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Festival of Data in the museum of Moscow as it was

2 years, 10 months ago

Hi Habr,

So, we held the Festival of the new technologies Given at an exhibition here.

And we tell this first action from a series in which we bring together experts from different areas of business, science and public administration about analytics of data.

Storage and data analysis which were a prerogative of a narrow circle of the companies and people now begin to affect life practically all. For this reason we also began this series of actions where we tell wide audience about data and their analytics.

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Festival of data in the museum of Moscow or as Big Data helps to live and work

2 years, 11 months ago

Hi Habr,

If long ago it was interesting to you how Big Data is applied in different areas of business, science and public administration and it there was a wish to hear from people who are engaged in it, then welcome to the Festival of Data which will take place on December 19 at the Exhibition of the High SMIT Technologies in the Museum of Moscow.

During several business hours of the Festival leading experts of the industry from Yandex, "Schools of data Beeline", Data-Centric Alliance, Avito, state unitary enterprise "NI and PI of the General plan of Moscow, Higher School of Economics National Research University will tell guests of an exhibition about perspectives of use of data analysis in the next several years.

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We deliver voice in mobile network: step 2 — Analy Digital Conversion

3 years, 2 months ago
In the first part of cycle of articles we have considered conversion of human voice to electric signal. Now, apparently, it is a high time to transmit this signal to location of the interlocutor and to begin conversation! Quite so originally also arrived. However than more demanded was service and the it was necessary to transmit signal to long distances, the it became more clear that the analog signal for this purpose is no good.
To provide information transfer on any distance without quality loss, we will need to make the second conversion from the Analog signal in Digital.

This picture gives the most visual idea that occurs at the Analy Digital Conversion (ADC) and further we will consider why it is necessary as there was development of technology, and what requirements are imposed on such conversion in mobile networks.

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As we provided communication at the summits of SCO and BRICS

3 years, 4 months ago
Ufa? one of the largest economic, industrial and scientific centers of our country having extensive historical, cultural and sports heritage. In July, 2015 in Ufa passed the international summits of SCO and BRICS.

The congress hall of meetings of the international delegations of SCO and BRICS in Ufa

On action it was necessary to provide uninterrupted mobile communication of technologies 4G, 3G, 2G. Making use of the saved-up experience and applying different technical solutions, we should unroll covering of mobile communication on all new objects of the summits. I was responsible for organizational and technical parts of this intensive project.

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Failure of the satellite of Express MD1 (on July 4, 2013)

3 years, 5 months ago

"Proton" about Express MD1 and the AM44 Express onboard

Our satellite network has endured not minute quantity of small failures and anomalies in operation of satellites. Express-2 (failure of engines of correction), Express АМ11 (depressurization), KazSat-1 (failure of management system), Express AM2 (failure of system of turn of solar batteries), NSS-703 (full development of "working body" of engines of exact correction) … And yes, Express MD1.

There was normal working day on July 4, 2013. Routine: watched current status of network and channels, worked with plans of the next expansions and changes, solved some minor problems (on big network surely something occurs). Time went by lunch, I have decided to go tea to pour. And here has out of the corner of the eye seen heap of the fallen-out accidents on the monitoring system screen.

Simultaneous emergence of large number of accidents or accidents in many directions can quite be, for example, heavy rain on one of central stations. But here I see that the channels landing both in Ulan-Ude, and in Vladivostok have at the same time failed.

All bearing at first have given, then were practically recovered, and then were very quickly gone completely. It is very characteristic picture for case when the satellite loses orientation. Therefore, dialing number of service GPKS on duty, I was already going to hear the worst.

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Noises: as the tram, antiradar and badly pressed out cable can affect the satellite canal

3 years, 7 months ago

In any systems of radio communication, what cellular, what satellite, noises? eternal problem. For satellite links all noises can be separated into two classes: local and onboard.

The local? these are any radio signals in working frequency band of communication system getting on receiver input from local air. Satellite systems in comparison with our usual cellular where are more sensitive. If you shout in ear to the person at distance of 1 meter, the rustle of leaves in the yard does not excite you. And here if you stand on distance of kilometer and whisper, even in the presence at the person of the necessary receiver leaves will disturb. Power on input of the receiver of order minus 110 dBm, or 1kh10-14vt. The same, only instead of leaves? land radio receiving stations, trams, systems of ignition of cars, antiradars.

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The hardware hall (about infrastructure of satellite network and oscillograph)

3 years, 7 months ago
In last post I showed how the terrestrial station of satellite communication outside looks. Now let's a little look at the theory, plus we will go down to the hardware hall. The IF cables which we saw in containers, come here. Well, or leave from here, at us? reception? and? transfer?.

Everything begins and comes to an end with the antenna:

The antenna, except, actually, mirror and the irradiating system, incorporates the waveguide ducts, MShU and (by option) system of autotracking, anti-frosting, osushka of the waveguide duct. Carefully, traffic.

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Big Data in Beeline: real experience

3 years, 7 months ago

Hi, habr! My name is acquainted you with work of our division of Big Data. I already wrote about separate aspects of Big Data and Machine Learning, but today I will tell how it is arranged in practice, namely — as we in Beeline solve the problems connected with the analysis of big data as we select specialists what tools and methods we put into practice.

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20 years of construction and service of satellite network

3 years, 8 months ago
Now it is difficult to believe in it, but still some two tens years ago — was considered as great luck if "on mezhgoroda" it was possible to phone from the first. Broadband access? Wireless internet? Phone communicator in pocket at everyone? It after all from where from "the worlds of Half a day" of Strugatsky, I have guessed?

The very first antenna, is installed on roof of hangar of the All-Russian Power Institute. In which I have still found MiG-21 and experimental stands imitating lightning discharges costing there the airplane.

And here in 1995 to nobody the known company SFMT Ltd (afterwards grown in "the Golden Telecom") has begun construction "imposed" (i.e. working in parallel with national all-Russian) communication networks. And as the main transport — it has been decided to use own satellite communication links. The first Moscow-Vladivostok channel — at start had speed in only 128 Kbps (kilobit!). However via this channel — the telephony (including output on Sovintel's service of "World Access Card" rather popular at that time), and data transmission channel for modem pool Rossiyaonlayn moved (to OWLS the Teleport, half-forgotten legend).

I will tell about teleport, and its principal components. Carefully, traffic: it is a lot of photos.

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The engineering device of data-center of the TIER III level standing on four trunk lines

3 years, 8 months ago
We have already told how projected and cost our TIER III TsOD. It is already time to show that has turned out.

At first on site data-center there was open country, then have dug huge 100-meter ditch. Then the data-center became similar to concrete site, and still later – of metalwork have built the hexagonal building in which six TsOD modules are located (on the scheme are selected green), "the command center" for monitoring of backbone network over all country and office (in more detail about construction it is possible to read in the publication "TsOD of our dream in Yaroslavl: photo of construction and start").

Carefully, traffic and gikporn from the Yaroslavl data-center: 91 photos only just of the started first module, in the main building there are final works somewhere else, but capital construction will not be any more.

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