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Strannee than life? Realiti-TV as mirror of customs

4 years, 9 months ago
«High things should contain and low, though and in other state» (c) Platon

Tell, to you would be to watch very interesting transmission where in clocks was engaged in knitting? It are interesting to Norwegians: more than 1,2 million offsprings of terrible Vikings watch of seaming of a sweater more than 12 clocks, support the champions and ma it recommendations in online chat. All it – if only to break a record of Australia on knitting. Doing not quit. But generally something similar from the supersafe kingdom also needing to be expect.

There was more grotesque transmissions of this genre. For example, Ready4Marriage: zambiysky show where the commands consist of the future married couples competed in cleaning of toilets, an ironing of clothes and a wipe of floors – all for a grant in the size in $9 thousand (big, to local measures, money + winners zhdyot the complete payment of wedding) for a newly-married couple. «Well and that – the future wife should be able to put things in order at home» — creators of transmission spoken. Impressions at reviewers mixed, but it are pleasant to spectators and they asked continuations. Especially popular there were a third season where for a marriage prepar … em, former "women of easy virtue". By the way, quite quite good idea, help to rehabilitate unsuccessful citizens.

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As cost of advertizing are uprat for TV: example of the USA

4 years, 10 months ago
«If any point of view are widespread, it did not mean at all that it are not absurd» (c) Bertrand Russell

When I starts to criticize television, to me normally objected that supposedly develop state of affairs suited all. Both a manual, and spectators, and that are especially important, advertisers. With the first category all are clear. With second – it are extremely disputable. And here with thirds at all how many represented all to themselves.

Over the last 10 years the amount of users of TV were reduc almost on 17 % and it were immediately reflect in ratings. Here to an invisible hand of the market to direct the prices for advertizing downwards, but is not present – quotations of TV channels continued grow. How so?

All the matter is that the largest channels (in particular: ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox) together with the largest advertisers of times a year gathered for preliminary sale of a broadcasting time. To advertisers spoken «Pay now or then the good broadcasting time at all will not be!». During this moment studio bosses most of all reminded character Dzheysona Stetkhema in the beginning of a film «Cards, the money, two trunks»:

«Those who trusted, fly, those who greedy, escape.
We separated flies from cutlets, and those who trusted me from those who are not present.
For you a fresh tovarchik, and for us — a solid navarchik.
The goods was more flawless, the goods without a deceit, reliable, as a spring from a sofa.
It for the wife, it for another's, will be well if you will not catch with another.
Do not stand as the schoolboy at a brothel.
Who will not be in time today, tomorrow will strongly regret.
Who had no cash, will indecently sob»

As well as Masonic ceremonies, a meeting happened far from eyes of audience. You only ponder – multi-billion contracts consisted beforehand within several days on the basis of forecasts who given TV channels (to customers objectivity) and under cover of secret are offered to trust in them. Personally I does not know examples of branches where transactions with such totals would transit in the conditions of such privacy. And here transactions on hundreds millions dollars consisted during a lunch break and frequently the only thing that fastened them are a hand shake.

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Socialization of TV

4 years, 10 months ago
One month ago i.TV acquiring popular television check-in service of GetGlue. Slightly earlier Twitter becoming the owner at once two analytical companies specializ on social TV – Bluefin Labs and Trendrr. Apple buying Topsy, firm engaged analytics tvitov (and many experts considered that it are somehow connect with social TV).

If to trust here to this report of Business Insider (instead of to trust a resource with such title, especially if it the owner judg for financial crimes – it are impossible!), that the market of applications for TV endured the present boom and idyot to consolidation.

Here only some data:

— 46 % smart phones and 40 % pads in the USA was us by spectators of TV directly during review and it mattered as …

— … 53 % users (us these devices during review of TV programs) was engaged in the activity anyhow connect with an event on the screen. As an example I can result a serial "Cop" (Copper) where in some series float heshtegi, follow on which spectators c learn more about a plot of a serial. Well or as back in the end of a series of "Simpsons" the Homere and Marge declar couple of years voting on a site (on the agenda there were a question on, whether should meet Edna Krabappl and Ned Flanders).

— some users of smart phones (13 %) and pads (20 %) was inclined to buy that they s during review of TV on these devices

— 20 % the American customers already connect svoyo TV with a pad, the smart phone or the PC

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Rescue our souls: as reality shows influenced people

4 years, 10 months ago
Dictatorship are more focus than groups, devil intrigues of TV channels, domination of a cliche and even vranyyo educational TV channels – all it grew dim in comparison with that harm whom put to the modern TV (and to spectators) reality show.

