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In KolibriOS there were a support of USB

5 years, 4 months ago
For those who are interested in the project of KolibriOS, at us very good news — it are equal 1 one week ago in our project in night assembly there were a support of USB. In the best traditions of the project, the code are completely wr on the FASM assembler. And it still are located on an one diskette occupied 1MB, including programs and games. And, unlike our primogenitor of MenuetOS, USB hot-plug worked for us even. Developers of QNX Demo Disk nervously smoked aside :-)

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About creation of an image of KolibriOS

6 years, 9 months ago
All beginning with news about possible representation of KolibriOS on for Chaos Constructions-2011. It were publish at a forum of developers of KolibriOS in four months prior to action.

And here, in the beginning of August, 2011 I having an idea to create an image for the virtual machine with this system (KolibriOS), the various software and examples of files with which it are possible to work. Actually, I also were engaged in it.

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KolibriOS release

8 years, 10 months ago

Work on release of the new version came to the end. It is possible to study the complete list of changes here. It is possible to download system from the site KolibriOS.

UPD: Due to habraeffekty the site of system opens every other time therefore for unloading the habrayuzer of fzfx created a mirror, for what to it personal thanks.

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