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Интеграция Bolid в 1С или как мы приручили СКУД

3 years, 8 months ago

Где-то в 2009 году, когда еще речи не шло о группе компаний в сегодняшнем виде, i-Free арендовала помещения в бизнес-центре, сначала занимая одну комнату и расширяясь с годами.
Филиалы в шести странах мира и размещение «с трудом» в четырёх бизнес-центрах Санкт-Петербурга ещё впереди, а пока только 5 кабинетов в разных концах коридора и даже на разных этажах. Коридор общий для разных арендаторов, вход в БЦ свободный. Бегая к коллегам в другой кабинет, замыкать двери на ключ нередко забывали. Стало быть, СКУД стал необходимостью. Задумались о решении, и тогда выбор пал на Болид.

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The Mi Band overview from Xiaomi

4 years, 2 months ago

It seems that I became one of the first Russian owners of tracker of activity from Xiaomi [Xiao Mi]? Mi Band. Today I will make bracelet anboksing, I will tell about its functions and personal impressions. It is compatible to any smartphone on Android 4.3 above, and the possessing Bluetooth 4 LE.

Toy price? 79 yuans, or about $15 USD. The device is bought in China from the official site of the vendor. If you do not know yet, what works are costed by purchase, at the end of the overview I will give the reference. I am not engaged in sale of bracelets, I do not cooperate with dealers? you and know where it is possible to order the Chinese devices.

Technical characteristics

Here the declared characteristics and possibilities of tracker and application for the smartphone:

  • Pedometer;
  • Dream tracker;
  • Smart alarm clock;
  • The notification on the arriving calls;
  • Counter of calories;
  • Work on line till 30 days;
  • Smartphone unblocking? for owners of devices with MIUIv6 firmware (and not only);
  • Size: 36х9х14 mm;
  • Material: plastic, aluminum;
  • Moisture protection: IP67;
  • Accumulator: 41mAh;
  • Bluetooth-chipset: Dialog BT4LE;
  • And still certain? military sensor?

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Errors when checking internal payments Android-iOS and their solution

4 years, 3 months ago
Disclaimer. This post is written on the basis of the report on SQADays? 15. You can also watch video of performance or look through presentation. I pay attention that the report was initial level, that is the post will be interesting generally to managers and the beginning testers. And also what author? the artificial welder and places does quite rough roundings.

My name is Alyona, and I am release manager. The department of the company in which I work, generally is engaged in iOS applications and Android. Still we support Tizen, Windows Phone, alternative stor, but in this post it will be a question of Apple iOS Appstore and Google Play.
In both markets, in addition to paid and free applications, there is opportunity to register internal payments? in-appa (In-App Purchases).

Why I tell about testing of in-app? Because I can!
Being release manager, I participate in projects usually at the beginning of development and at the end of those iterations which come to an end with the calculation in stor. Before the project I issue to developers keys and certificates, and to the end of work on the version developers give me bilda for release. But between these points there is moment when it is necessary to start internal payments? in-appa and to give out to testers test accounts. And here at this stage sometimes there is something strange when developers consider, what they are fine, and testers? that everything is bad.

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As the SMSDirect system is arranged

4 years, 4 months ago

Hello, habrazhitel!

Having read about comparison of SMS services for mailings here, we have decided to tell you about the experience creation of similar system which serves as belief and the truth to us in i-Free some years and  is constantly finished and improved. We hope, our experience will be useful to you. Generally, that to whom it is interesting, I ask under kat.

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Classes and factories. How to sort and collect object with inheritance on prototypes

4 years, 5 months ago
Hi, Habra!
When developing games on JavaScript often there is need to create set of objects. How it is correct to make it and not to drown in code, I told, approximately? a month ago on Frontend Dev Conf in Minsk. Perhaps, the report will be interesting to those who was not at conference and faced problem of creation of set of objects, or is the HTML5 developer of games.

Under cat the text with pictures.

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Problems at imposition of the sites and games. Features of the sites for mobile phones

4 years, 5 months ago
Hi, Habra!
This article is continuation of the last article (JavaScript to APK. http://habrahabr .ru/company/ifree/blog/214531/). I will try to give some advice on development of the mobile sites which have consisted of my experience over services and products in i-Free.

For developers of the mobile sites all phones share on three groups:

  • Button, without support of touch-events
  • With the touch screen, with support of touch-events
  • Smartphones

From where in 2014 old push-button telephones undertake?

Heritage of last years. Earlier phones could be quite qualitative and serve very long. For example, there are many stories about Nokia 3310 which could be thrown on concrete and to hammer with it nails literally of the word. As these phones work, and them have sold enough in large number,  still there are people who use them.

From where in 2014 new push-button telephones undertake?

