system, allowing to reboot the server on a food, to disconnect port on a switch and even to reinstall an operating system of the server pressing of one button.

Advantages of placing in the Netherlands, Date Center EvoSwitch

In such standardization is not only pluses, but also minuses. Plus that automatic and their system can give out servers at times in some minutes after the payment carrying out, adjusted according to your wishes. The minus consists in flexibility of decisions on a configuration and initial adjustment.

Advantages of placing in the Netherlands, Date Center EvoSwitch

So, if to you it will be necessary the server with different types of disks in one server (for example SATA and SSD), despite that the configuration of the server without problems allows their simultaneous use — you frequently will send to order Custom Built (not automatic servers), which cost more expensive considerably automatic (at times in 2 times) because their installation is spent manually and take place they in cases in which it is possible to connect the channel of any necessary carrying capacity and to increase carrying capacity at any moment to the level necessary to you. Sometimes certainly TSOD goes on a meeting and agrees to add disks after installation (if a problem only in disks), under condition of payment of time of the engineer which floor of hour 50 euros (a minimum for payment a floor of hour stand).

Advantages of placing in the Netherlands, Date Center EvoSwitch

In standard cases where servers are connected to stomegabitnomu, gigabitnomu or to the channel with restriction on the traffic to change tariffing of the traffic or to increase carrying capacity it will not turn out. As well as it will not turn out to give additional port in a switch for constant IPMI, for the reason, that, as a rule, they not rezervirovany under this service.

There is one more minus — absence of possibility to reinstall the server automatically with RAID. For reception of necessary level RAID you frequently should address again to the engineer (if only hardware RAID has not been preliminary configured before server installation) or to order the time KVM-device on a paid basis which will manage in 50 euros for days (the minimum period days) for installation carrying out manually independently.

Nevertheless IPMI and the engineer in most cases appears not necessary as without dependence from that what server at you, automatic or not, you can by means of management system servers in the self-service centre (Self Service Center) to execute not only reinstallation, reboot on a food, but also to load the server into a restoration mode.

The restoration mode (Rescue Mode) gives you possibility to load Small Linux or BSD environment in operative memory of the server from network TSOD by means of pressing of one button. In a restoration mode it is possible to get access to files on server hard disks, to make repair of the loader and set of other operations. At due skills of the manager you even can reinstall an operating system with application of program level RAID necessary for you, for konfigurirovanija hardware nevertheless it is necessary will address to the engineer. Thus operations demanding physical intervention are extremely rare.

Features of a mode of restoration. After loading button click in a mode of restoration the password to the required environment will be displayed in a current of 10 minutes if it does not occur it is necessary to reboot the server the button through the panel and to wait even 5-10 minutes. In case it is not possible to load a restoration mode — address to the engineer. For an exit from a restoration mode simply enough to reboot the server.

In self-service system there is a defect — in case the ill-wisher will get access to yours SSC, it can reinstall all servers pressing of the corresponding button that will lead to loss of the data and it will be especially terrible, if servers in an account a little. Possibility to appoint the password on reinstallation function, both for the separate taken server, and for server group could become the decision. On what programmers SSC are notified by us and I hope shortly it will be realised.

SLA (service-level agreement) and features of technical support

SLA in EvoSwitch it is possible and marketing bullshit, but vital necessity. And that is why. TSOD so big, and employees at times are so sluggish that if not to buy the guaranteed level of support to your server can approach hour through 3, and even at all it is possible to wait a floor of day, precedents of long expectation were, without paid SLA there there is nothing. But at times in a delay it can be guilty and the subscriber if has not precisely specified a subject of the inquiry. In Date the Center there are some lines of the support, one line touches inquiries and appoints it a priority, another — is engaged in the decision. Also it is possible to try most to define initially a priority, having chosen a corresponding subject. For example, on subject Service Unavailable reaction is prompter, rather than on the others that is logical. But it is not necessary to these to abuse, as the first line of support all the same checks prioritetnost this inquiry and it is possible to get private into "the black list» and then very long to wait for answers already on critical inquiries.

Let's consider now levels SLA:

— Best Effort (engineers TSOD use the best efforts to solve a question as soon as possible, aha, simply "run" to servers, do not doubt), it is free level SLA which guarantees nothing also the decision of questions can occupy a lot of time;
— SLA Bronze (24x7xNBD);
— SLA Silver (24x7x12);
— SLA Gold (24x7x4);
— SLA Platinum (24x7x1).

