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Passions on the domain

2 years, 4 months ago domain history as if the detective thriller, it is impregnated with dramatic nature and mystery. This domain saga tells about long fight for the right ownership of property.

And began history in 1994 when the engineer Gary Kremen registered domain name of In those time the international Organization Network Solutions registering domains for all comers acted as the direct logger of domains. Bright Kremen realized at once that in the future will be able to earn from such simple and popular name not bad. And it appeared the rights.

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Creators of programs racketeers and fraudulent websites of technical support integrate

2 years, 4 months ago

While the first hold of files hostage, the second make out fabulous bills for elimination on the computer of nonexistent problems

The attention of specialists of Symantec was drawn by merge two serious online of the threats capable to cause big problems if Internet users should face them.

Some websites offering very doubtful services of technical support also use programs racketeers which block files of users, collecting a payment for interpretation.

Fraudulent resources of technical support try to convince users that on their computer malfunctions are found, and then offer at inflated price the software or supplementary services for elimination of a problem. As a rule, the mechanism is started by means of the pop-up message with the specified contact number for commission of a call or the link for downloading of the software.

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30 years of work as the system administrator

2 years, 4 months ago
Sandra Henry-Stocker (Unix Dweeb, works in the TeleCommunication Systems company developing the innovative technical solutions at present). Looking back in the past, more than 30 years of work as the Unix system administrator later, I can tell that it was the long and interesting way. These years I of course did not execute one and too. Development of technologies was led to improbable changes in my work. It were impressive improvements in "iron" which I serviced, and the invention of new software tools which I studied and put into practice. For many years I took improbable pleasure from that how a lot of work I could make in the command line for identification and elimination of different problems and understanding of how in the best way to provide data protection of my employers. Within 30 years I worked with surprising people, at the same time was dismissed once, and also learned a lot of new about what works and does not work, both from the technical point of view, and from the point of view of career development.
The profession and all with it connected changes dramatically, but it always brought and will bring me the sea of pleasure.

Here my reflections about changes which I saw also those which still I will see.

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10 attacks to web applications in operation

2 years, 4 months ago
Now practically all developed and developed applications aim to become as much as possible available to the user on the Internet. Different applications for more productive work and rest, such as Google Docs, calculators, e-mails, cloudy storages, cards, weather, news etc. are posted online … Generally everything that is necessary for everyday life. Our smartphones are almost useless without Internet access as almost all mobile applications are connected to a cloud, saving our photos, logins and passwords there. Even the majority of home devices is constantly connected to a network.

The application layer is the most reliable protection. Vulnerabilities which we will meet here often rely on difficult scenarios of data entry by the user that does them hard to determine by means of intrusion detection systems. This level — the most available from the outside. For normal functioning of the application there has to be an access through port 80 (HTTP) or port 443 (HTTPS).

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Accidents on server farms in Azerbaijan and Great Britain

2 years, 4 months ago
Stay DPC are extremely expensive pleasure, dauntaym in several seconds can turn back serious financial and reputation losses. The accidents which happened quite recently still again proved it. Two large-scale server farms — one in Great Britain, the second in Azerbaijan suffered.

Almost all population of Azerbaijan lost Internet access

In one of data-centers of the Delta Telecom company fire flashed. Dauntaym lasted for eight hours. After this incident it was possible to get access to Internet services only about use of channels of the local mobile operators Backcell and Azerfon.

The fire in Baku on a server farm of Delta Telecom became the reason of shutdown. According to the official statement of representatives of this company, several cables in old DPC lit up. Fire and abnormal services were involved in process of liquidation of ignition. Because of incident work of banks was almost paralyzed – operations were not performed, operation of ATMs and payment terminals was stopped. In many regions mobile communication was unavailable.

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As there is a rendering of a frame in GTA V

2 years, 4 months ago
A series of the games Grand Theft Auto went a long way from the moment of the first release in 1997. About 2 years ago Rockstar let out GTA V. Just improbable success: in 24 hours game was purchased by 11 million users, 7 world records in a row are broken. Having tested innovation for PS3, I was very impressed with both the general picture, and, actually, technical characteristics of game.

