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Why in general systems of business analytics are necessary

3 years, 1 month ago

Visualization in business analytics is very important. For example, the concept of these diagrams is drawn together with Infographer.

Problem with specialized software for business analytics that it costs as the airplane — and it is necessary only when you near by have big-very big company with the corresponding data volume. In general now in the market there are not enough specialists who felt such systems, has experience with them and can tell plainly that it, why it is necessary and that will give after implementation.

The first and main application of business analytics — it is stupid to be able to build any reports while heads of divisions or board members confer in forehead. One of my favourite examples — from what plant to deliver vodka in shops: with far (expensive logistics and 2 weeks on the way), but production, cheap at cost value, or from the next (1 day), but expensive?

It is clear that it is possible to pick and answer in week. But the thicket needs faster modeling and not hundreds of separate reports, and the uniform environment where the financial specialist can simply take and obtain necessary data without involvement of all IT department. Is and still specific tasks which solve these and adjacent systems. Now I will tell.

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I am indignant: difference between 3D and virtual reality

3 years, 2 months ago

Training of drivers at the Chinese vendor? Sapsans?. They have taken the head car with the driver's cabin, have copied all devices and have added? look in windows? by means of 3D screens.

I am engaged in technologies of virtual reality for engineers and for training of the personnel. These are such systems where you can personally walk on oil platform or the NPP, to fulfill measures in case of accident in practice and the labor hands in gloves to twirl the Most important Valve.

And so, customers regularly confuse terminology and technologies with what they are helped very much, so to say, by not absolutely professional players of the market. I would like to clear up and once again to classify that is that. At once I will tell that after the first test of immersion system all questions disappear, but here I even approximately will not be able to transfer feeling therefore I will write words.

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Little ponagnetay: it became more clear that will be with personal data after September 1, 2015

3 years, 2 months ago

Penalties for different violations are summed up.

242-FZ prompts to us that the operator is obliged to provide record, storage, change and extraction of personal data of citizens of the Russian Federation (it everything that directly or indirectly concerns to the subject of PDN. And phone number, and even it is possible to carry the level of security of its data here according to 152-FZ) with use of the databases which are in the territory of the Russian Federation. Since September 1, 2015. For use of primary base outside the Russian Federation you are shone by rather small penalty and that where is worse, blocking of resources within 3 working days from the date of the judgment. Thus it will be possible to unblock access and "to leave" the register only by a court decision.

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As we transport data-centers (difficulties of migration TSODOV in midland)

3 years, 2 months ago

Result of moving and association two server and telecommunication from office

Sometimes it is necessary to take and transport data-center on new place. The reasons happen the most different. For example, moving of big office together with TSODOM inside. Or collecting server the large Russian company from regions to Moscow. Or here cheerful case — merger of banks when it is necessary to combine two data-centers in one.

I personally participated in 7 moving, and our team has dragged already precisely over 30 big objects. Therefore we are a good judge of perversions.

Moving of the IT equipment differs from classical moving in that it is impossible to take and transfer simply everything to other point for evening of Saturday. Problem that IT services are necessary round the clock and without idle times. Plus the mass of nuances on temporary and new network infrastructure, on transportation of hard drives in old servers and to pulling of two-ton data storage systems by the crane from windows of office where after arrival have delivered to door and have laid carpet.

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Full translation of cloud of KROK on All-Flash of the data storage of Violin Memory or as we have solved problems with shortage of productivity of SHD

3 years, 3 months ago

We in KROK have started own public cloud platform in Russia one of the first, at the end of 2009. We needed growth in geometrical progression from year to year. To provide similar dynamics, the architecture of cloud platform had to be superflexible and scalable, and platform — well managed. At some point we have started resting against the architectural restrictions put at dawn of development of cloud namely against storage device subsystem.

One of the most important problems of growth — ensuring needs of customers not only regarding volumes of disk capacity, but also regarding the guaranteed productivity of the used disks. It was necessary to avoid cross impact of neighbors in SHD, to make situation completely managed, to give guarantees on productivity of disks within SLA ranging from 400 IOPS to 100 000 IOPS on disk.