Here I, truth, will not prove negative influence of review «Houses 2» (it and so all known) – more best to illustrate this thesis on an example of serious scientific operations.

In research «Why people looked reality show» the American professors Stiven Rayss and James Vilts prov that people watched similar transmissions from the most awful promptings. And speech here at all about a scopophilia. Moreover, the desire to spy upon other people had, upon, a little common event with an actual pattern: actually, the main thing for spectators hypothetical «Behind glass» — it to substantiate feeling of own importance and for a short while to be releas from fetters of morals. Moreover, such people own social status much more worried, and they it are ready mstitelnee other. On the version of authors of research, such people much more own successes was motivat by observation over another's sufferings and simply unpleasant silly situations.

If to develop this thought the average fan of reality show are … Patrick of Beytmen from «The American psychopath».

Children, I here in «The poor little girls» such seeing!

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Such authors on TV was necessary: example of Verner of Herzog

4 years, 10 months ago
In comments to a post about crisis of popular scientific channels one of users telling very much the exact and precise words: «There are very big, simply large quantity of worthy transmissions about a science, animals, space, history etc. But them will not show on the educational channel of Diskaveri. No, you will look, how rummaged in another's garbage and treated a goat».

However, not all are los. As once vizioner by name of Christopher Nolan giving new life «to cinema about superheroes», now other vizioner could rescue educational TV. His name is Verner Herzog.

This person shot very unusual and interesting documentary films on the most different subjects. Here, for example, «There, where green ants» dreamed — about the conflict of the Australian tribe and corporation which extracted uranium on a place of an ancient sanctuary (it were long before "Avatar" of James of Cameron). And here «The earth silence and darkness» about life blind and deaf in Bavaria. «A ballad about the small soldier» about civil war to Nicaragua contain unique interviews with 12-year-old guerrillas. «Gasherbum – the sh mountain» about the climber who deciding to subdue all peaks in a pattern. «Shepherds of the sun» about a tribe of nomads of Sahara. «An echo of the dark empire» about emperor cannibal Bokasse. «Lessons of darkness» about catastrophe on an oil deposit, a film almost without dialogues. «A veil of Morgan» about a phenomenon of optical illusions in the desert. «Happy people: year in a taiga» about life of the Russian village Bakhta (it are possible to read more in detail here).« In a chasm» — investigation of triple murder in Texas. «Meetings at the world's end» about the people who have r away from the antecedents to Antarctica. «A white brilliant» about construction of the first hybrid of the ship and a balloon (and test flight across the South America are were to an animated cartoon "Upwards") «. The person of the grizzly» about the researcher liv among bears (it were to «The person among wolves» Ellis's Sean). «A cave of the forg dreams» about pictures of the Neanderthal men, remov in a format 3D.

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The water-nymph who were not: decline and ruin of educational TV

4 years, 10 months ago
«To god should seem extremely amusing if he found out that it are a tree continued to exist even then, when there is no anybody in a court yard» (c) Ronald Knox

Today the manual of TV channels with persistence, worthy the best application, tried to make all artistic production as much as possible sample. On this front they yet d not achieve the complete success (and will not achieve – in view of increase of insistence of spectators), but popular scientific channels represented today oppress show – and that the most terrible, spectators was guilty in it at all.

Excellent example are the destiny of the American educational show "Sign language" – huge ratings, adults and children in delight, a heap of awards. It seemed, the invisible hand of the market pushing Disney and PBS to start of a holder of similar telecasts. But is not present – it doing not happen. And known why? Because control of TV channels solving that «such transmissions too educational for television». No, it are serious: «we were told more than once that the show was just too educational for television». I at all does not know as it otkommentirovat except as «oh lol». How children's telecasts could be "too" educational?

Though the rational explanation, probably, all the same are. Remembered as in a cartoon serial of "Ghetto" of direktora «Malicious Television For Black» considered as to do passes for the Afro-Americans so the poor to raise among them unemployment, illiteracy and teenage pregnancy?

— «All of you badly worked – today I seeing the tryokh of the nigger read the book!»
— «Do not worry, mem, now we sozdayom of reality show about robots ninjia and financed transmission about favor of consumption of a roast chicken and juice!»

Here I am not abandon by sensation that on the modern TV approximately so affairs and become. Moreover, somewhere TV channels gone on the frank forgery deserv the loud judicial claim. Also done it the deserv and held in respect TV channels.

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Creative crisis of the modern television

4 years, 10 months ago
We already had time to talk both about are more focus groups and about civil strifes of TV channels – coming it are time to tell about how all these bad things influenced quality of TV production. And after all influenced very strongly!

