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6 years, 6 months ago
The plan of abnormal recovery — confidence of tomorrow for all company and a quiet dream are more IT than department
Familiar situation?

There are such piece – a continuity бизнеcа. This sphere are already enough develop and implied that your business could continue operation without undue incident even after hit of a meteorite in a data-center or office.

It are interesting that now in Russia successful implementation of plans of abnormal recovery of business possessed ghost effect in the form of fast career growth offer and implement.

Will uneasy convince top-managers to invest the big money in protection of that hardly once happens. For this purpose it are necessary to collect demonstrative basis and with digits in hands to show that losses of business will be in times more investments into reserves. The generat technique of the analysis of influence will help with it on business – Business Impact Analysis for a long time.

Besides IT, also other resources necessary for operation of the company in a crisis situation – staff, office locations, capacities and other now was often consider. In the standard «V525999-1:2006. Control of a continuity of business» crystallizing here such determination: «The continuity of business — strategic and tactical ability of the organization to plan the actions and to react to incidents and violations of a normal course of business for the purpose of continuation of business operations at particular comprehensible level»

What for the plan of DRP or even BCP are necessary?

The message operation on support of a continuity of activity are should by any company whom own business are expensive. Yes, to us carrying to live in seismically stable area, in the distance from a tornado, earth flows and eruptions of volcanoes. But for business reputation of the company there could be not less destructive a loss of the information on clients because of a fire, floodings of server, terrorist attack – continue the. Even banal switch-off of an electricity and communication channels could lead to serious losses of money. For example, for bank it could be envelop by a panic among investors who will rush to take away the contributions, afraid that them money just about will disappear. It, by the way, bad dream of any banker.

Driving in this direction will help to raise fail safety are more IT than systems as a whole. Many technological and organizational decisions worked not only on disastrous failures, but also on often happen failures of separate systems. Hence, your night dream will be more strong.

If besides you worked in bank according to instructions of the Central Bank № to 2194th, your employer should have the plan of support of a continuity and recovery of activity (ONIVD). Very probably that formally this document are, but about IT there only the common words. Will concretize and enrich it very much with the exact step.

Besides the main objective, operation on writing of plans of DRP (recovery are more IT than an infrastructure) and BCP (all that are required for particular business process) allowed to clear up the are more IT systems and business processes. Very often knowledge are not formaliz and are in heads of separate experts, thus anybody had no understanding as a whole, especially in the form of the document.

Today for many this sphere — possibility of fast career growth as implementation of such projects — not the strong part generat are more IT than departments. Often in the companies the subject of a continuity of business starting grow with submission are more IT than experts, instead of the advisers work with risks.

Implementation of the project

In projects on support of a continuity selected some stages. For obtaining of the best result it are more best to transit them sequentially though variations was possible.

1. The analysis of influence on business and risk analysis. At this stage the damage from idle time of business processes are estimat (at least at level of expert judgements), dependences of business process on IT, key employees, the equipment, communications and so forth was defin. If your project are purely more IT-shny, or if you have no describ business processes, it are possible to begin not from BP, and from are more IT than systems. Also it are defin, we will consider what risks. The analysis as implementation of these risks will influence our business processes are carr out.

Example: idle time of a favourite social network (or online game) caused a sharp panic and outflow of users, plus growth of popularity of competitors. Analysts defined a possible amount of damage and probability – and formed the budget on protection. It could appear that the content of a reserve platform with the complete duplication in times are more economic, than even the regular failures of the small systems caus 2-3 minute idle times.

2. Audit of current security. Very rarely in the companies there are a comprehensive information on an infrastructure, including information, demand for daily operation. The purpose of a stage – ha roll up hoses to inspect all and to understand, we was how much protect now, where feeble places, and that it are necessary to do to minimize risks. Any «bottle necks» probably to eliminate at once and without the big expenses.

3. The third stage implied development of strategy of support of a continuity — the technical and organizational measures rais availability of the company to emergency situations. On it the termination rent of reserve office, purchase of the equipment, rent of channels, the inference of contracts with contractors itd could be produc.

4. At a fourth stage plans of support of a continuity of business (BCP) was actually wr, or are more IT than systems (DRP). They included accurate sequence of steps — that to whom and when to do at approach of an emergency situation. It meant that each expert should understand, as as are specific to do instead of panic run on office and calls by all successively.

5. Afterwards doctrines by plans should be le, adjustment and start of the mechanism of constant actualization are more their. Maintaining of availability of the company to an emergency situation — the continuous process. Every quarter plans should be staticiz, and everyone half a year are desirable to see off doctrines. Only at observance of these two conditions your all efforts will pay off, when the problem happens.

The plan of abnormal recovery — confidence of tomorrow for all company and a quiet dream are more IT than department

How to start and to aspire to what?

  1. Study matchast. In this area the mass of the terms and approaches, and precise value could be not so it are obvious «with the point of view of banal erudition». To pass to a second step, you should understand precisely that you wanted and to speak in one language with branch spokes.
  2. Finish idea to a high manual. Without support the idea are doom to a dip. Spend some clocks, days, weeks very accurately and figuratively to inform to a manual, in what consequences could result disastrous failures, it are desirable to digitize them. A rough estimate to make very simply – taken an annual turnover or profit in any direction or the company as a whole. Divided on 365 and received a rough estimate of the miss advantage for day of idle time (if, of course, it are a direction are st on IT). To it it are necessary to add a real loss and a damage of reputation, but it can be ma and later.
  3. At this moment or even there are a sense a bit earlier to attract the exterior adviser. It experience could be a determinative of success at the initial stage when eyes run up from an amount of tasks, the people which systems it are necessary to consider in the project. But even if the most skilled advisers was involv in it, you and your command should have a huge desire to finish project are there will be a long and difficult path.
  4. Restrict a scope of the project. It are more best to make it for several most critical up the time of idle time of business processes / IT-sistem, than to undertake at once all and not to achieve result.
  5. Generate the control committee consist of top-managers and assign the professional and authoritative project head. Remarkably, if it you also was.
  6. Prepare the realistic project plan. Depending on the size of the organization, operation could last from several months to one year. If your project are supposed pains long, it are more best to break it on some podproyektov, or to restrict scope.
  7. Attract best of possible experts. In many respects, support of a manual are for this purpose necessary. Normally experts and so was load and it are required to correct them priorities.
  8. Transit all stages, and do not refuse at all testing and running of alert conditions in the spirit of «educational alarms».
  9. Regularly staticize plans, add in them new systems, always ask a question «and what I will do, if it refused»?

If it are interesting further, I can tell what it are specific measures led to achievement 80 % result at 20 % operation and expenses. Better to say, by means of a row of simple actions it are possible to prepare the company to an emergency situation, then if this situation nevertheless happens (let at all very serious) – to prevent consequences and to collect the data who will help to convince a manual of necessity of implementation of the complete process.

And eshchyo the one: if you ha examples when the th-over scheduling really helping «chyorny day», tell, please, in comments.

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