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Familiar stranger. What is Bitriks24?

2 years, 5 months ago
If you are puzzled with search of CRM, then at numerous forums will inevitably face mentioning the Bitriks24 and its systems discussion. There are enough supporters and opponents: someone claims that it is not CRM at all (that the truth), someone reduces all functionality of system to an enterprise portal, someone remembers about 12 free users. As well as in any other company, employees of Bitriks fixedly monitor for withdrew also discussions of our products in a network. Sometimes we are surprised by the separate comments and even tales connected with Bitriks24. But to all there is a limit. We will consistently tell that such Bitriks24 actually as it can integrate the company and help any business in our blog on Habré.

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Apache Spark in "fighting" projects — experience of a survival

2 years, 6 months ago
We bring to your attention materials based on Alexander Serbul's performance at the BigData Conference conference. I as the author and the speaker, the text edited a little and added modern thoughts and actual problems therefore I hope a post will bring to you as additional practical useful knowledge in the industries, and food for reflections — where to move with the knowledge. So — in fight!

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Monitoring of projects: comparative analysis of the existing solutions

2 years, 7 months ago

We bring to your attention the publication written based on Anton Baranov's performance, ITSumma at the summer BitrixSummerFest conference.

In this post I will tell what needs to be monitored from the very beginning in the projects including high-loaded. Let's sort the aspects connected with open source-monitoring systems, in particular Zabbix and Graphite, and also we will look narrowly at several SaaS-solutions for monitoring.

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About professional punishments of subordinates in the intellectual IT environment

2 years, 8 months ago

The text is written based on speech of the head of Sibiriks studio Vladimir Zavertaylov at the summer partner 1C-Bitriks conference of BitrixSummerFest and represents personal opinion of acting.

The subject is painful, and do not like to speak about it openly. Of course, everyone would like to work in collective where nobody and punishes anybody. Alas, but the theory of management does not give us yet recipes of creation of absolutely frictionless collectives in which all work responsibly and with complete devotion, without showing any defects in working hours where chiefs are entirely tactful and wise. For the first time I thought of a perspective of punishments a few years ago, sitting at office of hours in 12 nights. At that moment I, being the director of the company, executed the programmer's duties. I debugged the code written by the employee who threw everything did not add and left home. The customer is knocked on Skype, writes terrible words, "urgently, everything was gone", presses and hurries me. And in such situations the back begins to hurt me. And I sat and thought and what means for the programmer "to bear responsibility for the project"?

Let's tell, I as the director, for failure of the project I ogrebat on complete, first of all — financially. All responsibility for a company performance lies on the director. And how to be with the programmer or the designer?

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Machine learning, prediction of the future and analysis of the reasons of success in electronic commerce

2 years, 8 months ago

We continue to publish materials from the summer Bitrix Summer Fest conference. This time we want to share Alexander Serbul's performance devoted to the current trends in the field of machine learning, to available techniques, and also practical ways of use of mathematics for increase in conversion and deduction of clients.

Material does not apply at all to be formal and scientifically strict. Perceive it as easy, cheerful, useful and fact-finding "reading matter".

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DDoS-attacks and electronic commerce: modern approaches to protection

2 years, 8 months ago

In marketing materials on protection against the DDoS-attacks published by the various companies errors of the same plan over and over again meet. Namely, the data on the recorded attacks taken from someone's reports are provided by volume, for example, 400 Gbit / with, are drawn conclusion that everything badly and needs to be done urgently something, but thus in characteristics of the offered services the upper limit of volume of the filtered attacks in 10 Gbit / is specified by page. And such discrepancies arise quite often.

There is it because specialists who create service, not really believe that so powerful attacks in general are real. Because neither these specialists, nor someone whom they know, did not face such attacks. And therefore there is question, actual for e-commerce: what threats really are now actual and what are improbable? How to evaluate risks? About all this and many other it is told in Artyom Gavrichenkov's report at the Bitrix Summer Fest conference.

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Two types of applications for "Bitriks24"

2 years, 8 months ago
"Bitriks24" represents complete set of tools for the organization of company performance. Here you will find all necessary for creation of communications in collective, for task management and projects, for work with different documentation, CRM, means of communication and many other things. Often there are situations when standard means of cloud service it is impossible to solve this or that business challenge. By means of open API clients and developers can easily adapt "cloud" under the specific objectives, configuring business logic.

At desire, the tools can be expanded by means of independently developed applications which conditionally share on two types:

  • internal (cloudy)
  • external (server)

Our many partners create proprietary applications for "Bitriks24". Someone does it only for the needs, someone gratuitously spreads in the general access, and at someone it turns out to earn on it. One of our partners once too has become interested in development for "Bitriks24", and has achieved in it impressive results — its applications are used already by more than 30 thousand Bitriks24 portals. And if you too were going to develop application under the needs, recommendations and councils from our partner can be useful to you.

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Technical recommendations and the Google resources for the mobile sites

2 years, 8 months ago

We bring to your attention materials of the report of Andrey Lipattsev, Google, from the last Bitrix Summer Fest conference. In the performance Andrey has told about the current situation with ranging and assessment of Google of the sites for mobile devices.

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"Bigdata Conference" — the largest conference on big data already soon

2 years, 9 months ago
Colleagues, look around!

"Big data" are much closer to you and them is strong more, than it seems. Despite abundance of actions on this subject very few people, "between us girls speaking", owns a subject. And to squeeze out advantage and money of information — it is necessary to understand very well... — in subtleties.

The technology of "an extraction of big data" roughly is divided into two, very much different layer — engineering and algorithmic. In the first monolith the software so far quite crude, violently develops from what at developers, simple words, already "the roof goes": it is necessary to understand tools from "old kind" Hadoop with HDFS, actively using Hive, Impala, Presto, Vertica both other and other … and not to lag behind competitors, yuvelirno to own secrets of Apache Spark, svayanny on fine laconic Scala.

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Architectural concepts in system of telephony of "Bitriks24"

2 years, 10 months ago

Despite era of the Internet and various means of communication, telephone communication on former remains to one of the most important channels of interaction of the company with the clients. And whatever was the corporate site — face of the firm — lack of phone or bad communication quality can strongly impair a little impression of clients and partners. Therefore, we once have seriously attended to integrate full-fledged system of telephone communication which our users can apply to support and development of the business in "Bitriks24". And on pages of this post we want to tell about architecture and the principles of functioning of the created system.

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