Production of new J2ME of phones fills the lowest segment of the market. Such phones have some qualitative differences:

  • They very cheap. Often they are bought to children that it was not so a pity to lose or break
  • Such phones consume not enough energy, and their charging can be enough for week.
  • As a rule, quality of assembly and simplicity allow to work to these phones in quite extreme conditions. They can be thrown in walls, to drop from big height, to dig in and heat without special damage to working capacity.

Who does the sites for such phones?

As a rule, it is very large companies which try to make the services the most available (for example, Google, Yandex, Mail). The question price in this case does not matter. Besides, in all phones there are standard tabs in which the site of the operator, the vendor or the company of vendor is sewed. On such sites it is possible to buy different content (games, pictures, tunes) or to issue any services. Since phones it is made much,  such sites can have very heavy load.

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As to young specialists to get a job in the IT company

4 years, 5 months ago

Somehow the colleague's time from department of HR i-Free have appealed to me to write small article for young specialists who aim to get a job in the IT company. The reasons which have induced them it are clear to make in general, in the company the main employer of young specialists is the department under my management, we take the children who have just graduated from higher education institution (and sometimes and students of last years), and at us they take certain course? young fighter?.
Naturally, I do not apply for objectivity, and only I want to give some advice for those who wants to begin the way with work to the IT companies. Article expresses especially my opinion how to employ the young specialist, and very much I hope that this short opus will help someone from students of older years with future career.
Generally, those to whom it is interesting, I ask under kat.

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Problem of change of voice. Part 3. Application models of representation of voice signal: LPC

4 years, 6 months ago

We continue cycle of articles devoted to problem of change of human voice on which solution we work in the company to the previous article I have tried to tell about the mathematical apparatus applied to the description of the difficult physical processes happening in talking path of the person when pronouncing sounds briefly. The questions connected with modeling of acoustics of talking path have been raised. Admissible simplifications in many cases and approximations have been described. Reduction of physical model of distribution of sound in talking path to the simple discrete filter was result of article.

In this article there is a wish to continue on the one hand the previous undertakings, and with another? to depart a little from the fundamental theory and to talk about more practical (more? the engineering?) things. One of application models which is often applied during the work with voice signal will be briefly considered. The mathematical base of this approach as it often happens, initially has been put within researches absolutely of other orientation. Nevertheless physical features of voice signal have allowed to apply these ideas to its effective analysis and modification.

The previous article, owing to specifics of case in point, has been oversaturated by scientific terms and formulas. In this? we will try to place instead of the detailed description of mathematical constructions emphasis on the ideological concept and qualitative characteristics of the described model.

Further the theory of the LPC model (Linear Prediction Coding) will be in more detail considered? remarkable harmonous the approach to the description of voice signal which in the past has defined the direction of development of speech technologies for some decades and which is still often applied as one of basic tools in the analysis and the description of voice signal.

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Testing of Web UI with Vika in pleasure or Virtual Intelligence in testing

4 years, 6 months ago
Good afternoon, dear Habra-chitateli. This time in the heading IT I wanted to dream a little with you of the future. About era when artificial intelligence is not wonder, and robots will become our close friends?
But why to dream? I have thought. Better I will tell you about one such creation.
Meet VIQA WTL? Virtual Intelligence Quality Assurance Web Testing Tool, or simply Vika.
Vika? the tool with Virtual Intelligence for testing of Web UI (the sites, simply speaking) in the language clear to the user. The tool is wrapper round Selenium and allows to describe test cases, using such concepts as: buttons, text boxes, cheklist and dropdown lists, site, pages and blocks. I.e. uses popular pattern of PageObjects.
In addition to implementation of this concept, the tool possesses wide range of the accompanying opportunities and big prisposablivayemost to specific environment (of what it will be a question below).
The tool used by me in work in i-Free has been presented on the SQA Days 15 conference (the text of presentation and video will be uploaded soon by organizers). In Vick's presentation it was described format of comparison with the most popular tool in this Yandex QA Tool area. In this article I will try to tell in more detail about the tool without selection its strong and weaknesses (persons interested to understand it are offered to make it independently in comments and/or to listen to video from conference)

Virtual Intelligence

I will begin with the name. I think, it is interesting to you to learn, and here Virtual Intelligence, and what I mean by it?

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Certification of JavaScript of developers. My impressions

4 years, 6 months ago
The company in which I work, is the partner of Microsoft. All partner companies have to have some number of the certified specialists in the staff. In one clear sunny day it was offered to us to pass certification across any direction. The relevant articles on the Internet claimed, what certification? piece useful and it is worth passing it for several reasons. Well, and as expenses were paid all the same by the employer, I in have decided to go deep into subject and to pass at once some certifications.

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