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Return of lascivious hubs

2 years, 10 months ago
Last July, many months later after emergence of the project of Giktayms, we made a decision to transferare from Habr the next portion of hubs there. The principle by which we were guided was simple: everything, as for iron and at the same time does not concern (or concerns indirectly) programming, moves to GT.

There passed some more months and we, looking at contents of some of the postponed hubs, understood that the part of them nevertheless should be returned back. Not because we changed the mind, just the programming subject began to appear in them far more often and more deeply, so they began to correspond to subject of GT much less.

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We enter the instrument of fight against spam in personal messages on "My circle"

3 years ago
On "My circle" we have entered opportunity to send complaints to messages from personal correspondence. All complaints go to the separate moderatorsky interface in which on each user account of all complaints which on it arrived is kept. If violation serious, the moderator blocks at once the violator. If violation not really serious, the moderator blocks the violator's profile at accumulation of certain number of complaints.

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Place at least one vacancy on "My circle" — get full access to base of the curriculum vitae of IT specialists

3 years ago
After restart of "My circle" has passed 4 months. All this time service in access to base of the curriculum vitae of our IT specialists was completely free.

Now full access to base of the summary remains for those who has placed on "My circle" at least one vacancy. For the others restriction is introduced: on any search query no more than 5 summaries are shown.

It is very simple to lift limit. If you really look for the IT specialist, means you have open vacancy. And you cannot place it with us!

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The explanation to transfer of "iron" hubs from "Habr" on Geektimes

3 years, 3 months ago
Last week we have transferred some thematic hubs from "Habrakhabr" to Geektimes. Unfortunately, we practically have not commented on audience our actions in any way, and it was our error. On your negative reaction we have understood that there was some misunderstanding, in this regard we have decided to tell why have taken such step.


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Moving of "iron" hubs from "Habrakhabr" on Geektimes

3 years, 4 months ago
Allow to report that the program for transformation of "Habrakhabr" into resource only for developers proceeds in this connection in structure of hubs little changes are still carried out. About today's change we have decided to write separately.

As you remember, for publications project management and the personnel, GTD earlier, about other management we have created "Megamozg", and all gadzhetny, pseudo-scientific articles and the general news of high technologies which are not connected directly with development have moved to Geektimes.

Thus on Habr continued to place publications in which though large volumes of program code occurred, but on output any "iron ̆" the gadget, whether it be polyroll of plants on all favourite Arduino or alarm clock on not less mighty Intel Edison or Raspberry Pi all the same turned out. Therefore, time for gadgets we already have resource, we have decided to transfer number of the hubs used for similar materials from Habrakhabr. Here what hubs have moved to Geektimes:

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As it is beautiful to issue the publication on Habré

3 years, 4 months ago
Publication? fundamental unit of communication of the author with the reader. Practice shows that on Habré it is possible to place almost any format: small announcement and longrid-overview, interview, photoreport, broadcast of event, lesson and a lot of things many other things. Quite often the success of the publication depends and on its design? pleasant it is a pleasure to read the issued material. In this article we will try to provide you many useful tips on good design of material.

And the first layfkhak? the clickable picture to kat which conducts at once in the publication:

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"TM" restarts "My circle"

3 years, 5 months ago
The TM company became the new owner of the My Circle service. "Yandex", the former owner of service, and "TM", the publisher of projects for IT specialists, suggest users to look at upgraded version of service.

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Зимнее изменение в Программе Поощрения Авторов

3 years, 11 months ago
Всем привет! Начало зимы мы решили встретить маленькой приятной новостью для тех, кто пишет публикации на ?Хабрахабре?.

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Toaster: new sympathetic design and plans for the future

4 years ago

We are glad to provide new sympathetic (responsive) design? Toaster?! Now it is possible to ask question or to give the answer with identical ease from any device which has appeared at you at present near at hand.

Starting global redesign? Toaster?, we set before ourselves three purposes:

  1. Availability. That it was possible to ask questions and to give answers at any time where you were.
  2. Clearness. Interface language without additional instructions has to inform very quickly sense of service and how it is correct to them to use.
  3. Flexibility. When adding new functions there should not be obstacles in the interface for their fast and high-quality implementation.

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?Хабрахабр? представляет Geektimes

4 years, 1 month ago
Анонсируя внесение ?Хабрахабра? в реестр распространителей информации, мы дали понять, что планируем перенести часть контента на новый проект. Решение о вынесении непрофильных хабов в другое, изолированное от ?Хабрахабра? место, давно зрело внутри компании. Но для принятия решения начать действовать чего-то не хватало. Внесение ?Хабра? в реестр распространителей информации послужило толчком для начала решительных действий.

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