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5 years, 8 months ago
Crib on language of R
Many hear about R — a programming language and system of statistical calculations. Language are rather popular abroad, and here in Russia, unfortunately, on it written a little. And resources in Russian can be enumerat on fingers. I considers that the situation needed to be correct somehow.
On an official site there are such remarkable piece, as R reference card. In basic packets of R the set very much the useful functions who done programming really fast and laconic contained. But beginners, as a rule, done not know the most part of the finest functions. And not whence to learn — manuals very big very few people completely read them. And here R reference card allowed to make fast traveling on the main multifunction and to carry out for itself a lot of the useful.
I deciding to translate this remarkable document into Russian. But not simply to translate, and to make it a bit more best. I am sensitive changing structurization, for each function delivering the link to the documentation, removing superfluous descriptions.
I suggests you to familiarize with result. It are ready to any remarks and sentences to make this list even more better. I hopes that the g review of R will appear useful to many people who decid to start to write in this fine language.
Still I would like to tell pair words about packets. In R there are a lot of packets. Only in a standard repository are more their 4300 +. Unfortunately, many useful packets was little-known, since about them anybody wrote nothing. No, well certainly there was manuals. But manuals prigozhdayutsya mostly when you already used a packet, and you, for example, it are necessary to specify any nuances in usage of function or like that. And here survey impression about a software package to a manual to receive not so it are simple.
Besides, me often grieved that in manuals there was no pictures. Plainly to understand that this or that function drew — it are necessary to launch pens each example.
Therefore in the foreseeable future I plans to make popular descriptions (with pictures and examples) some useful packets. Reviews will be expos here. I will begin with those packets whom I uses but if you have requests for any packets, f in love to you — that I asks in the comment.

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