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What is RESTful actually

2 years, 7 months ago
And your application — RESTful? To answer this question it is necessary to understand at first that such RESTful. There is an opinion that to give the correct codes of answers to HTTP is already RESTful. Or to do the correct idempotent HTTP requests is in general very much RESTful. We in Heksleta made a practical course under the HTTP protocol (differences of versions, sending forms, authentication, cookies and so forth), and in it we try to tell about the correct use of requests, but it is necessary to understand that RESTful it not about HTTP, it at all not about internet protocols. The modern web and interaction between the browser and the server by means of HTTP and URI can satisfy to the principles of RESTful, and can not satisfy.

In today's transfer — the simple and clear description of RESTful and what has to be system that it was possible to call it so.

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Free practical course on Bash and other good news

2 years, 7 months ago

Hi, Habr!

Long ago did not write about updates in our educational project of Hekslet, and here just New year — is a high time to share good news. We made free a popular course "by Bash: Bases of the command line"! It is a unique course because exercises in it (as well as everywhere in Heksleta) are executed in the conditions which are brought closer to fighting: the personal container with root-access in which Bash cover is among other things started is available to you.

The course affects navigation, work with file system, pagers, the redirections and flows, history, aliases and other aspects of work with Bash which any programmer respecting himself has to own.

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The updated Codebattle: game for programmers

2 years, 9 months ago
Hi, Habr!

Three weeks ago we (amicable command of the educational project a post about our new project — game for the Codebattle programmers. I will remind, idea of game very simple: you and the rival are given a task, you solve it in the language selected by you. You see a code of the rival in real time, results of start of tests and can communicate with it and the audience in a chat. Who the first will solve a problem (will satisfy to tests) — that won.

After the publication of article we had a cheerful day :) Laid down under habraeffekty and found several bugs. When the storm calmed down, on the arena life began to boil again. Within the next two weeks we solved three main problems: performance, fight against a chiterstvo and possibility of fast adding of modern languages. Also solved them!

Meet — the updated Codebattle! In brief:

  1. Habraeffekt to us on it is terrible (fie-fie-fie)
  2. To Chiterit it will not turn out any more (it is impossible to adjust a solution to tests)
  3. It became simpler to add languages (already there is clojure, ruby, js, python, php, java, erlang)

Details under a cat →

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Codebattle: game for programmers

2 years, 10 months ago
Hi, Habrakhabr!

We in Heksleta like not only to study and learn, but also to have a good time. But to have a good time in own way, on-programmerski. Therefore we have started Codebattle. It is game for programmers.

Idea very simple: you and the rival are given task, you solve it in the language selected by you. You see code of the rival in real time, results of start of tests and can communicate with it and the audience in chat. Who the first will solve problem (will satisfy to tests) — that has won.

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Flux in pictures

2 years, 10 months ago
We in Heksleta like ReactJS and Flux. It seems to us that this correct the directions of development. We love functional programming and pure functions and when difficult architecture become simpler due to approaches, related — it abruptly. On Reakta already there are many resources on the Internet, including our practical course on React JS. The last lesson in this course is called "The unidirectional distribution of data", and there we approach interesting subject which is the cornerstone of architecture of Flux.

Flux is pattern of distribution of data in application. Flux and React have grown within the walls of Facebook together. Many use them at the same time, but nothing prevents to use them separately. They have been created for solution of specific problem on Facebook.

We use React and Flux in the browser development environment of Hexlet IDE (it in open-sorsa) in which pupils perform practical tasks. Flux is at the same time very popular and very unclear for many in the world of web. Today's transfer — attempt to explain Flux on fingers (well, that is pictures).


In the beginning it is necessary to understand, what problem is solved by Flux.

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I am developer, but it is not my passion

2 years, 10 months ago
Hi, Habr!

The team of our educational project of Hekslet consists of people who love programming. Still! We love so, what it is let consistently out practical courses for the beginning programmers (and not only beginners actually), thus we really value this craft therefore we do not love courses in style "print, and now cycle, and it is called class, animal dog, I congratulate, koding it is easy, the truth?", and we begin "Programming essentials" with abstraction, pure functions, recursion and data structures. Though, of course, the courses "become the programmer in 2 weeks" would allow to earn to receive more money.

