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Electronic board of bank and EDMS: experience of integration

2 years, 11 months ago

Let's take the standard corporate customer, let us assume, bank. In each bank there are governing bodies – board of directors and board which requirements for work with documents can hardly be satisfied by means of normal EDMS. And it is not necessary to confuse a problem of ensuring activity of joint bodies to a so-called "ARMOM Rukovoditelya" which is in some EDMS. The head, even if highest rank, in principle the same participant of business process, as well as any other employee, he approves too and approves documents. Only owing to the employment and the high status, heads are more exacting to convenience of work with system and are, as a rule, very mobile. To put it briefly, heads need the limited subset of the EDMS functions packed into the beautiful and convenient interface on the tablet, but it is after all EDMS, but not some other system.
And when we speak about automation of joint bodies, type of board of directors and board, to the forefront there is a collective work and support of processes of corporate management for what specialized systems are used. EDMS, even with "the Head's automated workplace", does not cover this complex of tasks.

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Lori Timesheets — accounting of time on the CUBA platform

2 years, 11 months ago

"Time is the capital of the worker of brainwork."
Honoré de Balzac

Often it happens that people give preference to old and usual things, ignoring new, even to itself to the detriment. Here and we long time with persistence used system of accounting of time which did not meet our requirements and constantly created problems literally all — from programmers to accounts department.

General tortures with system of accounting of time, because of lack of time (cm drawing), did not become a strong reason for development of the system. The idea to write the real application for demonstration of opportunities of our CUBA platform rescued a situation. Combining business with pleasure, the system of accounting of time became the first candidate.

At the moment development is complete, the application is implemented in our company, and we are ready to share it with everyone.

In this article I will tell how we in a short time (< 1 мес), ограниченными силами (человек и еще полчеловека) разработали это приложение.

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Russian platinum: EDMS works even where bears go

3 years ago
Platinum is extracted the same as gold – wash sand, collect precious particles, then melted. Regular works on extraction of platinum on the field Kondyor in Khabarovsk Krai were begun by gold prospectors of artel "Cupid" in 1984. As it appeared, platinum deposits are huge here, nuggets weighing from one and a half to three and a half kilograms became the certificate to what. In 2007 the Russian Platinum holding where the artel "Cupid" and some other the enterprises entered was formed.
And when there is a holding, inevitably there is also a need for document flow automation because business processes become complicated, their participants are separated by thousands of kilometers and not that with paper, even with e-mail and the tables Excel for document registration it becomes impossible to process all flow. Generally, the Russian Platinum group of companies decided to implement EDMS TEZIS.

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On joint of ERP and ECM: as we automated material support process

3 years, 2 months ago
We continue series of the materials allowing to look in a new way at application of ECM or EDMS for automation of corporate business processes.
Happens so that life throws tasks in which you at all also were not going to be engaged when designed the system of document flow. It is possible, of course, is proud to tell "our system is for this purpose not intended" and it will be quite honest professional answer. And it is possible to think soberly how to use possibilities of ESM in a new way and to risk to overstep the bounds of the niche allocated for itself – both the customer to satisfy, and to acquire new experience.

If the ECM system has been designed with good stock of flexibility and adaptivity, the area of its application can be expanded fearlessly on many adjacent tasks which are beyond clerical document flow. To automate process of MTO – material support, having encroached thus on traditional glade of ERP? And why would be not present if the customer of that asks?

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That EDMS behind borders of office can: automation of treasury

3 years, 3 months ago
We continue series of articles on "EDMS: way from simple to difficult".
Whether it is possible to automate by means of EDMS control of treasurer activity in the company at which divisions and the child organizations are at a great distance from each other? Watching it what EDMS at you. At once we will make a reservation: this is not about that to reduce all business processes to rearrangement of "pieces of paper" and to simulate work of all divisions on the principle of office. By no means!
The matter is that narrow and subject development approach of business applications, including EDMS, long ago in the past. Today any decent system possesses fair stock of flexibility and functionality therefore it can be used for solution by time of atypical tasks. And it has turned out in the vertically integrated Alyans Oil Company oil company where, in view of intensive document flow and need to organize effective inter-user communication from different regions of Russia and Kazakhstan, EDMS choice the THESIS as platform was more than successful.

