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Work with HealthKit. Part 1

2 years, 11 months ago
Our colleagues from Techmas will share experience with HealthKit and an application creation for fitness in the scraper of articles. The first article is input on technology and considers the application which selects personal data from Health.

The HealthKit platform was published by the Apple company in iOS 8. It represents API for third-party applications which allows to use to collect information about a state of health of the user. HealthKit includes the Health application preset by default on iOS8 and iOS9 which displays all available data: physical activity, power supply, pressure, calories, time of a dream and other personal characteristics.

Right after start of a platform developers faced a number of problems which led to temporary prohibition on its integration. Now everything is corrected and is debugged, and applications in AppStore with use of HealthKit become more and more.

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Work example with the iBeacon technology by means of Swift

3 years, 2 months ago
Considering the increasing interest in use of Bluetooth of indicators in different areas beginning from chipirovaniye of animals, navigation in museum exposure and finishing with the most demanded function of notifications on stocks in shops, we in Techmas have prepared introduction for their implementation in practice. Perhaps, to someone from developers who is only going to create the applications and does not know with what to begin, the instruction will help to deal with the basic concepts and opportunities of technology below. In spite of the fact that already there is SDK set for work with indicators, we use only Swift and CoreLocation and CoreBluetooth libraries.

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