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And you too searched for dependences in SQL manually? Then we gone to you! SQL Dynamite, search in objects of basis

4 years, 9 months ago
Greetings, dear Habro chitateli and SQL writers. The command of Hosttrekera wanted to share the useful utility for SQL of developers and managers.

What task we solved?

Finding of dependences of objects in a DB.
Search in a line in meta data of a DB (stored procedures, View, the user functions, determinations of tables, indexes, keys)

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Why Bitkoin so are important?

4 years, 9 months ago
Remark of the editor: Marka Andreessena venture firm, Andreessen Horowitz, enclosing hardly less than $50 million in the startups connect with Bitkoin. The firm actively searched for other objects for the investments, work with Bitkoin, but Mark owned only the minimum total of kriptovalyuta.

The mysterious new technology appearing, apparently, from anywhere, but actually becoming result of two decades of intensive researches and development of almost anonymous enthusiasts.

For political idealists it becoming a pre-image of release and revolution; the elite concerned to it with contempt and scepticism.

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Escalation of notifications. Typical scenarios

4 years, 10 months ago
Me waking CMC at three o'clock in the morning.
My site falling to three minutes and rising.
And I to fall asleep and c not.
History from life

As many known, Hosttreker — system of monitoring of operability of sites. One of basic functions, operatively to inform the user on the ar problems. Efficiency of notification messages plus comprehensible level of "detailing" are important. If to send alerta on everyone "chikh" the person will not find the essential information in this flow.

We provid some mechanisms which will help to receive the necessary notifications, to the necessary people:
  • Sharing of notifications on a level of criticality on some groups;
  • Not to send the notification message at short-term failures;
  • Operatively to notify the manager on duty on a problem;
  • At long failure to notify a manual;
  • At first to use free notification messages of email, gtalk, and then paid — SMS or phone call;
  • At level of contact to install working hours when this contact should accept alerta.

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Monitoring of sites from within. Exception of false actuatings

4 years, 11 months ago
Today we will talk, as we solved the following tasks:

  • Fixing of falling;
  • Exception of false actuatings;
  • Calculation of Uptime. Optimistical and pessimistic scenario.

Fixing of problems and exception of false actuatings

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Google Analytics. Carefully bots

4 years, 11 months ago

Fac a curious problem. On graphics of visits interesting "step" are visible. We delighted to surge of attendance. But after the analysis, it were clarif that it are bots.

If poguglit on a subject «Google analytics and bots», in the core affirmed that bots done not influence indications of statistics in GA. A message such — the analytics used JavaScript for watching of visitors. Bots, entities primitive, was not able to fulfill JavaScript, and by analytics accordingly was not consider.

Let's clear up details.

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Hosttreker welcomed Habr

4 years, 11 months ago

The collective of the company of Hosttreker categorically welcomed all Habrochitateley. This post we opened our official blog on Habré.

Who we was

Hosttreker — the largest service of monitoring of availability of sites. We helped to increase an amount of the nine in value of Uptime at our clients. We promoted the operating decision of problems and stability augmentation of operation of sites. In the market with 2006. Principal office in Kiev.

Who our client

Our clients — people and the companies, for which Stability and Availability not mere words. Oh, a little grandiloquently it turning out … Let's try once again.
Our clients – people and the companies quickly react and correct any I gets on, which happened with them online resources. Aspired to uptime 99.99999 %. Wanted to receive statistics on aptaym at whom it are interesting both most to look, and to clients with the heads to show, brag, here the pier «as at us are here all abruptly and stablly worked, and digits we not dr the, and Hosttreker for us carefully collecting them and saving».

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