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EMC XtremIO flash array: shortly about the main thing

4 years ago
About flash arrays to write business ungrateful, it did not do the just lazy. But after all we have decided to risk and write about our array of XtremIO because it is really selected. Also we will tell not bothered marketing stories on subject flash arrays, and interesting details by technical part.

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Introduction to data storage systems

7 years, 2 months ago

From the author

Good afternoon, habr! And you know, what sells HP, except printers? And Dell, except notebooks and monitors? And Hitachi, except household appliances? What the general at the listed companies and EMC? The answer seems simple for specialists, but is not so obvious to the average IT specialist.

All listed companies sell (including) data storage systems. What systems? Yes, by the experience I was convinced that knowledge of data storage area of most of acquaintances to me IT engineers come to an end in the field of RAID. So the idea to write this article, or even a little was born. For a start we will consider number of technologies in the field of information management, we will note what approaches to data storage exist and why each of them it appeared insufficiently. Here the basic principles of DAS, NAS and SAN therefore to specialists this article, most likely, will be useless are described if this subject is not close to you, but is interesting, welcome!

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7 years, 11 months ago

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