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7 years, 2 months ago
Experience of recovery of Ni-MH of accumulators, or review of the Techno Line BC700 charger

So happening that after two years of the active hobby for a photo I a few podzabil on all it putting. And, here, year, weeks later 3 back, me "punching" on a photo. Getting the camera, accumulators, running on pleasures to photograph. Making 2nd photos, receiving the message: «Replace accumulators». «With whom did not happen, capturing casually discharg set», I thinking. Delivering other set — one-two photos and the camera asked new batteries. So with my all four pairs accumulators. Without ha dr in a situation, going, thrusting them in charging while habr reading for the night, noting that from the moment of setting on charging doing not transit also five minutes, and the LED of the charger already notified on the complete charging. From this point on the history also beginning. Welcome under kat!

Ansmann PhotoCam III
Together with fotik as I already telling, 8 Ni-MH of accumulators of type of AA in capacity 2850mAh from a brand of Ansmann us. Charging them with what they complet — the Ansmann PhotoCam III charger (at the left).
Would not tell that the poor charger, yet doing not face this problem. Pogugliv, clarifying that a problem that my accumulators very long l charged from what very strongly los the capacity. Fairly to tell, I fairly were upset. Some more clocks on Google, and I were before a choice: to buy new accumulators and it are not soar, or it will be spen for the clever charger who c recover capacity of accumulators. New accumulators — it, of course, quickly and without tortures, but with normal inexpensive charging and my sudden carelessness they could quickly will go behind the already spoil. Also that then? Again money for a wind? It are necessary to note that the price of 8 such accumulators are equal to the price of the clever charger. Without thinking twice, ordering delivery of charging from an e-commerce shop and leaving to sleep.

TechnoLine BC-700 in hands

TechnoLine BC-700TechnoLine BC-700 can be carr to a class of the advanc, clever chargers safely. With it the help it are possible to produce charging of accumulators of type of AA and AAA (finger-type and mini-malchikovy). It are possible to charge nickel - cadmic (Ni-CDs) and also nickel-metalgidridnye (Ni-MH) storage batteries in capacity to 3000mAh currents in 200, 500 or 700mA. Of principal advantages operation with each accumulator individually (on all parameters) while the unpretentious memory could charge only pairs accumulators are one. One more interesting feature are the sensor of overheating paus process of charging before lowering of temperature. The device had a 4th operation mode: charging, a discharge, recovery of accumulators also are more their testing. Besides, in an operating time of the memory it are possible to view the information on a current of a charging/discharge, pressure of each element of the supply, time expend on a current cycle, the charged capacity of the accumulator.

Complete set

box of TechnoLine BC-700
It are deliver in a normal cardboard box, inside:
  • the charger;
  • power unit;
  • plug;
  • manual;
  • warranty coupon

power unitThe complete set, as you can see, are a bit poor. Personally I done not have a cover or a handbag for transportation. The charger looked very much klassno. Plastic rough, strong enough (falling with the desktop withstanding without damages). Jumpers was ma qualitatively, very densely retained accumulators even after two weeks of usage. Overall dimensions of TechnoLine BC-700 quite normal — 130x75x40 mm. Pinches was unfortunately executable from the plastic slid on the desktop. The power unit are fulfill with rather unusual trifle — a disconnect fork. It are ma, seemingly, for convenience of transportation.

As it were already t, the charger worked with each accumulator separately. For implementation of a functional on the front panel we seen 4th buttons of a choice of the active slot, four-section ZhK the display, the button of setting of a current of charging (Current), the button of change of the display information (a current, the pressure, the expend time, the charged capacity) and the button of change of an operation mode. Here about operation modes now also we will talk.