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EDMS: way from simple to the difficult

3 years, 5 months ago
Today's publication we discover series of the materials allowing to look in a new way at application of EDMS for automation of corporate business processes. Implementation of VRM-strategy by means of electronic document management system can seem tempting idea — eventually, the BPM engine is built in any modern solution. However, the interrelation of business process and the document in practice is more difficult, than it is represented in the theory. In series of articles we together with the expert Stanislav Makarov will tell about, why the adjusted automation of storage and document handling — the first step to future BPM automation. In the subsequent articles we are going to show relevance of this thought examples of real business processes, such as budgeting, contractual work or material support.

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Agile в документообороте

3 years, 11 months ago
?Агитировать разработчиков за agile ? все равно, что рассказывать, что Земля круглая. Да, еще встречаются заказчики, предпочитающие долгий и нудный процесс по ГОСТу (он же waterfall) с производством тонн документации, которую никто никогда читать не будет, но обычно в таких проектах истинной целью является не создание реально работающей системы, а правильно оформленное расходование бюджетных средств.

Agile в индустрии программного обеспечения стал нормой жизни. Ибо нет сегодня другой методологии, позволяющей управлять проектами в условиях высокой неопределенности и изменчивости требований.?


Статья журналиста-аналитика Станислава Макарова.

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Electronic document management: how to select system and not to miss the important

4 years, 1 month ago
Usually we place articles about our platform for development of business applications of CUBA, but today have decided to open one more subject on Habré connected with other our product? electronic document management system THESIS. We have noticed that selecting system of document flow, customers use different techniques of comparison, but all of them concern only functional characteristics of systems, and other not less important factors escape from their attention. What in general it is clear? on the Internet there is not a lot of objective and available information about that, on what it is worth paying attention at making decision on choice EDMS, what subtleties and nuances should be considered, what reefs to avoid, and the opinion of the developer is perceived as prejudiced.

We have decided to publish article of the journalist-analyst Stanislav Makarov and his opinion on problems at choice of EDMS or ESM-system. In our opinion, it is interesting information for all who selects system for the organization. In this material useful tips how selecting system are collected, not to lose sight of nonfunctional advantages which will influence long-term success of implementation of EDMS.

Disclaimer: in some moments our opinion can differ from opinion of the author.

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YARG? open-source library for reports generation

4 years, 5 months ago
Practically each developer creating information systems faces need of forming of different reports and printing forms. It is characteristic and for the majority of the applications developed on our platform. For example, in system on which I work now, them 264. Not to write every time to the logician of forming of reports from scratch, we have developed special library (under cat it will be explained why we were suited existing). It is called as YARG? Yet Another Report Generator.
YARG allows:
  • To generate the report in format of template or to convert result in PDF;
  • To create templates of reports in usual and widespread formats: DOC, ODT, XLS, DOCX,XLSX, HTML;
  • To create difficult XLS and XLSX templates: with the enclosed areas of data, diagrams, formulas, etc.;
  • To use in reports of the image and the HTML layout;
  • To store structure of reports in the XML format;
  • To start standalone application for reports generation that does possible use of library out of Java-ecosystem (for example for reports generation in PHP);
  • To be integrated with IoC-frameworks (Spring, Guice).

This library is used in the CUBA platform as basis for the engine of reports. We develop it since 2010, but have quite recently decided to make it open, and have laid out its code on GitHub with the license Apache 2.0.
This article is urged to draw to it attention of community.

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About kastomizatsii information systems

4 years, 8 months ago

The main route of activity of our company ≈ is development of corporate information systems. Besides systems under the order we do two duplicated products. Certainly, we try, that our products were as much as possible convenient and functional. However in real life each business has the singularities and is not always ready to be reconciled with standard possibilities of system. There is a task of finishing of the solution under the specific client and its further support. What approaches to the organization of architecture of expansive products exist? What problems can originate by development? How we arrived? About all it more low.

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