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The market of Virtual automatic telephone exchanges died

2 years, 9 months ago
The market of Virtual automatic telephone exchanges died, without having managed to appear. MSP did not begin to use VATS, despite their availability. Attempt to expand the market on small business which has no funds for purchase of traditional automatic telephone exchanges was not repaid. At small and microbusiness there are no reasonable reasons to pay for VATS.

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Kolltreking with payment for a lead, but not for numbers

2 years, 10 months ago
At many companies the noticeable part of sales goes via phone: clients call from the website, from advertisements, about offline channels. To trace from where the visitor at the online order came, not a problem long ago. But in a case with sale by phone we do not see what advertizing gave it. This problem is solved by a kolltreking.

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Sipuni: way of development from virtual automatic telephone exchange to SaaS-service on reception of phone calls

3 years ago
Hi, Habr! Here eight years I am engaged in IP telephony. And for these eight years it was insufficiently untwisted, despite the boundless opportunities.

Contrary to universal development of messengers, chats, e-mails any business does not do without the most human, fast and clear way of communication with clients — voice communication. The prices, quality, the equipment changed, but since 2007 one has not changed: difficult settings of software part and even more difficult settings of the equipment. Well and still the IP telephony has not found the market, except for niche solutions unless recently began to appear more and more integration with CRM systems.

Complexity of IP telephony for the final client literally deprived of me dream, I have decided to create the Sipuni service — easy-to-customize, easily scaled and combining all advantages of cloud service and virtual automatic telephone exchange.

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What communication are necessary to a startup?

5 years, 3 months ago
When you begun the business, you should be engaged simultaneously tysyachyyu in things: development, marketing, sales, service …

There are a question – how to perform operations on each of these directions as much as possible effectively, what technologies of that was already us in the market to apply. Whether the last development was accessible to you and how many forces implementation will occupy them?

I suggests to estimate 13 most necessary functions of the modern automatic telephone exchanges, and advantages whom IP telephony of the beg company gave.

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As we creat cloudy automatic telephone exchange

5 years, 3 months ago
For me appearance of Skype were a positive miracle. When I starting to use it in 2004, it still showing how many subscribers in a network — were more their about 600 thousand. I thinks, from them in Russia were no more than 1 %. At least from my friends acquaintances of skayp were not at anybody — a serious obstacle for the free dialogue.

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As we accepted questions to the President

5 years, 4 months ago
On Monday, on April, 22nd, on phone of our technical support +7(499) 647-40-40, unusual calls began to arrive: called on purpose to ask questions to V.V.Putin. It was found out that people in Israel, Germany, Turkmenia, Arab Emirates and other countries saw our phone in releases of news of the Russian channels where it was informed that under this number it is possible to call on Vladimir Putin's direct line. And as, except ours, in news showed only number of Rostelecom 8(800) 200-40-40 on which from abroad it is impossible to call, all have started to call to us.

Till Tuesday we had time to listen to weight of people, in passing explaining to them what in any way to help them and transfer the message to Putin we cannot that there was an error.

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