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Vaadin: the useful finishings and observations

4 years, 8 months ago
Vaadin ≈ component UI frejmvork for creation of web applications on Java. We use Vaadin as a part of the platforms CUBA throughout 4 years and in this time saved up a wide experience of operation with it.

Vaadin has been selected by us for the several reasons:
  • the Server programming model which is not demanding application JavaScript/HTML in the application-oriented code
  • Possibility to create saturated AJAX UI
  • Assemblage of components and indirect addonov

From deficiencies it is necessary to mark:
  • High memory requirements of the server as all elements of the user interface and their data are stored in HTTP sessions
  • Complexity of the extension of components Vaadin and a spelling addonov

In this paper I will share solutions of some problems and tasks which we faced at usage Vaadin. Some solutions I will knock down explicitly, for remaining ≈ only important points.

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CUBA — a platform for rapid development of business applications on Java

4 years, 10 months ago
If you was engaged in development of a software for the enterprises probably already wr own platform. Which allowed you to create quickly UI and logic for operation are more dataful, contained the common multifunction for your projects: control of the rights of users, the report generator, BPM and so forth, also had the architecture allow easily to accompany and scale application. If had not time to write yet, we suggested to get acquainted with our development — a platform of CUBA.


The platform existed more than four years, but till now it were us in narrow enough to a circle of developers of our company and partners. We had time to make on it two duplicat products and more ten custom projects. And here the moment when after the durable preparation, we dar to let out it in the form of a product accessible to all interested persons coming.

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