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We invite on #PostgreSQLRussia on November 3

3 years ago

On November 3 at the Moscow office of Mail.Ru Group the meeting #PostgreSQLRussia will take place. This time transition to PostgreSQL from other DBMS will be the main subject. At us in the country in recent years more and more companies pass with proprietary to open systems, in particular to PostgreSQL. This process has the nuances, and to each large project is what to tell about the experience of migration. This information would be useful not only to those who else are going to pass to PostgreSQL, but also to rather experienced users.

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We have problems from promisa

3 years ago
Allow to provide you transfer of article of Nolan Lawson "We have problems from promisa", one of the best on subject of that I happened to read.

We have problems from promisa

Dear JavaScript developers, the moment has come to recognize it — we have problems from promisa.

No, not with promisa. Their implementation according to the A+ specification is excellent. The main problem which itself has appeared before me for years of supervision by how many programmers fight with rich in API promisa, consists in the following:

— Many of us use promisa without their valid understanding.

If you do not trust me, solve such problem:

Question: In what difference between these four options of use of promis?

doSomething().then(function () {
  return doSomethingElse();

doSomething().then(function () {



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Authentication: what the general between the refrigerator and the gun?

3 years ago

In total with Friday, respected to the habravchena! As you know, at us in Mail, the Calendar and the Cloud two-factor authentication is used. In the months which passed from its implementation at support desk collected rather actual material which clearly lets know: many users (and even advanced) are confused in technical terms. From what we took it — under a cat.

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From geymdizayn to gameplay

3 years, 1 month ago

So, after long works and reflections, reading articles, can be even my previous, after the analysis of experience of competitors, communication with colleagues game designers behind coffee cup (or glass of beer?), prototypes and iterations — the design document of small feature or the whole game is ready. Victory?! As if not so.

In this article it will be a question of that thorny road which passes geymdizayn from the document before implementation in game, and just from position of the game designer. As well as in last article, the task in details to show all process is not set. The text is oriented to those to whom experience of the game designer in large team is interesting.

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DevTips: Councils to the web developer (17-32)

3 years, 1 month ago
Continuation of cycle of transfers of useful tips for the web developer. Previous part: 1-16.

   17.  Fast editing name of the HTML tag in the Elements panel
   18.  Deployment of all child sites of the selected element
   19.  Switching of status of the DevTools tab by means of the hot keys
   20.  Switching on DOM element from console DevTools
   21.  Illumination of the executed expression
   22.  Improvements in operation of the Color Picker tool
   23.  Inclusion of the break point and navigation on call stack by means of the hot keys
   24.  Viewing of definition of the function registered as the processor of event on DOM element
   25.  The notification about JS error during writing of code
   26.  Persistence of settings of display for the Incognito mode
   27.  Visualization of the selected animation smoothing mode
   28.  Viewing and changes of break points of DOM tree by means of the Breakpoints panel
   29.  Five interesting opportunities of the Console panel
   30.  Autocompletion of properties and methods of object in the Console panel
   31.  Viewing and debugging of event handlers
   32.  Automatic stop of execution of the program at emergence of any exceptions

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Moscow Atlassian Meetup on October 20

3 years, 1 month ago

On October 20 participants of community Moscow Atlassian will gather in office of the Mail.Ru Group company for the second time. Adherents will share practical experience and will discuss subtleties of use of products of the line of Atlassian. In the program, as usual, some reports and communication of guests behind cup of coffee.

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Hakaton of VKontakte on October 31

3 years, 1 month ago

We invite everyone to take part in the hakatena according to the open data provided by opportunities of API VKontakte and the partner companies. It will pass on October 31 in St. Petersburg.

Registration of teams will begin on October 31 at 9:00. At 10:30 official opening of action will take place, and at 11:00 it will be possible to start writing code. In a day, on November 1 at 11:00 it will be necessary to complete development of the ingenious prototypes. In two hours, the presentation of projects will take place at 13:00. Each team within 5 minutes will be able to tell about opportunities and advantages of the development.

The jury of hakaton will consist of the staff of VKontakte and representatives of the partner companies.

During hakaton there will be lunch breaks, dinner, breakfast and coffee breaks. Power supply will be provided by organizers free of charge. About venue of hakaton it will be reported in addition.

It is possible to submit the application for participation through the message to special bot of

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Problems of the first world about which the iOS-developer has to know, or "How to create convenient application for iPad"

3 years, 1 month ago

If sometime it happened to you to intercept iPad from one hand in another to click in application, you already know, why we have started research in our usability-laboratory. We have decided to analyze the iPad-application interface from the point of view of physiology. How conveniently to users to use iPad in typical poses — to click lying, to go through photo sitting, to svaypat, type the text? As a result we have found a number of problems of purely physiological character.

Though the army of owners of iPad totals, for example, 4 million in Russia and 80 million in the USA, we did not manage to find references of similar researches. Probably, earlier by applications programming for iPad nobody reflected on physiology — though for smartphones such researches conducted.

We analyzed actions of users on the example of Mail.Ru Mail application, however our finds it is possible and it is necessary to use at design of any iPad-applications. In detail that we have found (with cards of "dead bands" and recommendations) — under cat.

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DevTips: Councils to the web developer (1-16)

3 years, 1 month ago
The command of the Google Chrome browser makes huge work in order that to developers was better. Chrome DevTools — example of the remarkable tool which is strongly simplifying debugging of your web application. But sometimes not all functionality of this system is visible at first sight therefore Umar Hansa — the programmer from London — describes it on the site, and in very convenient format: it is a little text and short skrinkast. And we, in turn, have decided to make these councils more available to Russian-speaking audience.

  1. The redirection of port will allow you to open local links on the mobile device
  2. Activation of pseudo-classes of DOM element
  3. Repetition of network request by means of cURL
  4. Start of the saved blocks of code (snippets) on any web page
  5. Change tracking of files through DevTools
  6. Simple record of actions of the page
  7. Search of elements of DOM tree by means of CSS selectors
  8. Copying of the image in the Data URI format
  9. Transition to the necessary line when opening the file
  10. The simplified navigation between editings
  11. Copying of the response to network request
  12. Work with several cursors when editing scripts
  13. Block selection
  14. Fast monitoring of events in the console
  15. Access to the selected DOM node to consoles
  16. Tracking of incomplete network requests by means of the is:running filter

Continuation: 17-32.

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Digest of product design, September, 2015

3 years, 1 month ago
Five years I publish regular reviews of fresh articles on subject of interfaces, new tools and collections of patterns, interesting cases and historical stories. From tapes of several hundred thematic subscriptions about 5% of the standing publications who are interesting for sharing are selected. Previous materials: April 2010 August, 2015.

Дайджест продуктового дизайна, сентябрь 2015

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