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Yes you zadolbat the information society

2 years, 10 months ago

Disk with music. Almost like AudioCD works.

Let's assume, you want to send the red line message to the colleague. Today you send mail, the message to social networks or the SMS.

We go down below on stories. What was before? Fax. It was analog of modern e-mail: the message was transferred instantly, got out of the device and was ready to reading.

We go more deeply. There are no fax and phone now too. You send the telegram. Just serious cable nodes were forced out from a bigbon by phones. The exchanges learned news telegrams. The British journalists from the farthest doomsday reported data the teletype. You could telegraph for any person on a meeting which would be carried by the special boy on your mail switch, and then the second boy – from other local switch to the addressee. Almost like cellular network, only a ping is more.

We continue travel. We disconnect electricity, the first logs, first imperceptible appear. Here in Prague full-fledged pneumomail works. Wrote a feather the letter, dried sand and blotting paper, put in a special capsule. Vzhukh! The capsule departed on other end of the city. By the way, if to vykolupat optics from the trunk, it will be possible to arrange pneumomail in a protective tube so partially backward compatibility is saved.

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Maaaalenky PDF-assembly of hardkorny articles about GameDev

2 years, 10 months ago

I learned from publishing houses that from January 1 to January 10 people read more, than in a year. Therefore a small gift from us — we agreed with Daniil Cook (the former game designer of Epic Megagames), took and translated several it hardkorny materials about development of games. Also thrust them into PDF on one hundred pages.

  • As games form external environment: as the market influences a game plot (for example, because of reduction of the average income by game the role of the open world decreases – too long to do) and so on. Very good state-of-the-art review from the guru with specific councils.
  • The organization of game processes in multiplayer game — how to gather players how to do asynchronous interactions and a lot of things with numbers and examples. Suitable hardcore.
  • TOP-5 disputes on development of the 2014th year — last year's material that for trends were discussed. Everything actually and now.
  • The declaration of independence of the developer — the American cry from the heart that "take away dirty paws of the finance director from a game plot". Well, approximately.
  • Criticism of criticism of games — what to do if reviews write laymans and how to be selected from ballast.
  • Creation of effective relationships of cause and effect in games — incredibly useful thing for all those who want to understand how cognitive schemes of games work. It is useful not only to developers, but also to UI/UX specialists.
  • Tables of trophies – the mathematician of a vykovyrivaniye Loot from corpses of enemies. Begins with an educational program and promptly accelerates to very abrupt solutions.

Here PDF and complete texts. Lower in a post – the main theses if laziness to read everything or there is a wish here and now.

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As I wrote and published the book based on the posts from Habr

2 years, 11 months ago

I have a small holiday today. My book "Business as Game" at last reached to shelves. Still warm.

The book grew from posts which I write years five here. Uporoty, with such things which usually about business do not write. Inside — 140 little heads on the page - two about different aspects of business, in fact — baizes. Everything began with habrapost — and it became gradually clear that they should be changed very strongly, plus to write much more about business and management.

Below I will tell that I learned while I was published. For example about the fact that it is impossible to earn from the book, about normal circulations, about process and in general.

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What microattacks constantly go on office: children's sotsinzhiniring and phishing

2 years, 11 months ago


At us the most different contacts, including direct mail of the founder and all heads of departments stick out outside. Well and, certainly, office phone, contacts of call center and so on. On checks phones of regional managers are printed.

Respectively, on percent of 80% of this infrastructure constantly there are small, so to say, household sotsinzhiniringovy attacks. From the innocent and even places naive to devilishly inventive. Inventive in the social plan.

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System of calculation of visitors of shop: as Google. Analytics, only on infrared sensors — and cunning statistics which you do not see

3 years ago
In the 1940th you needed a special block which considers people on an input in shop. In the 1950th the camera with which film could be analyzed then was top of progress. In the late eighties in the USA and Europe (including Germany) infrared sensors or just counters of opening closing of doors on sealed-contacts began to extend. Now technologies slowly drift marking your broadcast packets of Wi-fi and Bluetooth (mailing of search of networks) to monitor movements of phone with an accuracy of 3 centimeters. Plus grows value of recognition of flows of people from video systems.

But let me tell about that invisible work which becomes based on normal counters of pass of the person, as in a tourniquet. Only without well-aimed blow to eggs.

Just a random pretty girl
The simplest implementation after the sealed-contact — intersection of an IK-beam

Can seem that except calculation of visitors in shop, such pieces are not necessary for anything. However if the simple linear analytics a heap allows to utykat them all shopping center even useful. For example, the competent shopping center on tracking of flows knows that the shop ceased to be pleasant to its audience — and precisely in number understands to the place of whom to put the new tenant.

It is, in my opinion, the best example of the fact that even simple as the log data can be used tens times more effectively, than usually if to put the head.

