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Results of 2015 for Android-developers

2 years, 10 months ago
2015 ended, and it means that came it is time to sum up the results. What important, useful and interesting to Android-developers happened in the left year — read in our blog.

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Intro to RxJava

2 years, 11 months ago
Within educational programs in e-Legion we give lectures on Android-development in ITIS KFU laboratory. We decided to share two of them with you. Lectures are devoted to RxJava framework gaining popularity.

Lecture 1

In lecture it is told about:
  • The general ideas of a framework of RxJava why it is necessary and as to work with it
  • Methods of creation of different Observable and the main operations over them
  • The main conversion operators of Observable, and also about the cache method
  • Connective operations of Observable and their consecutive / side-by-side execution.


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Forward translation of MBLTdev

2 years, 12 months ago
Good news!
Everything at whom it is impossible to visit the Second international conference of the mobile MBLTdev developers on November 17 in Digital October, will be able to look at action on the air!

This year the program of conference includes reports for mobile developers and for heads of the IT companies, and also seminars for developers. The audience online of broadcasting will be able to visit the round table devoted to mobile ecosystems and to hear reports from the best mobile developers and interview with the most interesting speakers of conference.

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5 days before conference of the mobile MBLTdev developers

3 years ago
In several days in Moscow in Digital October there will pass MBLTDev — the second international conference of mobile developers. The program of conference will be divided into three flows: technical, a business track and a track with seminars.

In reports of a technical track the most different aspects of iOS, Android and Windows of development will be affected. The innovation methods of applications testing, magic of fast synchronization of data between different platforms, a solution of use of VIPER, evolution of GPS in mobile products, automobile information security, development on Swift and for AppleTV — and not only will tell speakers from Wunderlist about it, Runkeeper, Spotify, Tinkoff, Rambler&C;о, Parallels, Microsoft and other companies.

The business track will be devoted to those companies which managed to build the whole ecosystem around the products. Speakers from such companies as Kaspersky Lab, Aviasales, Meduza,, Tinkoff Bank, STS of Media and others will share the experience.

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The program of the Second international conference of the mobile MBLTdev developers is published

3 years ago
We have published the program of action at which you can look on the site MBLTdev. This year the program will be divided into some flows: reports and seminars for mid + mobile developers and reports for heads of the directions of mobile development and IT directors. The program will be gradually supplemented with new performances, monitor news.

Among the confirmed speakers:

  • Chris Eydkhof, iOS-developer, founder of the blog
  • Filip Konnaton, iOS-developer, Runkeeper
  • Caesar Valiyente, Android-developer, Wunderlist
  • Bridget Lions, QA, Soundcloud
  • Hector Zarate, iOS Cowboy, Spotify
  • Dmitry Soshnikov, strategic technologies expert, Microsoft Russia
  • Egor Tolstoy, leading iOS-developer, Rambler&Co;
  • Alexander Cherny, COO, iOS-guru e-Legion
  • Alexander Orlov conducting iOS the developer, Postforpost

It is possible to examine all speakers on the official site.

Mike Ash very much wanted to arrive to Russia, but as a result there were unexpected circumstances and he, alas, has refused. But we look for to it worthy replacement!

We pay your attention that since November 1 the price will rise to 7500 rubles. Upon purchase of two and more tickets the discount of 30% works.

Reports of last year are available on our Youtube-channel. Monitor conference news on the social networks, Facebook and Twitter.

Organizers of conference: e-Legion and RAEC
General partner: Microsoft Russia
Partners: Kaspersky Lab,, Rambler&Co;

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Processing of summaries in compile process

3 years, 1 month ago
magicMetaprogramming — the type of programming connected with creation of programs which generate other programs as result of the work (in particular, at stage of compilation of their source code), or programs which change themselves in runtime.

Summaries as the instrument of metaprogramming have appeared together with Java 5 release in far 2004. Together with them there were Annotation Processing Tool tools to replace which the JSR 269 or Pluggable Annotation Processing API specification has come. That is interesting, this specification of almost 10 years, but development it has started finding the popularity in Android just now.

We will talk about opportunities which are opened by this specification a bit later (will be mnooy code), and at first, whether want to talk about compilation of Java of code?

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Selection of useful articles for iOS-developers for the current week

3 years, 1 month ago
I hope, all were successfully updated to 9.0.2 and El Capitan. Already it has managed to be forgotten partially from presentation that such new there. It is more pleasant to that to find changes. Tonight meeting of Cocoa Heads Moscow. Big program. Do not forget.
By the way, the annual meeting of the LLVM developers is planned on October 29. Perhaps there something will be told about Swift and when it becomes Open-Source.

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Selection of useful links from team of designers of e-Legion

3 years, 1 month ago

Hi! We team of designers who project also create design of applications for Android, iOS and Windows.


In 10 years of work in e-Legion we have made projects of different complexity: from online store to mobile bank. We looked for ideas of arkhiterktura of application / design in different sources, something thought out, looked for interesting solutions on the Internet. And during the operating time at us enough useful links which we want to share have collected.

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Preparation of application for iOS 9

3 years, 2 months ago
9 of September will leave new release of iOS and OS X. Remains to time less, and many developers already optimized the applications for work on new OS. That who has not made it yet, I suggest to consider shortly that is necessary for support of iOS 9.

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Android architecture of client-server application

3 years, 2 months ago
Client-server applications are the most widespread and at the same time the most difficult in development. Problems arise at any stage, from choice of means for execution of requests to result caching methods. If you want to learn how it is possible to organize competently difficult architecture which will ensure stable functioning of your application, I ask under kat.

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