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Fight for time: as the upgrade of the processor, software and the video card influences acceleration of post-processing of video

3 years, 1 month ago
Productivity of computer systems is measured regularly by means of benchmarks. But when the specialists who are engaged in post-production of video look at the turned-out digits, they cannot precisely understand as far as one system will be more effective another at solution of their tasks. Sample tests do not consider all set of nuances which professionals should face when processing video. The benchmark cannot simulate the necessary effects, check the speed of the miscalculation of RAW from serious video camera, etc.

But sensibly to evaluate the machine to the film editor or the specialist in effects it is just necessary for the opportunity. There is even such saying, especially actual for post-production: "Work never comes to an end, and only temporarily stops with approach of deadline". Everything that helps to improve productivity of work of the person sitting in front of the computer, in video production is appreciated worth its weight in gold. After all the quicker the system "counts" the made changes, the less time the specialist does nothing.

Today we want to share interesting case on this subject. It was prepared by Jeff Greenberg – the most real guru of videoprodakshn with 20 years' experience behind shoulders. He writes books, regularly speaks at seminars, trains people to work in video editors, creators are helped councils by enough serious movies and transfers, and also manage own thematic consulting agency. As well as all of us, Jeff perfectly understands that use of new iron and updating of software accelerates work of the toiler of post-production, but he very strongly wanted to understand, as far as. Greenberg has aimed to receive the most exact and, the main thing, actual for work with video of measurement.

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Dell Solutions Forum 2015: registration is open

3 years, 1 month ago
Dear colleagues!
We are glad to tell you that in month, on October 21, in Moscow already for the fourth time will pass the Forum of solutions of Dell! "Redisson Slavyanskaya" will become place of our meeting again, and we invite everyone to take in it part.

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Dell ASM against Cisco UCS: as we tested infrastructure automation equipment

3 years, 2 months ago
In this post we will consider real work with Dell ASM solution for effective expansion of infrastructure in data processing centers. This product helps to configure quicker and more simply IT systems therefore we have decided to compare it to the main competitor — Cisco UCS system.

The first difference which managed to be found, is availability in Dell ASM of masters of installation practically for all occasions. They include step-by-step algorithms for setup of elements of infrastructure and allow to forget in general that once it was necessary to write manually scripts for each scenario of expansion of information systems. For example, in Dell ASM already there are masters by means of whom we could create VMware® vSphere® cluster, ready to work. The system itself has found the equipment, has defined networks and has selected optimum configurations of resources.

Having created computing environment, we have begun start of services. In Dell ASM it managed to be made for only 10 steps! It was not succeeded to do the same trick with Cisco UCS Director as process of start of services in this system was more difficult and has demanded participation of the specialist in development of worker processes (workflow). Thus, already at stage of acquaintance to systems it became clear that Dell ASM simplifies execution of routine tasks and reduces time expenditure of administrators by forming of infrastructure.

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Dell and TLC 3D NAND: something brand new

3 years, 2 months ago
Dell constantly moves forward and improves technologies of data storage. Arrays of line of SC with industrial flash drives of Mainstream Read-Intensive (RI) became the next round of development. These are SSD on the basis of three-level memory of TLC 3D NAND urged to lower costs of data storage, and also to increase the overall performance of system. Earlier such combination was simply impossible, but technologies do not stand still.

These are not our first steps towards optimization and decrease in expenses of the client. In 2013 we have brought to the market multi-level hybrid arrays with unique system of intellectual distribution of data. Then, in 2014, have let out the cheapest arrays in the All-flash segment. Thus (including thanks to such courses) sales flash - and hybrid arrays of Dell constantly grow — for the first quarter 2015 these years they have increased by 89% if to compare to the similar period of last year. This year we want to change approach of the market to industrial data storages, after all new technologies have already made reality the arrays entirely based on flash drives. Reality quite available to clients.

Here it is necessary to make small retreat. Than in general such type of memory and what can give its use in Dell arrays is good?

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Wednesday for Dell VDI virtual computers

3 years, 4 months ago
Today we will tell about VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) – the environment of expansion of virtual computers. It is necessary first of all to those who work with large volumes of data. And visually to show possibilities of infrastructure, we unrolled the test VDI installation – it works under control of VMware Horizon View and includes 800 workplaces. For the maximum speed of data exchange we used the Dell Fluid Cache for SAN technology and the Dell Compellent disk array.

