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Evolution of algorithm of Test The Text

4 years, 11 months ago
Test The Text selected stopwords in the text. Stopwords done the text more heavily, more feeblly, more long.

Stopwords shared on some categories:
— modal verbs;
— usilyayushchy and generalized determinations and adverbs;
— cliche and kantselyarizm;
— hyperonyms;
— parasites of time;
— verbal nouns;
— passive voice;
— adverbs;
— participial phrases.

The prototype selecting modal verbs, us the list to "can", "be forced" and "need" all forms:

    'modal': {
        'can': u"""могу, мог, могла, можешь, может, могло, можем, можете, могли, могут, 
                        смог, смогла, смогли, сможет, можно, нужен""",
        'need': u'нуждаться, нуждается, нужно, нужна, нужны',
        'should': u'должен, должна, должны, должно',
        'other': u'стоит, обязан, следует, необходимо, требуется'

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We learned to write in information style

4 years, 11 months ago
On operation I writes texts: posts on habr, email-mailing, articles in mass-media. I writes already couple of years, last half a year not less than two texts in a week. Discovery for itself information style and Maksima Ilyakhova councils were the considerable step to development of my skill of the letter.

The purpose of the text in information style — to inform the reader. Information style: laconic, unambiguous, precise and objective. In information texts there was no superfluous words, emotions, personal judgement. They was read easily and quickly.

Maxim entered concept of stopwords. Stopwords was not characteristic for texts in information style and if you me him — reflect and paraphrase this place. Stopwords it "by the way", interjections, modal verbs, verbal nouns and others, all nearby 100.

At some instant to me beginning to search difficult for these words in texts, therefore I creating to myself for the aid to Test The Text. Test The Text selected in the text of a word unrepresentative for information style and explained why.

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