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The lost art of the proof of security. Part of 1 of 2

1 year, 11 months ago
Pashkov Yury, Pashkov KuzmaLead InfoSec, EMC, VMWare trainer @

Long-term experience of teaching in the Information security direction (further IB) allows to state positive tendencies in this area:

  • Owners of business, at last, began to consider risks as so significant IB as financial and operational, and even more often look for not only the entrusted, but qualified advisers at a position of the CSO level (Chief Security Officer)
  • Normative approach to creation of systems of protection allowed IB to become in large quantities the consumed service
  • Explosive growth of risks of IB supports steadily great demand and the sentence in the market of services of training in the corresponding direction

In time it is available also negative:

  • It is also difficult to confirm the qualification in IB today, in particular if successful experience is got in the CIS countries, and the potential employer is in USA \Europe
  • Mass character leads to IB konsyyumerization problem
  • Quality of services of training and skill level of specialists falls

As a result there is whole staff of divisions of providing IB from which on all hierarchy levels, since a security administrator and graduating from the head, thoughtlessly fulfill requirements of standards of safety, without thinking of the proof of security of an automated system after their execution.

This article shows possibilities of evidential approach for creation of the protected automated systems and has educational character.

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As solder "bridges" and chips on motherboards by means of soldering station

1 year, 12 months ago
Sorting the first computers, many saw different "bridges" — southern, northern, graphic chips, and was often thought: and how it is soldered and, the main thing, than? And those who risked a soldering iron to try it bore then the materinka in service where it soldered the new chip if, of course, they did not kill with the house soldering all motherboard. So, how solder chips? Under a cat the story, and also a photo and video about it. In a leading role at us the soldering station ERSA IR550a will act.

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EMC ViPR 2.1: data management of "the third platform"

2 years ago

ViPR – an element of the program defined data processing center

ViPR implements for a data storage segment approximately the same that VMware made for a segment of servers – creates a possibility of abstraction of resources, forming of pools and implementation of automation for infrastructure. By means of VMware API interfaces the storage pools created in EMC ViPR are presented in VMware vSphere in the form of a simple array. Besides, the ViPR controller provides integration with VMware vStorage API for Storage Awareness (VASA), vCOps, and also with control facilities and orkestration of VMware SDDC, vCloud Automation Center and vCenter Operations Manager. Thus, in ViPR control of storage can be exercised as independent object which is represented per se in virtual environments of Microsoft and OpenStack, and within the program defined VMware data processing center.

Main goal of development of EMC ViPR was simplification and reduction in cost of management of the existing heterogeneous infrastructures of storage, and also creation of a simple data management system and data access in the distributed clustered file systems, for example, based on hadoop-clusters, and also in cloudy environments.

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Overview of the initial Cisco UCS setup

2 years ago

It is considered to be that server solutions of Cisco UCS — it is very difficult. We decided to demonstrate all simplicity of setup of such solutions. Under a cat the video overview, and also the shorthand report with screenshots (Carefully, a traffic! Many screenshots in the complete size if to compress them — to sort nothing).

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The video overview on setup Cisco UCS blade server

2 years, 1 month ago
It is considered to be that server solutions of Cisco UCS — it "is very difficult", "it is difficult in setup", etc. We have decided to demonstrate all simplicity of setup of such solutions.

Disclaimer: of course, all process of setup of blade of Cisco takes about 2 hours, we have noted the key and main moments. As direct, simple recording of all process of setup will not be interesting.

Disclaimer 2: it is the video guide on setup of initial level, as for more profound studying "as from where grows" — it already subject of other video overview.

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Magic quadrant of Gartner for the TsOD network technologies

2 years, 1 month ago

The market of network technologies for TsOD quickly develops. Value of simplicity and flexibility of network architecture grows, but availability remains primary parameter. Corporate customers should estimate different approaches of suppliers and different architecture, paying special attention to the opportunities connected with the software.

Definition market / Description

Network technologies for TsOD provide logical and/or physical network communication between corporate TsOD. Requirements to the TsOD network have started growing promptly after the period of architectural stability which lasted more than 15 years. While the speed, density and scale increased during this period, the foundation architecture relied on the outdate three-level hierarchical approach.

Under cat of the analyst of Gartner of the main players in the TsOD market

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Overview of management systems and monitoring of HP Software

2 years, 1 month ago

Management and monitoring of IT infrastructure – one of the main tasks of IT department of any company. Solutions of HP Software will allow to simplify task of system administrators and to organize effective control of network of the organization

The modern IT infrastructure represents the difficult heterogeneous network including the telecommunication, server and software solutions of different vendors working at base of different standards. Its complexity and scale define the high level of the automated monitors and management which have to be used for ensuring reliable network functioning. HP Software software products will help to solve monitoring problems at all levels, from infrastructure (network equipment, servers and storage systems) before quality control of work of business services and business processes.

Monitoring systems: what they happen?

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HP TippingPoint ATA Network and HP TippingPoint ATA Mail

2 years, 2 months ago

One of the most actual problems of safety are expanded continuous threats (APT) today. Traditional solutions for protection of networks are not always capable to prevent invasion in time and to eliminate its results. Effectively products of HP TippingPoint Advanced Threat Appliance family will allow to neutralize attack at its beginning

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Various tests of safety of network: overview of solutions of the IXIA company

2 years, 2 months ago

Constantly developing and new attacks are directed on search of yet not found holes in system of network safety. Traditional tests with use of method of penetration or synthetic attacks have become outdated and are impractical. The flexible architecture capable to cope with impact of dynamic attacks is necessary, and to be able to recover quickly attacked network, and it is best of all to find gaps in IT even before attacks. The concept offered by the IXIA company allows to estimate protection of different components of network infrastructure.

The overview of its approach to such load tests, and also application case under cat.

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The overview of solution of video conferences of Grandstream GVC 3200 — "It changes everything"

2 years, 2 months ago
Grandstream till the recent moment had two directions: voice IP solutions and solutions for IP video surveillance. For certain you already heard about them: phones, telephone exchanges, IP video cameras. Now Grandstream enters the market of video conferences, and actually a lot of things change it and for the company Grandstream, and for the market.

So, the Grandstream company has provided GVC3200 — new system of conference communication on the basis of Android which will manage to buyers much cheaper than analogs of competitors, such as LifeSize, Polycom, Cisco, etc. This platform works at Android 4.4 (updating to version 5 is planned), is capable to transfer the image in permission 1080p and supports to 9 at the same time connected participants: 4 — Full HD, 5 – HD, 9 — VGA. The device supports connection to three videos of panels on HDMI: 2 — for carrying out video conferences and 1 – for demonstration of content with the PC (VGA or HDMI). In GVC3200 the camera PTZ with 12-fold optical increase is used and service for holding of conferences of IPVideoTalkPro is supported. Under cat the detailed overview of solution and the additional Grandstream services for VKS.

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