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Dell comes to the rescue of studio of videoprodakshen

3 years, 5 months ago
Right choice of the equipment – the key to success not only for the technological companies. This aspect is not less important and for creative producers, after all the computing system should not be bottleneck in the course of creation of content of any level of complexity. Roughly speaking, the hardware has to "keep up" with flight of thought of creative specialists – designers, animators, video editors – and to help (but not to prevent) to create masterpieces.

This statement is illustrated by history of the Texas creative agency Sparksight. It specializes, in particular, on creation of advertizing videos that in itself imposes serious requirements of technology component of business. As well as many American companies working in the field of videoprodashen, agency for many years used Apple Mac computers. But over time tasks became more difficult and more difficult, and the existing infrastructure turned into bottle neck: she did not allow to perform work in full for the shortest time.

Agree if it is about processing of photos in high resolution, 4K-video and creation of difficult rollers with hundreds and thousands of layers, the system has to be ready to such loadings. Kelly Shors (Kelly Shores), the head of agency, complains: every time when animators try to make little changes to roller, they are forced to wait from 30 seconds to 2 minutes on process processing. What already to speak about rendering of 3D models: occasionally this process lasts all night long and not always comes to an end successfully. It inadmissibly increases time spent on each task and at all the desire to bring work to perfection kills.

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The Virtual Link Trunking (VLT) technology for network factories Dell

3 years, 8 months ago
Today we want to tell you about the Dell Virtual Link Trunking (VLT) technology which allows to integrate two switches in fault-tolerant configuration for connection to other switches or servers by means of Link Aggregation Group (LAG) and the protocol 802.3ad LACP.

LAG from servers is normal and switches of the permission access level it is possible to connect only to one switch of level of aggregation. For ensuring fault tolerance it is possible to use association in stack of several switches of aggregation representing the uniform logic device. But such solution has the shortcomings as the stack has uniform control plane – it becomes weak link of system. When updating operating system reset of all switches in stack because of which there are breaks in service is required. And now we will compare this scheme to that that uses the VLT technology: such configuration has already two control plane therefore the network continues to work even when updating operating system at one of switches. Thus all physical links between the switches assembled in VLT, and connected to them by devices too are duplicated.

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Dell PowerEdge solutions for film theatrical content provider

3 years, 8 months ago
On pages of our blog we tell about cooperation with the most different companies and the organizations – from local online stores to universities with world name. Alas, the majority of similar cases describe work with foreign partners, but interesting examples and in Russia sometimes come across. Today such case. Our Hera of modern history – the CineLAB company which is engaged in rolling of the movie equipment, processing of film, digital post-production, satellite delivery of video content and many other interesting challenges in the "cine" world.

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Сертификация доступа: уменьшаем риски, вооружившись актуальными данными

3 years, 11 months ago
Внутренняя политика и правила предприятия требуют от менеджеров постоянно следить за актуальностью уровня доступа сотрудников. Для организаций сферы здравоохранения, государственных ведомств, финансовых учреждений, любых акционерных обществ и предприятий, принимающих к оплате кредитные карты, это задача ключевой важности. Некорректная организация процесса сертификации прав доступа может очень дорого обойтись компании. Последствия могут быть разными: от ?всего лишь? ухудшения имиджа до падения акций, штрафов, или даже гражданских и уголовных исков. Давайте рассмотрим сложности, связанные с сертификацией доступа, и пути их решения.

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Dell Venue 11 Pro:? tablet? for the photographer

4 years, 3 months ago
Kind day, Habr!

On technical characteristics separate tablets on productivity and opportunities have caught up with notebooks. If to judge according to the Dell Venue 11 Pro specification (to i3-i5, 4-8 Gb of the RAM, SSD, Windows 8.1, the IPS screen with possibility of calibration by standard means), this mobile device which productivity has enough for preprocessing of the photos which are finished shooting on trips in the RAW converter and the graphics editor. And today we would like to pledge the word to the journalist and the photographer Evgeny Uvarov who within month tested the tablet within the professional activity (just on trips) and the story has devoted to the answer to question as far as 11 professional photographers suit Dell Venue Pro in work and whether there can be it full replacement to the notebook.

By the way, it not the first material in our blog about Venue 11 Pro. Some time ago Sergey Vilyanov (impressions of the tablet.

If you have questions to the author, wait for them in comments.

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