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As programmers on marketing conference went, or about VeeamON 2015 from the first person

1 year, 8 months ago
Very long time ago – about four months ago – on corporate mail the "letter of happiness" suggesting to everyone to try the hand and to take part in VeeamON – global conference of our firm came. As a rule, heads of departments, the leading analysts and marketing specialists speak at similar actions, but it was this time decided to invite as experiment and directly programmers. Criteria for participation was, actually, only two: existence of unique knowledge of a product who want to share with the world, and ability to express this knowledge as not too clumsy phrases in English. As the venue of conference selected Las Vegas, in advance it would be for my part a little precipitate to refuse competition for the place on transatlantic run. So, the decision was made. Under a cat – the story about what followed it.

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Veeam Cloud Connect in Microsoft Azure

1 year, 9 months ago
Every time when the speech comes about backup, arises a set of questions, and the red thread through all these questions looks through cares of reliability. Reliability of recovery, reliability of storage, reliability of creation of backup copies. The good product on backup allows to be selected from situations when reliability questionable. The product, best in a class — allows not to appear in such situation in principle.

Not for nothing there is a popular wisdom "not to store all eggs in one basket". There is a set of examples with not the best endings when backup copies are written on the dying data storage system (DSS), and at times productive data are at all stored on the same SHD, as. Based on operating experience of products of Veeam of 168 000 customers and in order that users did not repeat an error of the colleagues, architects of Veeam advance idea of "ideal architecture of a backup system". In addition, "the ideal architecture" means separation of storage of backup copies for the purposes of a continuity of business and for the purposes of archiving of data on long terms.

There is a rule "3-2-1" which says that it in your infrastructure has to be:

  • 3 copies of data
  • 2 types of carriers for storage of backup copies
  • 1 of copies has to is out of the main site

In the small and medium organizations the main questions, as a rule, arise with the last point — need to have a reserve site. Not at all the site for a katastrofoustoychivost is constructed or leased. Occasionally, construction or lease of the place in a data-center, with purchase of the equipment, a service fee and the accompanying expenses, is inexpedient economically.

In that case, it is a high time to address cloud computing which allow to reduce significantly as time of the organization of a notorious reserve site, and it is essential to reduce costs for its creation.

Veeam Cloud Connect

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Work with Veeam Endpoint Backup FREE: backup at the level of files, support of BitLocker, use of paid connections

1 year, 10 months ago
In post about backup of physical machines the different modes of backup implemented in Veeam Endpoint Backup FREE were considered. Throughout subject today I will tell slightly in more detail about choice of folders and files for backup in the File level backup method, and also about support of BitLocker and about setup of use of paid connection. Behind all this welcome under kat.


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Why SMS are limited to 160 characters, and messages in Twitter — 140 characters?

1 year, 10 months ago

The document from the Twitter archive, about 2000, the working name Twitter — "". Credit: Jack Dorsey

There was 1985. Fridkhelm Hillebrand tensely worked, staying at home at table in the empty room of the in Bonn (Germany), and continuously printed on the typewriter accidental phrases: news, requests, questions … all alternately. Having finished printing the next page, Hillebrand counted quantity of letters, digits, punctuation symbols and spaces in each sentence printed on the page, and right there was accepted to the following page.

At that time the question of development of the technology standard which would allow mobile phones to transfer and show text messages on the screen was particularly acute for the communication companies.

As in those days possibilities of wireless networks have been quite limited, and most of consumers were the share of automobile phones, and not of wearable electronics at all — within the developed standard it was necessary to offer reasonable, but rigid restriction for the maximum length of the message.

"One and a half hundred characters" … Before that experiment with the typewriter Hillebrand had dispute with friends on sufficiency of such restriction for most of users of mobile phones.

"My friends assured me unanimously that such restriction too малó for the mass market", - is remembered by Hillebrand, and adds: "but I was more optimistical".