Operation modes

So, the main operation mode — charging. The mode allowed to charge your element of a supply by currents in 200mA, 500mA or 700mA. When setting the storage battery in a bay, the mode "charging" and a current 200mA are automatically select. On the screen of 4th second current pressure on an element of a supply are display, then still 4th seconds we seen a current of charging. If during these 8 seconds not to produce some additional tinctures, process nachnyotsya with such parameters. If to produce — process nachnyotsya in 4th seconds after the last button click. By the way, it are better to produce charging by a small current. The termination of charging are defin on-? V. The table «Time of charging of accumulators different currents» from the instruction are more low result.
Type of the accumulator Capacity Current of charging (mA) Approximate time of charging
AA 2700mAh 700 ~3 hours of 45 minutes
500 ~5 clocks
200 ~13 clocks
AAA 1000mAh 700 ~1 hour
500 ~1 hour of 25 minutes
200 ~3 hours of 30 minutes
Second operation mode of BC-700 are the discharge. This mode are necessary for us, if you planned durable (more than 2 weeks) storage of accumulators. The discharg elements of a supply was stor, practically, without los capacity. (About it I, unfortunately, learning very much late.) Also, the mode are good for an output of fresh accumulators to nominal indexes of capacity. In this mode accumulators at first was discharg to 0.9V, and then charg before determination-? V. It are possible to name the partial lack of implementation of this mode of BC-700 execution of charging after the complete discharge of the accumulator. But, on the other hand, it are a convenient trifle for training of your elements of a supply. That accumulators remain discharg it are necessary to catch the moment of passage in a mode of charging and to derive a battery. Currents of a discharge made 50 % from a current of charging. Accordingly, at start of an operation mode "discharge" it are necessary to consider, what, ha select a current of a discharge 350mA, our accumulators will be charg by a current 700mA, 250mA? 500mA, 100mA? 200mA accordingly. After completion of a cycle "discharge/charging" on the screen will be deduc the message of Full.

Recovery (It are that mode who rescuing my accumulators. But about the most procedure of rescue we will talk later. While — especially the review.)
The mode are us for recovery of capacity of old accumulators which not us for a long time and held the charge feeblly, not how should. Process consisted in set of cycles of discharge/charging which was urg to squeeze out all possible power of old accumulators. Cycles will be will repeat until the capacity of accumulators will not cease to increase. Currents of a charging/discharge corresponded describ in point "discharge" and was valid for a mode "recovery". At once I will make a reservation that this mode recovering my accumulators of 5 days. Long, but it are effective.

The mode served for obtaining of the information on actual capacity of the accumulator. There are at first the complete discharge, then charging. On it function are complet, and we received actual value of capacity of the accumulator. The choice of currents are similar to the previous two points and "Testing" are valid in a mode.

My experience

image Now I will tell to you about svoyom experience of usage of this device. As it were t already in the beginning of a topic, there was 8 killed accumulators, charging and a coach of patience. Pochitav the manual, understanding what to put in a mode of testing of special sense are not present, since I will see capacity of the "dr-out" accumulators and after the first cycle of discharge/charging in a mode of recovery. Ha deliver the first 4 elements of a supply (time were somewhere o'clock in the afternoon), I going on affairs. Returning to clocks to 7 evenings, running to look at the screen of a device. There were already second the half first a cycle — charging, and still through 2nd hour I seeing that the second cycle beginning. Then I doing not think to write this topic, but a photo making simply for myself (therefore some photos of sad quality) then to estimate effect of this mode. Apparently on photos, capacity of accumulators all the chetyryokh it are approximately equal 200mAh that are insignificant a little and made approximately a fourteenth part from nominal capacity of the battery. I were surpris, are how much strong skukozhilis accumulators...

Transit days, I glancing at the screen, beh explicit recovery of capacity of accumulators.

image5 days later after start on BC-700 I seeing joyful «Full». When on the screen the current capacity were display, I, to tell the truth, were surpris, happy and cheerful simultaneously. In 5 days of TechnoLine BC-700 it were possible to increase (or more precisely — to recover) capacity of accumulators in 12 times, namely with ~200mAh to ~2400mAh. I considers that it are tremendous result. I am very happy both result of operation of the device, and all device as a whole. For a droplet I does not regret that forking up on it since it are useful yet one ten times. By the way, on that set which the first transiting through BC-700 next day ~250 photos ma. Still in 5 days were was regenerated still 4th mine the accumulator. Charging recovering them capacity too approximately in 12 times.



image Pleasant and interesting design
image The qualitative jumpers clamp the accumulator
image Operation with each accumulator individually
image Protection against overheating
image Removable fork on the power unit (it are convenient to transport)
image Determination of completion of charging on-? V
image Really recovered accumulators who long not us
image Moderate price (~ $50)
image Plastic pinches
image Absence of a cover/handbag for transportation

TechnoLine BC-700 — this excellent charger, who could charge your accumulators with mind support them in working order, already recover, apparently, absolutely hopeless elements of a supply. If you rise before the same choice as well as I: to buy new accumulators, or this charger I advises to you to stop on purchase of a battery charger of TechnoLine BC-700, especially, consider that cost of this charger are approximately equal to cost of 8 accumulators in capacity 2850mAh more or less known brand.

Update 1: On Amazone it are possible to order absolutely identical device of manufacture of firm of La Crosse for $35,9. At us it costed about $50. Only do not forget that the fork will be, most likely, not for our sockets.

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