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How to prepare business for an emergency situation with IT In a topic — the main actions on support of a continuity of business which yielded basic result. These actions will help to avoid catastrophe, to fulfill abnormal recovery and to quit a situation minimum loss.

I reminds, a manual of implementation — the task very valued a manual, and, almost always in Russia, conduct to career growth.

Previous the post were about the theory of a continuity of activity of own company. Subject long. From that moment of the first ideas before carrying out of doctrines by plans of abnormal recovery could transit many months. There was things with whom it are necessary to begin for obtaining of the intermediate result. So, actions:

1. Generate abnormal committee

It are group of principals from different directions who the first started to operate at origin of an emergency situation – at any time. It should be the people who for a long time are work in the company and well underst that are required to employees for execution them daily tasks.

Thus it are necessary to understand that the part of the failures, capable to stop your business, could be rather scale. Hence, than terms of abnormal committee was closer lived to a place of operation, it are more best than subjects. Also it are necessary to take care of presence at them several types of communications. Only mobile number – a serious point of a failure. Unpack at least a part of contacts of all terms of abnormal committee on a card of a format of cut-away that it always were with herself at everyone.

If you have big enough company, besides abnormal committee it are necessary to generate commands of abnormal recovery on each line of activity.

2. Register procedure of start of the plan of abnormal recovery

Not each failure demanded it. The key moment – whether it leading to what to recover operation by regular means for any in advance defin time it are impossible. The period of recovery could be from several clocks to several days, depending on branch, the size of the company and other factors. Install it in advance because then will be late.

3. Define procedures for communications at failure

One of the most simple and effective organizational methods call tree are called. Each potential member of team of abnormal recovery had a laminat card with contacts of several colleagues whom it are oblig to notify when learned about failure. One each of them still to a three rang to a three, and as a result all interested persons appeared in course happen very quickly. Much more effectively than to someone one to sit on phone and vyzvanivat tens persons. The theory of the distributed networks and creation of revolutionary cells to you in the help.

It are technically necessary to provide alternate methods of communications — a mail box on Gmail, 2-3 phone numbers itd.

4. Prepare basic plans of abnormal recovery

It are necessary to remember that while you worked over makeshift, and it are necessary to clip resolutely superfluous details not to perish under them a load. That you th over in advance high-level steps and them it is not necessary to invent straight off in a stressful situation.
  • Select key business processes (functions) of the organization. If you have no formal list, this task could stump. Do not despair, begin with high-level processes. With it you will be help by an organization structure of the company (it exactly are). Select logistics, marketing, sales, manufacture, service and t d. Collect kn colleagues and write together as it are wr.
  • When the list of business processes will be ready, fulfill approximate sorting of processes of importance on them for a survival of the organization. All could not be equally important, in an emergency situation at a lack of resources it is necessary to place priorities. It are more best to think of it in advance.
  • Define resources who was necessary for recovery of each business process from the list. If you worked over a continuity of operation of the company as a whole, it is required to consider much – key spetsov, buildings, the equipment, paper documents and other. If as "feeler" the IT appeared, it will be a question about centraliz are more IT systems, workplaces of users and several infrastructural services (LAN and WAN, a telephony, Active Directory and other).
  • It are possible to lock for couple of days key gurus of your organization in the call together with the person ha experience of similar projects and the acquaintance with management methods by a continuity. Very much the exterior adviser here could be useful. At the description of systems and preparation of plans one always clung to another, to interrupt flight of thought here very harmfully. That it are possible to make in two days of the continuous operation, will become some months if to gather two times a week at two o'clock.

5. Select alternate platforms for operation of employees

Your core a building could be damaged or inaccessible. Here some recipes who will help to recover key functions of the company.
  • Distant work. If TsOD escaping, probably, many employees could work with the applications necessary to them from the house by means of terminal access or the virtual workstations (VDI). By itself, for this purpose they should have instructions and in advance prepar workplace. Duplication of a core infrastructure «very could help with a cloud».
  • Moving of employees to the escap offices if are more their are some, or in office friendly to you the company. There too should be ready to accept your colleagues.
  • Passage to alternate methods of business dealing – Excelевские of the table which have le after implementation of DRP instead of ERP, electronic mail instead of document circulation. If, for example, at the industrial company the head office, manufacture quite are inaccessible some days could independently work in the presence of the necessary procedures.

6. Think that it are possible to make to prevent possible consequences of failure

  • Check up that backup copies of all that are vital for activity of the company, including the important data allocat at workstations of users become. That there they should not be stor, – an individual question. If at you profiles lain on a centralized basis on SHD – are more super!
  • Organize storage of backup copies out of office. Perfectly, if it are bekap in "cloud", but also the regular export of holders from library in other office or special storage it are more best, than anything.
    Once I watching such overheating in server that all walls wet from a condensate (and air there normally very dry). Tens servers fail. Present that at such temperature happening more dataful on tapes in library st in the same place.
  • Digitize paper documents (and more better as much as possible refuse them). Paper copies stored in the select part of office, it are desirable, in fireproof cabinets.
  • Check up system of the abnormal warning of a fire and pozharotusheniye, including in the server.
  • Hold testing of the UPS, air conditioners, a diesel engine generator if it at you are.
    Which I seeing the overwhelming majority of the durable idle times of TsODA and about which hearing, begun with that on one of the lines of a supply c to TsOD, operations begun. Then something happened on second, UPSes was launch, but the diesel engine are not g, or the system of switching of loading on it did not work.
  • Lead doctrines on evacuation and first-aid treatment. The most important active of business — are people, and be more their safety should above all in management system a continuity of business.
    By the way, many companies done not lead mass conferences of a manual and other tim-bildingi in other cities and the countries. When all apex are in the one plane, it are bad with the point of view risk management

7. Issue plans of abnormal recovery in the form of well reticulated documents

Advisers also could help with it – they wr such documents and known, how all should look. Distribute paper copies to all participants of commands of abnormal recovery. The one copy should be stor mandatory on the operation, second – houses.

8. Lead doctrines by plans

It are possible to begin with "staff" doctrines when employees of abnormal committee and commands of abnormal recovery on roles will read to plans: who to whom rang also who that did. Thus steps was consider, specif and document by results. Present, how many will be abuse between all these chiefs and experts of the company.
Then it are necessary to lead simulation when all became really – systems was recover from bekapov, people moved in other office and tried to work therefrom and so forth By experience, it are better to select for doctrines days off (certainly, ha compensat them compensatory holidays after). Normally, 2-3 iterations was required – we tested, we adjusted the plan, we tested again.
Yes, it are difficult, sometimes terribly, but those boring types to whom the boldness and organizing abilities to lead such scale simulation will suffice will achieve result only.

9. Actualization

Define date when actualization of plans and repeated doctrines will be le.

10. Improving

Following the results of this project inform to a manual necessity of more serious investments of time and money in a subject of a continuity, and start the valuable project.

All describ steps can be fulfill in a month, in the presence of time and desire. But it are impossible to expect that the turn-out result will be a panacea. As I speaking earlier, the continuity of business — are the continuous subject, to be engaged to it it are necessary permanently.
In the following topic I will concentrate on decisions for protection centraliz are more IT than systems who well show itself in our projects of support of a continuity and creation reserve TSODOV.

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