Paid levels as it is visible, guarantee that you will be responded by the engineer in time 24 hours, 12 hours, 4 and 1 hour accordingly. And for that to you guaranteed ANSWER reception (notice, the answer, instead of a solution of a problem, for this reason many consider SLA in European TSOD as a marketing hogwash) in a current of days, you should pay over 50 euros / month for the server in addition, and in a current of hour — 180 euros that at times surpasses cost of rent of the server in 3 times and more cheaply to construct a cluster. To pay such money for certain many are not ready also clients it would considerably be reduced, if there would be no other scheme of work. To receive paid SLA for free of charge possible, if to work through partners, instead of directly. But about this scheme later.

High cost SLA at work directly for private subscribers with a small amount of servers — cruel realities of it Date of the Center of a premium-class. Why not probably to organise qualitative support without surcharges — me till now not clearly, probably high level zar. Payments (in comparison with Russian and Ukrainian) lowers overall performance, people have not got used to strain, especially serving such hi-tech platform, as EvoSwitch. This my opinion is based on experience with the Ukrainian platforms which are frequently completely not technological, and remind a warehouse more. Nevertheless on 10 000 units in TSOD in Ukraine 2 employees of those can sit. Supports (with a salary 400 euros / month everyone, compare to cost SLA in the Netherlands!) And thus without everyones paid SLA in a current of 15 minutes to have time to give KVM to the server to all needing subscribers, to replace the failed disk and thus as our administrator has told — «still have time to smoke, drink teas and in chats to sit» … very strange that it is impossible in the Netherlands with such large quantity of employees and much more more high level zar. Payments. Though I do not know, the part specified by the administrator is probably carried out only? For what reason support does not work effectively without surcharges (though and with surcharges by time too)? Perhaps it is connected by that in EvoSwitch for the majority of servers there is no possibility of granting free KVM and engineers are compelled to solve a question and to restore availability of the server instead of the client if at the client it is impossible to load Rescue. Probably … Though such cases are not so frequent, probably here are present still a problem of shortage of shots and low efficiency of their work. Therefore without paid SLA efficiency will be no means always.

Nevertheless a management Center EvoSwitch Date perceives criticism and already there are positive moments in improvement of efficiency of service.

Work through partners why it is favourable all

In Date the Center the program of partnership with large hostings-providers that allows to reduce loading by employees is developed, to increase sales and quality of service. Providers-partners receive services TSOD at a discount, and as depending on the volume, certain level SLA (Remote Hands) for all servers free of charge, various other kinds of loyalty. Granting SLA without additional payments for the partners is based first of all that to 90 % of inquiries of clients the provider can resolve independently without the reference to engineers in TSOD. In a case when clients work with Date the Center directly, these of 90 % lay down on shoulders of those employees. Department EvoSwitch, and as it is known — zar. Payments there not the small. For TSOD it is much more favourable to give SLA to the partner free of charge (with a reasonable limit of free time of engineers in a month), and by means of its employees free of charge to solve to 90 % of problems, than to employ the additional personnel. The scheme interesting and effective for all parties, including for the client who as a result receives SLA up to a maximum level without huge payments. For this purpose, that it to understand it is enough to look at statistics: on each one hundred servers served at us, we have created no more than 100 inquiries in Date the Center for a year. Thus to us of inquiries arrives from 500 in a year on one hundred servers.

Now we will result the complete list of the reasons on which it is more favourable to client to work through the partner, instead of directly:

— Support in a native language;
— SLA a maximum level free of charge;
— Flexibility in adjustment and installation of servers, possibility of the order of the individual decision at lower price;
— More operative granting of the server after the order, at times the instant;
— Granting as a bonus of a control bar or licence Windows without payment;
— Efficiency of the decision of problems, possibility of the order of support at floor prices;
— It is more than time for reaction to the complaint;
— Lower price for the server, than at purchase directly, various methods of payment.

Well and the most important thing, providers participants of the partner program are big clients TSOD, to their inquiries and requirements more attentive relation, than to the client with one or even several tens servers. Work through the partner will be favourable even in a case when it is necessary for you to place the big infrastructure, hundreds servers. As together with the partner you receive the big discount, than can receive ordering the decision separately, besides the client relieves itself of superfluous administrative and technical problems in which decision the provider-partner has more than experience.

