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Player Relationship Management Platform in Wargaming: collecting and data analysis

2 years, 11 months ago
The field of activity of our company extends far beyond game development. In parallel with it we keep tens of internal projects, and Player Relationship Management Platform (PRMP) – one of the most ambitious.

Player Relationship Management Platform (PRMP) – special system which by means of the analysis of data bulks in real time allows to personify interaction with the player through the recommendations arriving to the user proceeding from a context of its last play experience.

PRMP allows our players to derive more pleasure from game, improves their user experience, and also relieves of viewing unnecessary advertizing and promo-messages.

Architecture of PRMP

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Python Meetup October: Deliberate Practice and desktops-applications on

2 years, 11 months ago
Hi everyone!
We hurry to share videos of performances from the scheduled meeting of the Minsk Python-community.
Under a cat you will find reports:
  • Deliberate Practice: Coding Dojo, Code Kata and Coderetreat / Sergey Sergienko
  • Rapid development of desktops-applications with / Andrey Puchko
  • WRK: Modern HTTP benchmarking tool / Alexey Romanov

Pleasant viewing!

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On that side of game: an open course on a geymdizayna

2 years, 11 months ago
Already now on the educational Universarium platform it is possible to register in an online course "the Game design: on that side of game". Listeners of a course will study the main development stages of the design document of a computer game, will find out what skills the game designer has to possess, and learn what the project success depends on.

The teacher of a course is Alexey Kalinin, the executive producer of SOOO "Game Strim", the Minsk development center of Wargaming, the author of 30 desktop and 10 computer games.

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History of one optimization: transfer and processing of results of fight

2 years, 11 months ago
Today I will tell you about small part of the big project — World of Tanks. Many of you, probably, know World of Tanks from user side, I suggest to look at it from the point of view of the developer. In this article it will be a question of evolution of one of technical solutions of the project, namely — transfer and processing of results of fight.

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DataTalks #4: Predictive analytics

3 years ago
On October 10 the fourth DataTalks took place. This time the predictive analytics became a subject of a meeting, and we would like to share videos of performances with community.

Why predictive analytics?
She allows to predict on the basis of historical data different events in the future, such as behavior of clients or results of the made actions. Thanks to it business can make optimal solutions and consider forecasts about future actions and desires of their clients.

Under a cat you will find records of performances:
  • How to answer the question "What Will Be?": a practical advice / Andrey Yarmola, ​Data Science Team Lead in Wargaming
  • Necessary minimum of tools for creation of the system Recommendations / Alexey Dyomin, Java Server Side Developer in InData Labs
  • What is predictive analytics and to whom it is necessary / Nadezhda Ruchanova, the deputy director of representative office of OOO "SAP SNG", Mikhail Avetisov the leading expert of OOO "SAP SNG" on predictive analytics
  • Creation of the data storage on the basis of a platform Hadoop / Igor Nakhvat in Data Integration Engineer, Wargaming
  • Use of predictive analytics for management of the value of client base / Maxims of Brain Director of CRM in Wargaming


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Python Meetup 25.09.2015: monitoring of performance and use of BDD

3 years ago
Hi everyone!
With a small delay we publish video from September Python Meetup.
This time, within reports we discussed:
  • Monitoring of performance of a web application on Python with use of pinba + graphite + tessera
  • ispolzovany BDD in development on Python

Also participants of community discussed several actual Python'ovskikh of subjects within Lightning Talk.
You will find records of all performances under a cat.

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Python Meetup 28.08.15: full-text search and Europython 2015

3 years, 1 month ago
Hi everyone!

We hurry to share video from August Python Meetup. This time we have listened to two reports: one about implementation of full-text search by means of Python, and the second — the overview of the Europython conference 2015 from lips of the eyewitness.

Pleasant viewing!

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Why productivity in games — is not simply average FPS

3 years, 2 months ago

I work in the game industry more than 8 years. In Wargaming I solve very wide range of questions: from the analysis of patches to solution of different internal problems. So left that the problem of comfort and productivity has got to field of my sight. After communication with the World of Tanks developers, testers and researchers of behavior of players I had had vision of question which I have issued in the form of this article. I am not specialist in the field of computer graphics or the developer of the graphic engine, I do not carry out UX tests in public. But I hope, collected information and my impartial view of question will suggest to you progressive ideas and stimulate to creative search of solution of the problem of productivity in game.

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Python meetup — 2 years

3 years, 3 months ago
Python Meetup Minsk Hi everyone!
In June of Python Meetup 2 years were executed. To note it, we have gathered on Saturday June 27 and have spent the whole day together, communicating and listening to reports. It was talked about:
  • Optimum name of variables
  • Safe start of others code on the computer
  • Use of Jenkins in testing of games
  • Pair remote programming
  • To object subsystem of Python

Records of performances under cat. Good viewing!

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DataTalks #3: online polls

3 years, 4 months ago
On July 23 the third meeting of community DataTalks will take place.

This time it will be a question how it is correct to collect data by means of online polls. We will discuss opportunities and restrictions of this method, and also we will share secrets and trends from the sphere of researches of preferences of users.
Representatives of the Wargaming companies will share secrets of carrying out and processing of results of online polls? Studio Sorokina and Kulinkovich?, and also the deputy dean on NIU HSE science.

You will find the detailed program under cat.

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