To all other the subject with the guaranteed disks in cloud has been warmed up also by the law on personal data which is becoming effective since September 1, 2015. Many customers placed and place the IT services abroad, often — on the selected physical high-performance equipment in TsODE of providers. Data need to be moved to the territory of Russia now, but customers do not want to refuse the high guaranteed performance of disks absolutely or at all it is impossible, and to wait for supply of equipment in the Russian Federation already there is no opportunity. The cloud in this case is, perhaps, one and, perhaps, the only way to manage to transfer data to the Russian Federation and to receive similar technical parameters of productivity as on the used earlier physical equipment of provider.

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About electronic document management in Russia, its cheerful backward features and situation in general

3 years, 3 months ago


We do electronic document management systems for the different companies. Large banks, administration of Perm, different production associations and state companies. I will tell about features of this sphere and rake which wait behind each corner. Advantages of electronic document management systems such that you will not argue in comparison with traditional paper.

But is not present, one of the most cheerful problems? sabotage by employees. Why? Because when implementation will come to an end, it will be visible to the head each specific document (any from any employee) better. That is there will be more control. Speaking to more simple language? in particular, will begin to steal where it is more difficult.

First example of sabotage? it when the system of document flow is entered together with automation of processes at the same time. At this moment the people deeply are indignant? the square-cluster? in the way and other innovations and nearly collects meetings that all this from the crafty. It is most often observed in remote branches where for the first time control somehow comes. Decides, naturally, only will of one of the top officials of the company, differently every chance to get stuck in the interdepartmental? dismantlings?.

Second stage? after implementation when the clear understanding comes that it is necessary to work it is transparent. In one state company users even wrote treatises that not smooth opening of screen forms of system promotes deterioration of sight and development of epilepsy.

But let me begin with the beginning, with that, why in general in Russia it is necessary to EDMS when already there is paper pack, the handle, printing and puncher.

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We feel the Chinese iron and we find out, as far as it cheap but good

3 years, 4 months ago

It is not necessary to explain how sanctions have changed the Russian IT market. Because they not so so far have changed it. But, at least, the state of mind has changed: sanctions have generated interest in alternative brands. First of all? to Chinese.

We have decided to look closer at achievements of the Chinese national industry and to experience them in the conditions of standard computing tasks, and at the same time to check how they will behave in case of technogenic failures and other acts of vandalism. Lower history of our testing of products of the Inspur and Huawei companies.

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How to save on purchase of heavy iron

3 years, 4 months ago

About economy of Russia I will not repeat, you and so know everything. It is remarkable that HP in this situation has started the interesting program for providing powerful server iron, that even at whom now hole instead of the budget, could be bought.

If it is short, the FCS program (Flexible Capacity Service) at first sight can remind leasing, only it not leasing at all. Speaking to more simple language, HP gives to owners big server and data-centers opportunity seriously to save.

Where dirty trick? It is not present, simply HP has decided to use crisis to facilitate conditions and to expand share of the market. But the FCS program in itself is not really trivial for understanding therefore now I will try to explain on fingers as it works.

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Again severe Open source for state companies and big business with examples of solutions. I believe in him, if that

3 years, 5 months ago

I (on the right) try to explain to large business that such opensors, and my colleague gives to opensorsny solutions of warm-heartedness at the left.

After I have told about myths of opensor, us began to ask less about, whether the truth in this sphere only? the garage? system administrators. Plus the economic situation has forced many not simply to plan vendorozameshcheniye, and in all seriousness to consider opensorsny software. Generally, pleasure and triumph.

But all the same there are a lot more things which need to be explained. Therefore I will tell about heap of questions on e-mail servers, virtualizations, to rake of office and other products which to me most often set.

I will begin not with it. I will begin with what I will remind, what still on December 17, 2010 on hand? 2299-r V. Putin has signed the plan of transition of federal authorities and budget establishments for use of free software. Now I will tell how we according to the plan already live in the world of the Russian opensors.

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That it is necessary to know about migration to Russia by September 1 of the 2015th from foreign infrastructure

3 years, 5 months ago

Any personal data operator processing data not in Russia can get under blocking.

Below I want to tell about some moments of migration which we already faced in practice at transfer of clients to Russia on our infrastructure. Of course, the first question will be about laws, the second? how data are protected from withdrawal.

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