Policy of reaction to complaints, reaction terms

In Date the Center exists separate of a sales department and those. Supports the command of the experts working exclusively with complaints. As TSOD big — complaints the large quantity arrives a day. Employees abuznogo department analyze them and if in their opinion the complaint is justified — transfer to the client, appointing the complaint a priority. Unreasonable complaints of the client do not disturb! Depending on the appointed priority the user has time for reaction to the complaint from 1 till 72 o'clock. In case the user does not react to the complaint in a current of the taken away term — a server IP address on which the complaint has arrived, is temporarily blocked. Therefore it is the extremely important to trace complaints.

The greatest danger to remain with the idle server is represented by complaints of category URGENT where reaction term is established 1 hour. That the user should answer in a current of this time that has started to solve a problem is meant reaction for so urgent complaint. For this reason it is better not to order servers in TSOD directly as the normal person who does not have technical department — is not capable to react frequently in a current of hour. Truth such complaints are rather rare. To them carry spam sending of the big intensity, a children's porno and any perversions (it is forbidden even in the loyal Netherlands that is correct), fishingovye sites (bank systems, etc.). At repetition of the complaint to intensive spam and absence of reaction in a current of hour ah pi the server address can be blocked with an unblocking only after server reinstallation.

Nevertheless for 99 % of complaints adequate term for reaction to a problem — 24, 48 or even is given 72 hours.

Safety and reliability

EvoSwitch is the owner of certificates of safety ISO27001 and 9001, PCI DSS (the standard of safety of the data of the industry of payment maps) and SAS-70 that Date of the Center confirms high reliability and allows to take place even to banks. Physically in itself TSOD the admission exclusively under admissions, including biometric is carried out:

Advantages of placing in the Netherlands, Date Center EvoSwitch

In some zones Center Date in which servers of banks take place, access is limited even for employees TSOD:

Advantages of placing in the Netherlands, Date Center EvoSwitch

Despite that TSOD consumes from above 30 MVatt capacities from set of different sources, it has been established 16 h 1540 kva pair diesel power stations with reservation under scheme N+1 (with expansion possibility). In date the Center the stock of fuel sufficient their functioning is constantly stored at 72 o'clock, and also the contract with the supplier of fuel whom it agree signed SLA is concluded undertakes to execute delivery of additional fuel during the period till 4 o'clock after inquiry.

Advantages of placing in the Netherlands, Date Center EvoSwitch

Besides it there is a system of sources of an uninterrupted food 1 h 1600 kva + 3 h 2400 kva static UPSes with expansion possibility.

The system of very early detection of smoke VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus) instantly notifies system pozharotushenija on the basis of inert gas of argon:

Advantages of placing in the Netherlands, Date Center EvoSwitch

Walls Center Date ogneuporny also can sustain influence of high temperatures throughout not less than 180 minutes. Besides it the system of detection of a fire on the basis of the optical detectors fixing changes in air streams, and as thermal detectors is applied.

Advantages of placing in the Netherlands, Date Center EvoSwitch

In territory Center Date constantly is present protection and the extensive system of video observation is realised. Chambers are established in each hall and practically in each isolated module. Some barriers are around established, and the ground floor is located at level of 1 metre over the earth.


As a whole EvoSwitch is one of the most reliable in the world of data-processing centres of a premium-class, provides good connectivity with the whole world, in particular the direct channel to Russia and Ukraine, thus cost of services it is low enough, and loyalty of the legislation of the Netherlands will allow you not to worry about the business. With TSOD it is better not to work directly, and to order services through partners that will help to avoid many administrative and technical problems, language barriers, and also to save means.

For all operating time (more than a year) problems with channels practically were not. Times, very seldom, observed short inaccessibility of a part of servers (as a rule from one case) because of attack to the client from this case or a problem with a switch and once because of problems with a router. By the way, TSOD has replaced a router in less than 4 hours! When once there was a problem with a speed to Russia because of failure on the large Russian main provider — TSOD on demand has blocked problemmnyj PNI and has sent the traffic on other route, and it has been made in a current of half an hour. Conclusions do.

Advantages of placing in the Netherlands, Date Center EvoSwitch

Video about Date the Center well on their official site:

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