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Favorable replacement to tiringovy arrays: overview and tests of completely fleshevy piece of iron of HP 3PAR 7400

3 years, 1 month ago

It is necessary to kick such box with extra care

In general I simply wanted to tell that if you watch all-flash array at replacement tiringovy with the price for gigabyte slightly lower, reliable and from top vendor — continue to read. The minimum American street price declared by vendor begins with 19 thousand dollars. But it is clear that on projects where such iron is necessary, always there is discount, the program or special offer which can reduce the specification price, occasionally considerably. Look inside to understand why SSD can be cheaper than tiringovy array, in particular, for VDI.

The history of this piece of iron of that suspected long ago of HP that after about 2012 more and more server capacities will demand fast SHD has begun. Therefore they have bought the office 3PAR riveting quite good midreyndzhevy storage systems have taken file — and has rushed. That has turned out — now I will show.

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About the new 3D set - schools, the Kalashnikov, the Arctic greenhouse and other engineering projects of graduates of last courses

3 years, 1 month ago

We in KROK have very big center 3D - technologies for engineering application. Such technologies for responsible training in the immersion environment (how to service nuclear reactor, for example), evacuation working off (each of us can escape from any oil platform blindly) and other-other pieces, including the rule 34 are necessary.

Design solutions of Luzhniki stadium are shown on such scheme developed by our graduate. Engineers very much love such visual things at 40-50 indirectly interacting subsystems.

Immersion teaching tool for trainings of security polices of the subway

Now there is new set. The same — abrupt specialty, graduates is snatched away after the termination, many study at once "under position" from the large companies. Departure of last course — only 15 of 25 have reached examination. Training partially in English.

Training costs 12.000 dollars, but it is possible to arrive on "budget" — there are 25 free places at competition (part lower). Last year competition was 5 people with already available skills 3D into place.

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FZ-188: who categorically cannot buy foreign software if there is the Russian analog soon

3 years, 1 month ago

There is such federal law No. 188 which says rather rigid (though logical thing):
  • If you need to buy software on standard procedure of competitive purchases
  • And if there is software which conforms to requirements and thus is made in the Russian Federation
  • That you cannot select foreign software for such purchase.

Further — our evaluation judgments and forecasts with comments of our IT lawyers. First of all action of the law will concern operating systems (we have many options opensors-Linux, wrapped already in cover of "the Russian development"), IB products (the benefit with it at us in the country very much even is quite good), antiviruses, and also products of the "Russian" companies like Parallels, Veeam and Acronis when their products are included into the register of domestic software (and if enter because the rights for software in many cases are issued on the foreign companies or offshore — our developers, and the right is not present).

Now this law concerns only state institutions, but it can distribute and to the companies from shares of the state, and then (for example, years in 5 years) — to all market.

It is possible for this reason state companies have now rushed to buy software to the introduction of the law in force — "for the future".

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Industrial control system: as we created system for exact calculation of operating time of machines of big plant

3 years, 2 months ago

Features of forming of signals (delays of local signals of automatic equipment) in management system, it creates some difficulties at calculation of operating time.

Task essence the very simple: there is a lot of very expensive equipment which demands regular maintenance inspections and timely service. The last years ten equipment was serviced, for example, time in half a year, time in three months and so on, without correlation of the actual operating time over time. The sense was that if on the equipment there will be accident, and thus the equipment upon has acquired term bigger, than it is necessary before service — the head will sit down.

Nobody wanted to sit down therefore considered with large supply. On the other hand, to do service more often than it is necessary – to lose excess means on repair, work and idle times. Therefore exact accounting was required.

On hi-tech productions one of methods – to put the special controler on each technical object demanding accounting of its operating time. It is rather expensive. There are machines and the other hi-tech equipment which consider, it is important to take away data simply correctly. In our case account of operating time was kept manually, in log by means of the mechanic like "machine has worked 3 days plus or minus 4 hours". As a result the decision to be picked up to managing software and to take off data from it has been made. Now I will tell that happened further and what the picture is related to it above.

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Vendorozameshcheniye for IT infrastructure (telecommunications): what import can be changed for other import

3 years, 2 months ago

Disposition over the country such: many big companies (first of all — banks and state corporations) have got used to build infrastructure on known American brands. There is a lot of reasons, but main — the systems concept. This year all of them had to change suppliers anyway. Because it is rather simple to deliver iron by sanctions on the "left" legal person (though is more expensive), and here to buy service on "Kuzmich and partners" for iron in TsODE of large bank — it is almost impossible. And solutions without support of vendor to bank are not necessary.

At the companies which have not got under sanctions, history another. There the manual has lowered service records it seems "to evaluate possibility of creation of infrastructure on Chinese (Huavey, etc.) the equipment". Because, in general, the plan just in case is necessary.