Nothing so spoils impression of process as the loading screen, but in GTA V you can play for hours and hours, overcoming boundless hundreds of kilometers trouble-free. Considering transfer of a solid information stream and PS3 property (256 Mb of random access memory and the video card on 256 Mb), I was surprised at all how did not throw out me from game in the 20th minute. Here where equipment miracles.

In this article I will tell about the carried-out analysis of a frame in the version for the PC in the environment of DirectX 11 which eats couple of gigabytes of both a RAM, and the graphic processor. In spite of the fact that my overview goes with reference to the PC, I am sure that the majority of points is applicable to PS4 and to some extent to PS3.

Analysis of a frame

So, we will consider the following frame: Michael against favourite Rapid GT, on a background beautiful Los-Santos.


Carefully! Traffic!

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In 600 000 Arris modems found a backdoor in a backdoor

2 years, 4 months ago

According to the specialist in the field of safety, 600 000 cable modems Arris will surprise users with not palatable surprise under the name "backdoor in a backdoor".

The software tester from Globo TV Bernardo Rodriguez published the report on the hidden libraries found in three cable modems Arris. In turn, thanks to the search engine Shodan allowing to investigate data on all devices connected to a network similar defects in 600 000 modems were revealed.

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Confession of Google spammer

2 years, 4 months ago

True story how unscrupulous "botanist" earned millions of dollars from the search giant


Before being engaged in telemarketing, I somehow managed to earn in a month $50 000, and all thanks to spam in Google. And occupation needed to give it only about 10 hours a week. But, to be recognized fairly, I do not advise, here it is absolutely frank, to repeat such "feats".

In this post I just also decided to explain why.

My vision of the world in 2009

I was not going to send spam on the Internet at all. But Google did not leave me the choice and then I argued, approximately, so.

If to send spam so badly, I why spam always perfectly works thought? The majority black SEO шников probably adhere to the same point of view. They just find a number of suitable justifications to spam directed against indexation of Google:

  • We help to improve Google the existing algorithm of indexation!
  • Who told that content our everything?!? LOL! Links, here that it is necessary for you. Google lies. Spam on them cries.
  • If we do not send spam, our competitors will be engaged in it, and, so they will make us. It is necessary to send spam.
  • Generally, if you it is not aware, we care for the clients: only this way we will be able to win fight against a huge empire of evil which any minute will enslave all, profiting on a payment for cliques!

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Young hackers 414s

2 years, 4 months ago
The name of command 414s sounds so as if it is some fashionable rock group of the 80th. But heroes of this history became famous not for music, and computer crackings at all. By means of normal home computers they hacked about ten computer systems of serious organizations, such as Los-Alamossky National laboratory to New Mexico, the Oncological center Memorial Sloan-Kettering in New York, as well as school of the city of Milwaukee. Young hackers had so a good time and only satisfied the unreasonable inquisitiveness.

The command 414s consisted of group of teenage supporters. But the public only six young men, age from 16 to 22 years opened. The group on a twist of fate gathered — their meeting and a close acquaintance was promoted by research club of boy scouts which was sponsored by the known company IBM. The main objective of this organization was to teach kids to use computers. And pupils exceeded any expectations. So exceeded that since 1983 got under close attention of FBI and became famous for the whole world.

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The first-ever floating data-center was floated

2 years, 5 months ago

The startup of Nautilus Data Technologies surprised many with the idea of creation of floating data-centers. Or rather, even not the idea, and the fact that the company began to implement the project on creation at once of two data-centers which will be not on the earth, and on water. For the first time the company declared itself at the beginning of a year, and declared quite loudly, having submitted to the public plans for construction of floating commercial data-centers. Data-centers were going to be used for placement of server hardware, that is Nautilus Data Technologies acts as kolokeyshn-provider.

According to founders of the company, Arnold Magkeyl (Arnold Magcale) and Deniyeloa Kekay (Daniel Kekai), floating data-centers have several benefits in comparison with normal DTs. First, it is an opportunity to quickly move a data-center from place to place, in case of need. Secondly — lack of such factors as natural disasters — earthquakes, wars, etc. Of course, there is also a possibility of a storm, but DTs are quite well adapted for heavy sea of any force. But at such object always available coolant is water which the system takes away from under the vessel bottom.

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