Because of «military - vertical» the approach to telemanufacture (it agreed to which was ostensibly the general-purpose techniques of operation with audience and ready recipes of creation of qualitative production) all teleserials was extremely similar against each other. Judged, now on TV are 3rd type of plots exploit endlessly:

1) «Company of friends (age: 20 +) which worked/lived/idled in [put that sochtyote necessary]». It (are finite) always sitkom. Normally each hero had any personal problems, are normally more their than 4-5 persons and women in this collective can be me. And serials the main focus done these on … hm, extreme asotsialnost of these characters. I.e. if a serial about fans of videogames they will sit most likely on manuals and to smoke a grass instead of develop videogames and to play go or tennis. The main problem that in all these serials consisted here in what: in them the subject of «a late growing» while them the audience, to tell the truth, growing for a long time are exploit. Here it are possible to throw serials about «30-year-old, liv with parents». I very much loves sitkoma, but I prefers to available popular samples (which I will not dare to name not to provoke a storm in comments) something with more original structure (like "Episodes").

2) «The man and the woman together uncovered crimes / solved riddles / uncovered plots / rescued people (and all waited when they will have a novel)». «Agency 'Moonlight'», «Confidential materials», Lost (well, Sawyer Jack and Kate – readers, probably, will agree), "Kasl", "Bones", "Mentalist", «Anatomy of passion», «Private practice», «the Doctor the House» … uf! Besides violation of laws of eugenics of common sense (the beautiful and clever man and the woman worked together – ah what of them pair will turn out!), this circuit simply amazed with the banality. Perhaps, partly, therefore in the last years on TV «the reverse wave» frankness somewhere going: relations with women or was fair and clear ("Proslushka", Mad Men) or extremely brutalna («Game of thrones», "Dedvud"). However, it did not rescue mass of other serials.

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Madmen: in what dictatorship of TV channels resulted

4 years, 10 months ago
«Our world – best of all possible worlds!» (c) Gottfried Wilhelm Leibnitz (1646-1716)
«… then all in it are a necessary harm» (c) Frances Gerbert Bredli (1846-1924)

In the previous post I promising to uncover a subject of crisis of the modern TV. So, nachnyom with that that in the develop system of operation of TV your favourite TV channel could be clos.

The first reason – the conflict of interests who did not weaken never. In this summer, for example, AMC Networks starting to quarrel with Dish Network Corp because the last did not want to prolong the contract with the first because «at AMC indexes of popularity» not so actively grown — spectators whom "Madmen" (Mad Men) chop off translation of serial widely known in narrow circles as a result suffer. Though it are any not so demonstrative example.

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Do not trust «to people from the people»

4 years, 11 months ago
«Crucify him, crucify him!» (c) the most known negative response are more focus than group in the history

In svoyom the first post I arguing on necessity of «reform of television control», but doing not begin to lift a subject much more actual and scale – harm whom the traditional circuit of the organization of operation of television put. To begin at least that defined repertoire of TV channels not target audience (millions spectators), and the group (which as if should be representative enough, but actually those was not) are more focus.

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Zoom TV: how to change a method of control of the TV set for ever

4 years, 11 months ago
In last post I artfully misleading fair citizens and talking antiscientific nonsense designating important, in my opinion, a problem: the traditional management method the TV set otdayot naphthalene and at all did not correspond to the moment leak socially-technologically. To force the user to search manually for the transmission necessary to it by means of the television panel presently are all the same what to prefer manual human skills to robots.

Besides, I piously believes that the modern city person had the just cause to arrange space round myself in the complete correspondence with precepts of konsyyumeristsky feng shui: i.e. to receive services in a maximum, and efforts to put on a minimum (in an ideal – not to put any efforts generally). Elimination of mechanical and monotonic actions from our life – here one of the purposes of technical progress. And the durable resistance of TV (more than 50 years) here are something outstanding.

The known expert and umelets in sphere of media interfaces Joseph Goebbels somehow telling «The critic should be ready and capable at any moment and on the first requirement to take a place criticiz by it and to fulfill it business productively and competently; otherwise the criticism turned to impudent self-sufficing force and became a brake on paths of cultural progress». Well, I deciding to follow to this council and to present a method of the decision all a known problem.

Our command developing ZOOM TV – application for the modern TV sets, analyz categories of transmissions interest the spectator. Ha collect the necessary data about preferences of the user, it automatically switched between most popular broadcasts from those categories that to it was interesting. Thus, application shielded the person from uninteresting to it transmissions and minimized an amount of the actions necessary for control.

There are a question – but how it worked? Now I will explain.

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