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We plan resources for Veeam Backup &Replication 8.0: calculation of required place in repository

1 year, 10 months ago
That when planning resources for Veeam Backup &Replication people could estimate, how many place it will be required in repository for backup of the virtual computer, the calculator simulator of restore points of Restore Point Simulator (RPS) has been created in due time.


But as periodically it is necessary to hear from users "And why \why here this value?", today I will give some explanations about parameters of input and I will tell, values by default from where have undertaken.
Behind details welcome under kat.

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As I became programmer. Way from the Petersburg homeless to Senior Developer-а in 6 years

1 year, 11 months ago
Hi everyone! My name is Andrey, I work in department of development of products of Veeam Software.

This year 6 years from that day as I "have come" to programming are executed. By the way, there was it spontaneously, and at the time of writing of the first code, I behind shoulders had neither profile education, nor the slightest experience. Today, I create product, recognized and dear around the world.

Today I want to tell the story.

So, I will begin with the moment when I was 21 years old, I have left ranks of valorous Russian army and was on gray and cold streets of St. Petersburg. The fall, lack of housing and money activated all cells of brain for the answer to question: "What to do?".

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Possibilities of recovery of physical machines from backups by means of Veeam Endpoint Backup FREE

1 year, 11 months ago
"How many times repeated to the world" that backup as end in itself does not make practical sense – and it has that, of course, if from a backup copy perhaps quickly, correctly and easily to be recovered. Therefore recovery of the physical machine from the backup copy created by means of Veeam Endpoint Backup FREE will become a subject of my today's post, throughout previous.
As you, probably, already assumed, options of recovery are closely connected with backup settings: needless to say, to recover the machine entirely it will not turn out if there were zabekaplena, say, only the user folders.
Let's consider these options in more detail for what welcome under kat.

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Two reasons to set Veeam Endpoint Backup FREE right now

2 years ago
For July 29 the output is planned for the wide market Microsoft Windows 10. Perhaps you, as well as I, subscribed for its obtaining through the known icon in a tray of your current Windows. In Windows 10 there are several interesting innovations, such as the new Microsoft Edge browser, the voice assistant to Cortana, "old usual" the Start menu, and a number of improvements in area of safety.

So, in a week we apgreyditsya? — Postoyte! Before an upgrade of an operating system it is better not to forget to make a complete backup copy. Happens and so:

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Competently we select and we test storage of the backups

2 years ago
Continuing to open subject not of the most obvious, but interesting, aspects of creation of backup systems, it is offered to discuss, so to say, ending point of this system today? place where your backups will remain and to find out why it is important to approach with all gravity its planning. Anyone can call this place as? repository, storeydzh, drive, storage system, etc. But for simplicity of statement we will stop on option? storage?, meaning the classical disk storage module (i.e. tapes, magneto-optics and it similar will not be mentioned today).

Reason for writing of article became unclear as the developed tradition that at creation of backups by storage any stuff, and the phenomenon which for some reason has become norm when the only considered characteristic is the equipment price can act. And it is desirable that for three selected kopeks there were rubber disks from the most viscous rubber. At best can pay still attention to the work speed declared by the vendor, and even without reflecting that for digit have shown and what it treats. The it is more than a digit, the better, here even you should not doubt.

Here only the problem is that some modes of creation of backups impose very serious requirements for the speed of reading and/or record to storages, without forgetting the general stability. And it means that if not to consider them at planning stage, it is possible to receive at best hardly live system, and in the worst to go to buy the new equipment at the expense of the award.

Under cat I will try to explain how in advance to predict behavior of storage, proceeding from your plan of backup, and also in practice to prove what to select storage for backups by the residual principle? it is vicious practice.

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Backup of physical machines by means of free product of Veeam Endpoint Backup FREE

2 years, 1 month ago
We already told on Habré about release of Veeam Endpoint Backup Free (free backup tool for physical workstations, notebooks and home computers). Today I want to tell about this product in more detail: about architecture, the main settings of tasks of backup, schedule parameters, about the scheme of backup, and about integration with Veeam Backup &Replication v8 (if it is set).

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