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Unevident features of sorting of goods and "dance of reality"

3 years ago

As usual, we try to solve a complex mathematical challenge the minimum means and costs. A task essence – to sort goods of online store so that it was most convenient to the buyer.

The easiest way – to set an order manually. In physical shops on shelves becomes quite so, and it is called "calculation". At us it is done by sellers on planogramma under each point (it enters training), and in the same big product – special dudes merchandisers who monitor that everything was ok. On the Internet, of course, there is a wish to make also, but a method well up to 50 positions.

On other party of a scale methods of big data when beginning all data on you from assembly of the browser, device type (more precisely, its prices) and display resolutions, plus all data of a profile and an assessment of your actions on the website conduct to optimum result. The easiest way of use of such data – for the first 20-30 seconds of stay on the website to build your profile and to compare to profiles of the same people. And to offer you as a result not the cheapest apartments and hotels, for example, and to begin with those prices which for you will be acceptable. You for certain know this sorting which is given for some reason in the press in sauce "to the most convenient for the client".

On my feelings, the most convenient for our buyer is such which is clear and gives in to control.

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Give pokovyryay This War of Mine more deeply: what in an igromekhanik?

3 years ago

Game is ingenious. It blew up a lot of editions of subjects still a year ago as quickly and effectively informs of horrors of war the player. Therefore I suggest to get a little "under a cowl". In general, I, perhaps, will begin to tell for few months about gamedev hardcore, more precisely, than the fact that our colleagues call game science. I will begin with simple and clear things. From not the ideal igromekhanika working at the same time like clock-work. Or as blow in the head.

So, I will remind: the main objective of game — to submerge the person in a status "to be civil at war and to try to survive" that even reached the most freezed as it is bad. Respectively, all the rest is under construction exactly around it. At the same time game in itself has to be:
  • Interesting.
  • With a simple threshold of an input.
  • Realistic for problems of immersion.

Matter of course, creators namukhlevat a little — but it becomes noticeable only after detailed analysis. It is clear, that the logic of a setting sometimes argues with mechanics and a gameplay. It is clear, that shortcomings a heap, but all in general — very abrupt. Therefore went to get to the bottom of trifles.

The attention, is a little spoilers and many screenshots (traffic) below.

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That I have learned about interfaces in the real world in China

3 years, 1 month ago
Here typical form of connection to Wi-Fi. She generally on the huge page with heap of hieroglyphs, but gray substrate has helped me to understand that it and is the most important form of connection, and the rest — help and advertizing.

Icons are important. Judging by them, tick below — it, almost for certain, "I agree with conditions". Phone above — for certain number. Further — the lock — is the password. Both fields active, that is I have to have login and the password at once, so?

No, the nifiga, the Chinese UX means that I at first will enter phone and I will press the orange button (colors of icon — and yes, it is the button!). I will receive the password and I will enter it into the second field, and then I will press the green button. The robot will compare phone to the password and will let me further. This form was drawn, most likely, by the Chinese.

And it is normal such public callbox of early space age

Now I will show some more things which are given rise in the country where the qualified engineers are about twenty times more, than in America, and the ingenuity status of "the Soviet engineer" is not passed yet. I, of course, again will continue the history and I will show interfaces in the real world — they are not less interesting from the point of view of usability, than HCI, and are not less useful to understanding as it is possible to work with the user.

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Purposeful and conscious deavtomatization of business

3 years, 1 month ago

We here often say how abruptly to automate different things. But sometimes happens it is necessary to do absolutely inverse process — to clean automation where it disturbs. In our case, for example, where she obviously prevents to earn or communicate with the buyer.

For example, we have cut almost all IVR; have made the scenario of bypass of filling of fields of basket; have achieved that almost everywhere there were personal contacts of employees (even on the cash voucher the direct cell phone of the regional manager is printed); have put direct postal addresses of all to the founder on each page of the site; have thrown out part of autonotifications and have replaced them with live calls.

And in general behaved provocatively from the point of view of IT.

Thus the code amount, the necessary capacities and complexity of implementation of processes grew. The matter is that such deavtomatization demands very not sickly attachments in IT. Now I will explain on examples in what and why we so strange do business.

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About habits of our users and technical supports

3 years, 2 months ago

We have office, warehouse, it is a lot of shops over the country also a lot of technically grounded users who are able to sell board games. It is interesting to observe how all this ecosystem evolves in respect of work with technical support. Therefore below – quiet post of supervision without any councils or outputs. Simply such is life.

Here, for example, sellers have understood, what not all exit administrators are equally useful. Seniors of points are able to change terribly quickly the necessary information. Therefore now on different cases ask different engineers. Once someone makes work at least is 10% faster normal or still somehow to show quality – and calls will at once begin in the spirit of:
— Hi. Support?
— Good afternoon.
— And who today the exit?
— Mischa.
— Aaaaa … And Valera when?
— Value tomorrow to 15. So at you has broken?
— Yes not, not, everything is all right. Today everything is good. Tomorrow will break. At 11:30.

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