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Music in KolibriOS: complete overview and last novelties

3 years, 4 months ago

How cool to work, listening thus to music! The playlist has started to himself, he plays, and you go about the own business. But here ill luck — in modern players it is universal libraries of music have started being used, without them already soon and the file normally will not open, without having scanned all hard drive before. I after all the person am from 90kh, and I have on rigid folder, at someone it is "Music", "Music", at some (we will not show fingers) it or "100% to sort "Junk" this year". All that I want — to come it into the folder with audio recordings, to start the file and to enjoy music! I do not need the combine which "catalogs", "synchronizes" and makes coffee — I need player with support of MP3: simple, fast and nyashny. Therefore I have tried such to write for my favourite operating system of the Humming-bird.

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Digest of KolibriOS #6: last fall

3 years, 7 months ago
We are glad to provide you new release of the digest of the changes made in KolibriOS. For several reasons, it has been decided to do not the monthly, but quarterly digest. For this reason it so long did not leave. But now November, the end of fall, so, time has come to share news. If it is interesting, welcome under kat.

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?Напиши свою игру!? ? Новогодний конкурс от KolibriOS

3 years, 8 months ago
Новый Год уже не за горами, а какой же Новый Год ? без новогодних конкурсов с подарками? Мы в проекте KolibriOS решили не отходить от традиции, и провести наш собственный конкурс, с денежными призами.

Поскольку находимся мы на Хабре, простой случайный розыгрыш призов вроде конкурса от Mail.Ru мы считаем здесь неуместным, и призы нужно будет заработать. Поскольку KolibriOS ? хобби-проект, конкурс будет связан с развлечениями. Ну, а поскольку мы не такие богатые, как Mail.Ru, то и призы будут поменьше image

Задачей конкурса является написание своей собственной игры для Колибри. Сделать это нужно до наступления Нового 2015-го года по Московскому времени, т.е. до 31 декабря 2014г. 24:00 MSK.

Принять участие в конкурсе может любой желающий, вне зависимости от возраста и места проживания. Участвовать можно как в одиночку, так и командой (при участии командой, в случае выигрыша, один приз будет выдан на всю команду).

Для игры можно использовать любой язык программирования ? хоть FASM (предпочтительно), хоть JAVA, хоть Brainfuck. Однако, если компилятор выбранного вами языка в данный момент отсутствует под Колибри, вам придётся сначала научить этот компилятор собирать программы под Колибри. Поэтому мы рекомендуем выбрать такой язык, для которого уже есть компилятор (для Brainfuck, кстати, есть).

Исходный код игры (включая все ?ресурсы? ? картинки, спрайты, звуки, музыку, если таковые имеются) должен быть выложен на SVN проекта под одной из утверждённых open-source лицензий. Игра должна компилироваться из исходников с помощью системы авто-сборки Tup на сервере КолибриОС. Для облегчения добавления игры в авто-сборку (а также принимая во внимание предыдущий параграф), лучше всего писать игру на языке, для которого уже есть пример авто-сборки (FASM, NASM, C--, GCC, MSVC). Но мы же не ищем лёгких путей, правда? image

Игры всех участников, успешно выполнивших задание, будут выставлены на голосование на Хабре в январе 2015 г. По результатам голосования, будут присуждены призы:
  • 1 место ? $1,000 США
  • 2 место ? $500 США
  • 3 место ? $250 США

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We write in the С/C language ++ to Windows under KolibriOS

3 years, 11 months ago
KolibriOS? miniature operating system, kernel and which majority of programs it is written in language the assembler. It, of course, does not mean that to other programming languages the way to KolibriOS is closed. For example, during evolution of this operating system there were some attempts to develop tools or to adapt libraries for application creation in the C/C language ++. In KolibriOS repository still there are working examples using early practices of adaptation of C/C ++ code, for example (root)/programs/games/kosilka or (root)/programs/system/shell using different approaches and wrappers of C/Asm.

For the current time of the most perspective of the existing libraries, in my opinion, newlib is. It consists of the adapted libc, C-oberkoy over the main coreAPI functions and toolchain? and for assembly.

Unfortunately, in KolibriOS of the native compiler C/C ++ does not exist yet, the current toolchain assumes assembly of applications in Windows or Linux OS.

This article is the instruction on the newlib setup for Windows OS.

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Digest of KolibriOS #5: we again with you

4 years ago
The digest for May has been passed, passed through my fault. But it does not mean that it has completely stopped the existence and therefore I want to provide you the new digest for May and June. Everything to whom it is interesting, welcome under kat.

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Autoassembly of boot images of KolibriOS in Linux by separately taken machine

4 years ago
We bring to your attention article written to righthearted, one of our four students on Google Summer of Code this year. Article tells how it configured autoassembly of KolibriOS in Linux on the computer. Task not the absolutely trivial.

This post will be useful to those who wants to check possibility of adding of the program in official autoassembly of KolibriOS, thus without breaking the server. Bright example for it is the author of this article. In attempts to hand over qualification task for Google Summer of Code, repeatedly brokeItalian version of autoassembly , and once even has hung up the server on which source codes of all system are stored. That such did not repeat, the instruction on setup of autoassembly of boot images of KolibriOS is provided in this article. All described was checked on the 64-bit Ubuntu version. For other distribution kits procedure should not differ strongly. Whenever possible, I will paint each step not to miss anything important.

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Digest of KolibriOS #4: and spring to us not noise

4 years, 2 months ago
For set of the reasons (including, constant DDoS of Habr) preparation of the digest for April was tightened, for what I apologize. But it nevertheless has been prepared, and now I want to provide you results of work of our programmers. And to show really is that.

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WebView or history how the browser was written to KolibriOS

4 years, 3 months ago
Perhaps everyone who is interested in KolibriOS, knows that the only way to connect a wide area network was and is and seed day the text browser written to one of our developers practically from scratch. This browser perhaps is one of? sights? OS and therefore it was decided to tell its history: as it appeared, developed, and what plans for the near future. To whom it is interesting, welcome under kat.

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Digest KolibriOS #3: the beginning of spring

4 years, 3 months ago
In spite of the fact that behind a window spring, our programmers continue to work indefatigably over KolibriOS. And this month of it to eat than brag, especially in the field of an application-oriented software.

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Digest KolibriOS #2: that to us brought February

4 years, 4 months ago
Transited month from the moment of an output of the first exhaustion of our digest. All this month, without looking on what, our community worked over KolibriOS.

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