Whether Hekslet's developers feel passion to this sphere — better to ask everyone separately. But, I think, you met (perhaps, you such?) rather passionate, completely carried away by the business developers. They are ready to discuss for hours frameworks and technologies, they prefer to art books books about code, to movies and series — reports from conferences. If thus they like to speak and act, become stars of mitap and conferences. And still all of us know people who begin this career because "programmers are paid well". Naturally, it is two extreme generalizations, and in reality people in different degree are motivated with the different purposes and desires.

It is considered that the good programmer passionately loves the work. In vacancies along with "guru", "superstar" and "ninjia" often meets "… who is passionate about programming..." as the requirement to the candidate. To tell that you not really bliss out from koding, but is happy with work and salary, and at you at least will look slantwise. However, there is big difference between "not to feel passion" and "to hate and not to want".

Today's transfer of the essay of Antonin Ianousca is devoted to programming without passion, to programming as only work. Today similar opinion it already oldskul, nearly archaism. Today it is not accepted to postpone strongly work from life. But, perhaps, you will see in this opinion something close to.

I am developer, but it is not my passion

I am senior the web developer in the Houston startup, and I have to you admit something. On my supervision very few people from developers in such admit.

Web development — not my passion.

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As short circuits (under cowl) in JavaScript work

2 years, 11 months ago
Hi, Habr!

We in Heksleta use JavaScript not only for obvious tasks in frontend, but also, for example, for implementation of browser development environment (our open-sorsny hexlet-ide) on React'e. We have practical course on JavaScript, and one of lessons is devoted to short circuits there. It is important subject not so much within JS, how many in programming in general. We light it and in other courses.

In general, of articles and tutorial about use of short circuits in JS it is full, but explanations as it everything works inside — a little. Today's transfer is devoted to this subject. As well as why short circuits in JS when they are created and destroyed and why each function in JS — this short circuit work.

I use short circuits already for a long time. I have learned to use them, but not up to the end understood as they actually work that occurs "under cowl". What it in general such? Wikipedia not really helps. When short circuit is created and destroyed? How implementation looks?

"use strict";
var myClosure = (function outerFunction() {
  var hidden = 1;
  return {
    inc: function innerFunction() {
      return hidden++;
}());;  // возвращает 1;  // возвращает 2;  // возвращает 3
// Ага, круто. А как это реализовано?
// И что происходит под капотом?

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Dirty secrets of express courses on programming

3 years ago
Hi, Habr!

The purpose of our educational project of Hekslet — to train in programming. We constantly try to pay attention that programming essentials, the analysis and solution of tasks, understanding of the base — it is important. It is more important, than simply fashionable stack or technology. Therefore our courses for PHP or Ruby are based on SICP, and the course on databases is actually devoted to the SQL-92 standard, but not features of any MySQL.

In the CIS everything extends idea of the educational centers where "it is possible to become the programmer and to get a job in 8 weeks" more actively. In the West — their hundreds! Everyone promises bright future, many repeat that "any can become programmer". Promise employment. On wave of "coding is the new literacy" ("the koding is new literacy") thousands of people register in so-called "butkempa". It is huge business, but, unfortunately, the majority of such butkemp does not train the real programmers.

Today we publish transfer of article of Ken Mazayki, professional developer and founder of several successful companies, including — the educational project. Ken tells about with what myths stuff beginners many butkempa, and that he thinks about it.

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As computers put numbers

3 years ago
We in Heksleta like to develop not only the applied courses but also more fundamental (for example, about algorithms or operating systems). But we did not go down lower than an OS level in hierarchy of abstractions yet. And there, inside, there is so much all interesting! For many people and even for many professional programmers there are riddle processes happening in the microprocessor, at the level of separate transistors.

We publish transfer of remarkable video in which less than in 15 minutes speaks how computers put numbers by means of transistors, binary numeral system, simple logic diagrams and their cunning combinations.

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Practical task with analysis of solution

3 years, 1 month ago
Hi, Habr!

Our educational project of Hekslet continues to develop. We prepare two important changes: 1 — instead of the directory of separate courses we will publish "stacks", sets of the consecutive courses training specialists in certain area; 2 — we add elements of mentoring and personal contact with teachers.

As the first step we suggest you to execute small, but very useful practical task. On Friday, July 24 at 20:30 MSK our technical director Kirill Mokevnin of toxicmt will carry out code-revyyu of several typical solutions, will point to the good and bad moments and will tell how this task helps to clear a lot of things in understanding of programming paradigms.

The overview will pass in real time in our chat in Slake.

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