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Hagelin is the genius of scientific and technical thought

2 years, 11 months ago
The legendary inventor of cipher machines — Boris Caesar Wilhelm Hagelin (1892 - 1983).

There are no applications of communication where the solutions developed by Crypto AG firm which more than was founded by the talented cryptographer Boris Hagelin 60 years ago would not be applied.

The nomenclature of the equipment and the software of Crypto AG is exclusively wide. The company not only shifrtekhniky for government and military communication is known. At offices the most part of daily message exchange and data still goes on classical channels – PSTN/ISDN, analog or digital telephony and the fax. Confidentiality of negotiations, faxes and information in notebooks is provided with a number of the hardware solutions Crypto AG: PSTN Encryption HC-2203, Secure GSM HC-2423, Fax Ecryption HC-4221, Crypto PC Security HC-6360, Crypto Laptop HC-6835 and others.

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The malicious software for Android becomes more and more sophisticated

2 years, 11 months ago

As the Android mobile operating system is one of the most widespread, malefactors constantly develop all new and new malwares for this OS. In principle, software such appears every day, and the majority of programs of a specific mention does not deserve. But there is also adware, the principle of implementation and which works it is very interesting (and to the novice user — and is very dangerous).

adware about which there is a speech by the method which is quite tested among malefactors extends: normal applications from Twitter, by Facebook or even Okta (service of two-factor authentication) are repacked. These applications with a trojan are loaded not in the directory of Google Play, and on third-party resources / directories, many of which are also very popular. From the point of view of the user who tries to download some of troyanizirovanny applications everything is good, at the same time in many cases the program after installation works as it is necessary. But during installation on phone of the victim also the powerful application trojan which the rue uses exploits for obtaining is established. The exploits found in three families of such applications (Shedun, Shuanet, and ShiftyBug) allow to be established to a malware as the system application with the corresponding status which only system processes have.

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Something "steals" the place on a disk?

2 years, 11 months ago
If you do not monitor the remained empty seat in the root section — you unpleasant news can expect that. In case of overflow of this section, services, important for your project, will cease to work. Agree, idle MySQL or web server will affect the project not in the best way.

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What expects DPC the industry in the future

2 years, 11 months ago

How the DPC the industry in 10-15 years will look?. Regularly many IT specialists ask the matter and do not miss an opportunity to regularly voice the thoughts concerning the future of server farms.

Poll on the subject "DPC of 2025 — Studying of Opportunities"

"DPCs of 2025 — studying of opportunities" reported to Emerson Network Power in the report results of poll on a subject which concerns the near future of data-centers. More than 820 specialists in the field of DPC from around the world took part in this poll. During poll of respondents asked to share the thoughts of how data-centers will look in 10 years. There is a wish to note that the polled specialists did not predict expansion of scenarios of "the supernatural nature of an origin" (as in anti-Utopia from the cult film trilogy "Matrix" where data-centers received the electric power thanks to the huge fields consisting of "people batteries").

And so …

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New data-center of Intel: high performance and extreme density of placement of the equipment

2 years, 11 months ago

New 60U are resistant in a new data-center of Intel

The Intel company sets up records of overall performance of the data-center, having created racks of new type on own project. New server racks, having height in 2,7 meters, are a key element in data-centers of the company, allowing to increase density of placement of the equipment and to increase efficiency of use of resources, including the electric power.

Internal requirements of the company are serviced by about 59 data-centers worldwide. The total quantity of servers in these data-centers makes 130 thousand. Now the company transformed the former enterprise for production of semiconductors to a highly effective data-center. There is it in Santa Clara, California.

The former factory became field laboratory of the company where the innovations concerning data-centers are tested. This data-center can soon become one of the most powerful in the Silicon Valley as Intel is going to bring object power to 30 MW within 5 years.

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Solar energy for date-tsetrov

2 years, 11 months ago
General curiosity was initiated by news from the Apple company about construction of a new data-center worth about 2 billion dollars which will receive energy only from renewable sources. It means to provide with energy the area more than 100 thousand sq.m. The project is one of the most expensive. The considerable part of power supply will be made by solar energy of the local company Salt River Project which has production volume about 70 MW.

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Oblivion of old ideas and attempt of the invention of "an old wheel"

2 years, 11 months ago
From history of cryptography of the USA

At the end of the 18th century the cryptography was enriched with the remarkable invention — Jefferson's coder called in honor of the statesman, the first state secretary, and then and the president of America Thomas Jefferson. Jefferson called the system "the disk cipher". Such device implemented the famous cipher of multialphabetic replacement.

The coder represented the wooden cylinder which was cut on 36 disks (though the quantity of disks could be also another), which were got on one axis so that independently to turn around it. On lateral surfaces of disks in a free order — all letters of the English alphabet.

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"" or how to become a hosting provider from scratch and to generate a traffic more, than all Belarus

2 years, 11 months ago
Some time ago at one well-known forum interesting discussion was begun, the person from the Russian remote place set quite sensible, in my opinion, question:

"Hello forumites. Really, did not know where to create a subject, but for such as I made the whole section, for it and thanks.
In brief, I live in a far solitude where select business and do not allow to be engaged quietly in anything … and here the paltry idea came to make to me the server for services of a hosting well or something other.

Interest such questions:
* What is necessary for start what equipment, programs etc.
* What needs to be purchased for a start
* Into what budget it is possible to get
Maybe there will be "znavets" these are subjects. to tell as how? …"

And of course in the best traditions of "serch" began srach:

"Holodnyysintez, can move better?"

"the HARDWARE, you should not suvatsya if at all in it you do not understand.
Brutanut and in general you will be left without trousers".

"The author, I support companions who do not advise to be put.

Something can be caught here:
1. Having knowledge to areas and experience.
2. Having at least from $10.000 for initial attachments. And it is better from $50.000. The rest — a bultykhaniye in a pool".

"It how to begin autodistribution company, having ushatanny VAZ of 2106 as "the initial equipment". Well and plus website, of course".

And there is a lot of such advisers. Yes, of course, it could be desire to press the new competitor as the majority noted with such councils — existing a hosting providers. If not one but … These people were convinced at all that to organize a hosting project, without having special knowledge or the big budget, it is impossible, only several people gave advice on business.

At once it was remembered how I began, and it became just insufferably sad from such councils, people were mistaken, everything is possible both without budget, and without initial knowledge. Because quite so there was "ua-hosting". And further I will tell small history of success and disappointments …

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Hacker, cryptographer or psychic. Ordinary magic

2 years, 11 months ago

On the verge: art crypto - hacking or magic

In 2007 in California, by request of authorities of the state, during the pre-election company for short term several strong hacker teams which analyzed the applied systems of electronic voting machines were collected and, about "horror", showed terrible weakness of each of them. It is amazing that for more than ten-year term of use of computer systems on elections of the Supreme political power in the USA (nominally the most democratic country of the world), the equipment for vote officially was not exposed to a comprehensive, independent audit inspection on safety. Manufacturers provided complete documentation, internal technical specifications and texts of source codes of programs. Term on researches was limited three weeks, but them it appeared quite as enough for demonstration of weak protection of all electronic systems of vote against abuses and manipulations with votes.

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Who was on the server?

2 years, 11 months ago
There comes the moment when the system administrator needs to define date of the last login of each of users, and also to prepare the list of those accounts which did not make it. If you do not know the lastlog command earlier, then would be surprised, how easily and quickly it can provide you these data.

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