Below I will show who and on what can be changed, and I will shortly walk on profit and to reefs. For example, very few people know that cost same "Huavey" in certain cases can be higher, than at "Tsiski".

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Industrial video surveillance: we take off technology data from cameras and we predict faults

3 years, 2 months ago
Very far behind MKAD where only geologists and rare bears wander (running forward — they those still glue sniffers), there is industrial complex. The extracted ore, on output — concentrate which can zhakhnut later comes to input.

If under certain conditions the worker comes into this zone, to his family will pay insurance

At this plant, naturally, the lot of the sensors reporting about accidents is set. Nevertheless, the second circuit of confirmation because prior to the beginning of the project in workshop or on point the person surely resorted was necessary and visually confirmed situation. Before it was impossible to take any critical measures.

It is color frame from one of cameras. Everything, in general everything is covered with gray dust.

Unlike warm and prelstivy offices and sterile TSODOV, on this object constantly not sickly sharashit electro-magnetic radiation from cables about foot thickness, noises from start-up of the different equipment. And still here excellent dust which collects on centimeter per day.

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As we carry out iron test drives by the price about the pig-iron bridge

3 years, 2 months ago

Test and repair zone

Rather often go a story that we on test drives arrange this show — we tear disks and controllers to "raid" from the working SHD, we cut down racks on power supply and in general in every possible way we scoff at devices. So far they will not tell "хррр" as that chiansaw from a joke.

Actually, of course, test drives take place more quietly, more quietly, and are necessary for another. But we are absent we do not keep and we do something, of course.

Below I will tell that at all this behind the scenes who and why needs it.

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Baizes of exit engineers – mounting and the VKS/KTs service

3 years, 3 months ago

Hi! And I continue to tell tall tales of our team of exit engineers. The part has happened to me, colleagues have shared part — personally was present not everywhere, therefore "bikes". Plus, of course, parts are a little changed that to offend nobody. If you suddenly recognize yourself — remember that in the same time ten more different people think of the company.

Let's begin. In the big company we did video surveillance on one of objects. There two security polices — IT and "physicists". The first "put cable", the second "lay down muzzle in floor". And so, at insistance IT bezopasnikov we did in general separate network on coaxial that it was impossible to turn off the camera, to be thrust on its place and to sbrutit router. Were tormented fairly. At the end of mounting we have paid attention to number of sensors of the "physicists" standing directly near cameras. On the twisted pair cable. Have twisted one, were thrust with the notebook, the router web interface … and yes, the password 12345678 there!

Once we lifted call center for that part of bank which as it has appeared, is engaged in collecting debts. Impressions of the engineer from acceptance absolutely tremendous:
— You know, flock such lovely girls before change. Tender, flirt, make eyes. And then sit down on automated workplace and start talking to clients that becomes simply terrible so brutally. I there slightly on wall have not moved down the first time.
Having stayed on test operation 3 days, the engineer has made strong-willed decision and has closed all the credit cards.

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Stories X team by day of the system administrator

3 years, 3 months ago

Hi! I from Krakow "X team" — groups of exit engineers which provide SLA at 4 o'clock on bank infrastructure and other responsible pieces. And at me is what to tell for this light holiday.

We in expanded set of the equipment in the machine have server hammer. We have included it in set after case when hammered rails into domestic server rack. The rack was good, only it have for form's sake colored in three layers in the authorized black. Of course, having forgotten that paint too has thickness.

From hardcore — have put in the region very expensive server thresher for retail. Before on the site we have loaded it synthetic tests, plus then have rolled together with the customer's administrators test base and drove on it. Everything is good. Rises in production — on it very high and permanent load falls. And it starts being buggy, and is wide and various. We drive tests and diagnostics — all ok. We put in production — the phantasmagoria again begins. It is impossible to replace the server on pieces for method of exceptions, the class of system is a little not that. Have called the chief engineer of the software vendor to all region. It is such hyper brain known in our circles. Authority at it such that if he has told, so it is the law of the nature. Comes, expels all, it is picked couple of hours. Then as the surgeon after operation, brushes away sweat from forehead and shows the processor on palm:
— It was stitched by the FAST NEUTRON.

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Corporate Cisco Jabber: The 11th version very much pleases

3 years, 3 months ago

Who such Jabber, I think, it is not necessary to tell. It is necessary to tell about the corporate environment where it is devilishly important to support telepresence devices, normally to work with VDI, for mobile employees — to be in touch, quickly to assign difficult meetings and conferences. And, in general, to correspond to heap of trust relationships policies and rules.

In June there was release of Cisco UC 11. During this time old kind Jabber not sickly has so exchanged and has got many useful functions.

If it is short — all main desktop and mobile OS except Linux, unification of the interface even with Cisco TelePresence hardware devices, safe access for mobile users (has started Jabber — the encoded channel has risen), certain analog of p2p for VDI stations without excess throws from the terminal to the server, simple guest access for who has only browser. Now give more in details.

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