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We automate assembly of system

4 years, 2 months ago
Pyotr Lukhin

Most of the people who for the first time are learning about automatic assembly probably belong to it with care: excess labor costs on its organization and maintenance of working capacity are quite real, in exchange only illusive improvement of efficiency of development in the future is offered to them. Who not by hearsay is familiar with it? are more optimistical as know: during the work with their system it is much simpler to avoid number of problems until they were created yet than when there is already late everything to change.

So than such automatic assembly can be interesting, what opportunities can be implemented with its help and what results to reach? Let's try to understand.

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Logic of the autorobot: from machine vision before management of transmission

4 years, 5 months ago
A.Zhukovsky, S. Usilin, V. Postnikov

Today we want to tell about the new project which was begun on chair slightly more than a year ago? Cognitive technologies? MFTI.

It consists in creation of system of machine vision, the robot? the car (Fig. 1) which in real time has to process video flow distinguish surrounding scene, detect objects and create the managing influence directed on objective solution.

Fig. 1

Thus we did not try to recreate completely real conditions of road scene, having excluded all delights of small-sized modeling.

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Image understanding of documents with usage of algorithm of "roulette"

4 years, 9 months ago
V.A.Malykh, D.L.Sholomov, Century of Century Arlazarov

For achievement of high quality of discernment of crucial fields on forms it are necessary to use the additional information. Frequently for this purpose the checkout discharge or other surplus information specially are enter into a format of a recogniz field.

In g article the general-purpose algorithm of "roulette" for discernment of fields with checkout function are offer.
In article results of practical approbation of the offer algorithm also was result and the common classification of checkout algorithms are besides g.

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The methodological approach to determination of influence of the human factor on operability of information systems

4 years, 10 months ago

In article the methodological approach to determination of a level of influence of the human factor on operation of the big information systems are explain.


The modern information technologies both innovative computer and telecommunication hardware-software decisions allowed to approach to problems of creation, attending and upgrade of the big enterprise information systems in a new fashion.

Consider such systems, it is necessary to consider a role of the person for which facilitation of work, actually, and there was similar systems. The human-machine system in whom the person or group of people interacted with the technical device in the course of manufacture of the material assets, controls, information handlings, carried out the tasks thanks to teamwork of devices and people who was consider as integral component parts of all system. Thus it are necessary to mark that any such system are vulnerable owing to the dependence on set of heterogeneous factors.

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Searching of optimal position when comparing the digitiz images

4 years, 10 months ago
In article the task of comparing of the digitiz (scan) images are describ.

The theoretical decision of the task of searching of parallel transfer of the reference image at whom coincidence with the test image as much as possible are more its are result. The computing experiments connect with the analysis of shifts of binary digitiz characters was describ. Comparing are produc are constructive calculat boundary of possible shift of an one graphic image concerning another and actual shifts when reviewing a class of the binary digitiz characters.

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Discernment the gilyoshirnykh of elements on an example of the passport of the Russian Federation

4 years, 11 months ago
Gilyosh are a special technology of protection of banknotes, documents, securities and other types of polygraphic production (tickets, excise marks, certificates and many other documents of the state scale).

Protection of documents are provid with a path of plotting on forms of complex compositions various the gilyoshirnykh of elements. The Gilyoshirny element represented an intricate picture from set of repeatedly intersect most thin lacy lines (a picture 1). Normally such elements was present are more any protectional grids, resettes, borders, vignettes and corners. Gilyosh could be both the symmetric, and asymmetric on the design.

It agreed to exist specifications, gilyoshirny elements should occupy not less than 70 % the areas of securities.
And from this area the most part should contain colorfull gilyoshirny compositions.

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Cognitive PDF/A – technology of digitization of text documents for the publication on the Internet and long-time archive storage

4 years, 11 months ago

Greetings of Habr!

We continued publications about technologies of optical discernment (OCR, ICR) and understanding of the documents develop by experts of the company of Cognitive Technologies. Today our story about technologies of digitization of text documents of Cognitive PDF/A.

In business sphere often enough it are necessary to scan paper documents for the purpose of the subsequent transfer on electronic mail or archive storage. At qualitative scanning the turn-out images images frequently appeared big enough size. For example, the document of a format А4, scan in a color mode at resolution of 300 DPI, had the size of the order of 25 MB. Usage of files of such big sizes are ineffective in electronic archives, therefore the increasing interest are f by technologies of compression of the turn-out electronic images. Classical technologies of image compression (JPEG, RLE, Deflate, etc.) was not applicable, as generally documents could contain both the monochrome text, and polnotsvetny graphic areas. Algorithms of image compression was more loss-free, productive for monochrome texts, was ineffective for polnotsvetny graphics while lossy compression showed high indexes for color images, however strongly distorted the text information (the Fig. 1). Therefore normally for image compression are more of this kind used the combined approach.


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Problems of removal of the regular noises in forms with rukopechatny filling

5 years ago

Greetings, Habr)

This article we begun a series of publications about technologies of optical discernment (OCR, ICR) and understanding of the documents develop by experts of the company of Cognitive Technologies. Many of these decisions more than 10 years successfully functioned in the different organizations and helped to optimize processes of handling of forms of the Pension fund, questionnaires on obtaining of the international passport, payment orders of the Savings Bank of the Russian Federation, results of voting of shareholders of Gazprom and ten other documents.
Today our story about one of most difficult and interesting problems with the scientific point of view which should be solv at discernment of business documents, are removal of noises or separation of the helpful information from "garbage".

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Cognitive and MISIS h the Olympic Games of schoolboys

5 years ago
Hi, Habr!!

NITU "MISIS" together with the company of Cognitive Technologies sum up the All-Russia correspondence Olympic Games on programming among pupils of 9-11 classes. The Olympic Games taking place on October 20 and le by rules of ACM ICPC. Searching of new talents for the subsequent selection in a command MISIS on sports programming were more its the purpose. According to organizers of the Olympic Games, in it taking part 1871 person, from them 191 receiv the certificate of the participant for successes in the decision of tasks. And 33 most capable will invite to winter collections on programming with 03 till January 10, 2014 within the limits of which internal round of the Olympic Games will take place. It will be in one of rest houses in Moscow suburbs. And, organizers will take up the expenditures connect with residing and a supply. Winners was more its, besides valuable prizes and will receive chance to be a part of a new command of Cognitive Technologies and MISIS on programming.

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The correspondence Olympic Games on sports programming for schoolboys from NITU MISIS and Cognitive Technologies

5 years, 1 month ago
Greetings, Habr!

In this autumn for schoolboys there will transit the correspondence Olympic Games on sports programming from MISIS and the companies of Cognitive Technologies. Stud 9-11 classes from any Russian schools was invit.

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