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QA: Conference

2 years, 10 months ago

In four months, at the end of April, in four cities of Russia (St. Petersburg, Moscow, Omsk and Yekaterinburg) there will take place the only conference in Russia on test automation – QA: Conference. This conference is developed for the specialist of the widest profile – Automation Engineer and will cover — consistently, all subjects:
  • Testing of server part of .NET of applications
  • Testing of .NET WPF of applications
  • Testing of .NET WinForms of applications
  • Server part of Java
  • Web applications on Java

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Java-programmer 5 crib. Two hundred fifty Russian-language training videos of reports and lectures about Java

2 years, 11 months ago
I think very few people will argue that viewing of video of good lectures and reports from conferences is one of the fastest and easy ways will learn something new. The problem is that on Java it is difficult to find all good videos of conferences and reports on the necessary subject. Moreover, according to the name of many videos from conferences it is difficult to understand by what they to a subject are hung up.

Therefore I prepared this collection of video of reports in Russian from different conferences (Joker, JPoint, JavaDays, JEEConf, of course, with DEV labs which are organized by Luxoft), and, naturally, video from Luxoft Training Center channel. In total video is separated into different categories and if necessary the description is added.

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Crib of Java of the programmer 4. Java Stream API

3 years ago

In spite of the fact that Java 8 left already for a long time, not all programmers use its new opportunities, someone is stopped that detail designs it is too difficult to transfer from Java 7 or even Java 6, someone use in the GWT projects, someone does projects under Android and does not want or cannot use third-party libraries for implementation lyambd and Stream Api. However lyambd and Stream Api for the Java programmer often demand knowledge on interviews, well and it will be just useful upon transition to the project where Java 8 is used. I would like to offer you a short crib on Stream Api with practical examples of implementation of different tasks with new functional approach. The knowledge lyambd and functional programming will not be required (I tried to give examples so that all was clear), level from the basic knowledge of Java above.

Also, as it is a crib, article can be used quickly to remember as this or that feature of Java Stream Api works. Short transfer of opportunities of basic functions is given at the beginning of article.

For those who does not know at all that such Stream Api
Stream API is new method to work with data structures in functional style. Most often by means of stream in Java 8 work with collections, but actually this mechanism can be used for the most different data.

Stream Api allows to write processing of data structures in SQL style if earlier the task to receive the sum of all odd numbers from a collection was solved the following code:
        Integer sumOddOld = 0; 
        for(Integer i: collection) {
            if(i % 2 != 0) {
                sumOddOld += i;

That by means of Stream Api it is possible to solve such problem in functional style:
       Integer sumOdd = -> o % 2 != 0).reduce((s1, s2) -> s1 + s2).orElse(0);

Moreover, Stream Api allows to solve a problem in parallel only having changed stream () to parallelStream () without any excess code, i.e.
       Integer sumOdd = collection.parallelStream().filter(o -> o % 2 != 0).reduce((s1, s2) -> s1 + s2).orElse(0);

Already does a code parallel, without any semaphores, synchronization, risks of interlocks, etc.

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Rules of defensive programming on With: last, real and future

3 years, 1 month ago
Luxoft Training suggests you to get acquainted with transfer of article "C Secure Coding Rules: Past, Present, and Future" Roberta S. Sikorda, professor of software engineering institute (SEI) Carnegie-Mellon, author of books "The CERT C Coding Standard, Second Edition" and "Secure Coding in C and C ++, Second Edition".

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DEV Labs 2015. Online conference for .NET of developers. October 17

3 years, 1 month ago
Are glad to report that registration for online started conference for .NET of developers of the DEV Labs series. The fourth action devoted to this software platform will take place on Saturday October 17. By tradition, we have made the program of four reports which will be interesting as the beginning, and advanced developers.

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Free library Self-learning – more than 20 courses in the key Software Engineering directions

3 years, 2 months ago
Self-training is one of the most necessary abilities to future and already working IT specialist. Successfully to perform work and to realize own projects, it is necessary to study and be improved constantly independently.

Thanks to Self-learning library it is possible to gain knowledge today and to develop different skills in the key Software Engineering directions not only on internal courses, but also sitting in front of the home computer.

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Microservices Q&A;

3 years, 3 months ago
Recently Andrey Gordiyenkov, the coach of Luxoft Training training center, has interviewed Sander Hugendorn concerning microservice architecture.

"SANDER HUGENDORN (NIDERLANDY) — the mentor, the trainer, the software architect, the programmer, the speaker and the writer. Sander works in the field of software development more than 30 years, the first commercial program has written in 18 years on Pascal.

Cooperates with the large consulting IT companies during 20 letv the present works in Capgemini. Numerous clients from the different countries highly appreciate it as "activator" of innovations in software development.

Sander was trainer for the organizations, teams, projects and natural persons. Has provided more than 300 training courses within the last 15 years on different subjects, such as Agile, Scrum, the Kanban, software assessment, architecture of the software, microservices, design templates, modeling and UML, writing of code and testing.

The original of interview in English is published in Sander's blog.

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TEST Labs 2015. Online conference for testers and test managers. July 25

3 years, 4 months ago
We invite you to take part in the fourth conference for testers and test managers of the TEST Labs series which will take place in Saturday July 25. Within six-hour online of session it is representable on your court of 4 actual reports:

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Access to the shared atomic objects from the processor of signal in C

3 years, 5 months ago
Luxoft Training suggests you to get acquainted with transfer of article of Robert Sikord "Access to the shared atomic objects from the processor of signal in C".

Robert Sikord, the author of the book "Defensive Programming on C and C ++, the 2nd Edition", describes how access to the shared objects in processors of signal can lead to races which can cause inconsistency of data. It has historically developed that the only suitable way to get access to the shared objects from the processor of signal was read or write in volatile sig_atomic_t variables. With the advent of C11 atomic objects became the best choice for access to the shared objects in processors of signal.

Book "The CERT® C Coding Standard, Second Edition: 98 Rules for Developing Safe, Reliable, and Secure Systems, Second Edition" is updated according to the C11 standard and rules of writing of the safe TS 17961 C ISO/IEC code. SIG31-C was the rule which has caused the greatest number of difficulties: "Do not address to the shared objects in processors of signal". This rule exists as access to the shared objects in processors of signal can lead to races which can cause inconsistency of data. I will provide additional information on access to the shared objects from the processor of signal in this article. I will be beyond the description of the rule and examples in the book.

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Videos of seminar of CLRium #2

3 years, 5 months ago
Good afternoon! Not so long ago there has taken place series of seminars of CLRium on the latest technologies and is rare - to the opened subjects CLRium #2. We have brought together at ourselves in halls about 740 people, what for us is? fantastic result. Today there was a wish to provide you fresh videos of seminar and the link to repositories of speakers:

Day 1:

Links with binding at the right time:

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