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Samsung started production of modules of memory of TSV DDR4 128 Gb for servers

2 years, 9 months ago
On November 26 this year the Samsung Electronics company declared the beginning of a mass production of memory with an amount of 128 GB, intended for corporate servers and data processing centers. TSV DDR4 128 Gb will be issued based on the TSV technology ("through silicon via").

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Use of LRDIMM modules in high-end servers

2 years, 9 months ago
LRDIMM (Load-Reduced Dual Inline Memory Module or "DIMM with reduced loading") – type of the modules of memory supported by server platforms since 2012. LRDIMM modules are similar to register DIMM modules and approach the same connectors of memory. However the principle of work of LRDIMM differs from RDIMM. Using LRDIMM in the normal server it is possible to make 512 GB, 1tb or 1,5tb memories.

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New Samsung of 950 Pro PCIe SSD: everything that should be known

2 years, 10 months ago
The Samsung Electronics company declared start of the first solid-state drive of Samsung of a series 950 PRO of a form factor of M.2 with the scalable NVM Express controller (Non – Volatile Memory Express). Let's understand why Samsung passes to a new form factor and the controller, and also than it is good for the user.

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Li-ion of joint stock bank: one more step to economy

2 years, 11 months ago
As we already noted, advantage of architecture of OCP to TsOD – not only in simplification of system deployment and management of it, but also in the considerable economy allowing to provide to clients services at the acceptable prices, creating thus highly effective servers. One more way to save – use of Li-ion of accumulators for the UPS.

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Inventing servers — Open Compute Project

3 years ago
The Facebook project starting in 2011 under the name Open Compute Project (OCP) assumes creation of open standards and architecture of the equipment for creation of power effective and economic TsOD. OCP began as the project on development of the equipment for Facebook data-center in Prayneville (State of Oregon). As a result in Facebook have decided to make architecture open, including server payments, power supply units, server chassis and racks. The company has issued the OCP specifications with recommendations about architecture of compact and power effective rack servers and methods of cooling.

Under cat we in parts will consider of what these servers as they work consist and that it gives.

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Intel Broadwell Xeon E3-1200 v4 — all that should be known about new line of Xeon and eDRAM

3 years ago
Intel has provided the updated line of new quad-core Intel Broadwell Xeon E3-1200 v4 processors recently. Series of server Intel Xeon E3-1200 v3 processors has appeared in the market in the 2nd quarter 2013 and and has been silently updated in the second quarter 2014 on E3-1231 v3 model. Now Xeon v4 are announced. Let's understand: what is the new offered to us by Intel?

In terminology strategists "tick-tock", Broadwell is "tic": the vendor used architecture of Haswell in 14-nanometer execution. "Tic" does not assume revolutionary changes. Analysts consider that in this phase Intel dopilivat known technologies, and improvements will be cosmetic. According to the Broadwell specification provides the lowered energy consumption and overall performance, comparable to processors of the previous generation.

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SSD drives of high-capacity Samsung for servers

3 years ago
Popularity of application a flash memory promptly grows in SHD and servers. It is connected with dynamic development of solutions on a flash memory and decrease in its cost, growth of need for high access rate to data. For DBMS, virtualization and VDI the number of operations of reading/record (IOPS) are far more important than the speed of consecutive operations with big files. And here SSD show the best qualities.

Today in product lines of many vendors there are already drives SSD with a capacity more than 1 Tbyte. Controllers became rather advanced to manage such capacity, and NAND flash memory – rather inexpensive that similar products saved the price attractiveness. The following step – flash drives capacity in several terabyte. Similar devices already appeared — models on 2TB Samsung 850 Pro and EVO.

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Inexpensive 10GbE infrastructure for clusters

3 years, 1 month ago
We in HOSTKEY regularly face need of the VLAN organization at speed 10gbit for virtualization clusters – and client. This technology is necessary for interaction with SHD, for backup, for access at DB and for ensuring live migration of virtual computers. Always there is question — how to make it reliably and with the minimum expenses?

Until recently the minimum expenses for such solution were essential. The smallest switch 10GbE was on 24 ports, and the simplest card – Intel X520 for 500 dollars. The budget on the port made about 700-1000 dollars, and the input ticket was very high.

Progress does not stand still, at the beginning of 2015 there was new class of devices 10GbE for acceptable money from warehouse in Moscow and under guarantee.
As we in HOSTKEY regularly build the selected servers and private clouds on their base, we want to share experience.

So, our Client has 5 machines in cluster and to it is necessary 10GbE to VLAN – there 2 fayler, one machine for backup and some notes. On gigabit all slowly also there is no wish to put in machines gigabit chetyrekhportovka in timing. It is necessary 10GbE and the budget is limited. Sounds familiarly, isn't that so?

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LSI Nytro MegaRAID NMR8100-4i in business

5 years, 1 month ago
The client formulating to me in HOSTKEY the task — on 1 (one) server with 12 kernels and 64Гб it are necessary to storage approximately 3-4Тб places under more or less one-type virtualka but that all would work as on SSD and thus to be la down in 16000р in a month. Beg to think, variants were a little:
  • we done all on SSD. we taken 6 disks on 500Гб type of Samsung of 840 Pro eMLC, we collected them in strayp or still as it are artful, we added pair disks on 3Тб for bakap and … we done not transit in the budget. 2U the server, 8 port RAID controler and disks on 12000р for a piece done not pass.
  • We done all on hard disks, we taken 12x300Gb SAS 15K and again we done not transit neither in the budget, nor in productivity.
  • We used the RAID controler with exterior SSD a cache – LSI CacheCade or Adaptec MaxCache. The idea are more best, but it are necessary to us a 4th disk on 2Тб in RAID10 – it is necessary to take 8 port controler and to it SSD on 120Гб eMLC or SLC. That to SSD there would be an access, again it are necessary to take 2U casing. The controler of 8 ports + costed to SSD nearby 37000р, in the budget we done not transit.
  • We used new LSI Nytro MegaRAID NMR8100-4i. We taken 1U system, we put in it the controler, we put in it a 4th disk on 2Тб in RAID10 and we was inscrib both in productivity and in the budget. Nitra costed 27000р, on it already there was a 2nd disk on 44Гб, and SLC!

No sooner said than done, approximately the 3rd working day and a 4th variant at us on the desktop. Let's look, on what it are capable — not on fair brochures, and in practice.

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Public templates of VPS to Linux/Windows — we invited authors and administrators for creation of service of type of AWS AMI

5 years, 3 months ago
The large quantity of a various software demanded careful adjustment of VPS and maintaining of hundreds templates in an actual state. Amazon Web Services used support of community for maintaining of AWS AMI (Amazon Machine Images). We in HOSTKEY done not possess resources for this purpose and we asked the mutually advantageous help from our community. If it are short — we invited administrators and programmers are mutually advantageous to help us with creation of popular templates.

With the open code difficult in setting, it are necessary to know the majority of difficult programs as it became and to have operating experience. On README normally unwinding cannot achieve success without ha spen some clocks behind the console. And in a month there came an enlightenment that all are deliver at all as it are necessary. In Amazone there was ready AMI. We searched for authors for local service similar on a functional on AMI, only more abruptly.

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