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Video of reports Badoo from the Highload 2015 conference

2 years, 11 months ago
At last we had videos of speech of our speakers on Highload 2015 which we with pleasure spread.

If you have questions to speakers, set them in comments. Children will surely answer them.

1. "Near-realtime of the analyst of events in the high-loaded project", Alexander Krasheninnikov's report

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As in Badoo images for "sharing" in social networks are generated

2 years, 11 months ago
Social networks — an important source of a traffic. To us it is profitable when users share content, and we give them such chance — we have several types of content which can share:

  • the profile;
  • others profile (if its owner permitted it);
  • the rating reflecting popularity of the user in the website;
  • the awards received by the user for the actions or actions of other users.

That the user wanted to share all this, we generate special images which we call badges. Here an example of a badge which the user can receive:

Feature of badges consists that at them there are a photo of users therefore everyone sees and shares unique images. In this article I will tell how we generate such images what problems faced and as they were solved.

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Lectures of Technopark: Alexey Rybak's master class "About the fact that I would like that I was told while I studied"

3 years ago
Today we begin a series of publications of new master classes of Technopark. And the first of them — Alexey Rybak's master class on a free subject in which he shared with students reasons about in what work in real life differs from study. You watch video on our website, and the adapted interpretation — below.

I work in the Badoo company long enough, and on my eyes this project from a small startup turned into the big company with hundreds of engineers and thousand park of the servers distributed on several data-centers. Now I would like to tell that I consider rather interesting to the students who selected the programmer's profession.

I will not tell about modern trends and about that today important and it is necessary — many can tell you about it. Instead we will talk about a certain universal adaptation of the former students to work which each person passes within one, and at times and several years. Process this rather painful, and not everyone "correctly" passes this adaptation. This subject has to interest more students and graduates, than some fashionable technology counters. Though we will talk about them too when we concern a self-education subject.

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Testing of mobile applications: tips &tricks

3 years ago
Our new article represents the list of recommendations and councils. From it you learn:

  • how to facilitate process of testing of mobile applications in general;
  • about specifics of work with a network, internal and external services, the iOS and Android platforms;
  • what process solutions and changes will allow you to develop quicker and to enter culture of testing in department of development;
  • what useful tools and solutions for testing, debugging, monitoring and migration of users exist.

To the beginning testers councils can help to grow quicker, and more experienced — to arrange knowledge. Article will also be useful to developers, product managers and project managers, the word — to all who want to improve quality of a product and to establish cooperation between departments.

How to facilitate testing process?

1. Use the principles of heuristics and mnemonic — they help to keep all aspects which need to be considered when testing a feature or the application in the head.

2. Screenshots, a log and video — the best arguments of the tester!
Unfortunately, with logs of "communication" with the server often not everything is as smooth, as with client logs. Usually they are added rather for convenience of the developer when debugging work with the server, than for work of the tester.

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Evolution of assembly of logs of "cloud" and the collector of logs in open source

3 years, 2 months ago
Hello, my name is Yury Nasretdinov, I work as the senior engineer in Badoo. For the last one and a half years I have given some reports how our cloud works. It is possible to look at slides and video here and here.

Today time has come to tell about one more part of this system — about the collector of logs which we together with this article spread in open-source. The main part of logic of our cloud is written in the Go language, and this subsystem is not exception.
Source codes of system:
In this article I will tell you about how we deliver log of applications in our cloud which we call simply "scripting framework".

Log of applications

Our applications started in cloud are classes for PHP which in the elementary implementation have the run method () and receive on input these tasks, for example, number from 1 to N, where N — the maximum number of copies for this class. Each task has unique id, and ultimate goal is delivery of logs in some centralized storage where it will be possible to find easily log as specific start, and all class log at once.

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Video with LoveQA of mitap

3 years, 3 months ago
We hurry to share video from our LoveQA of mitap which this year we carried out on RIT-Festivale. If you have questions to speakers, wait for them in comments. We will surely answer!

1. "Evolution of PHP code coverage in Badoo", Ilya uyga Ageev, Head of Q/A department.

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Video of reports with Zabbix Moscow Meetup

3 years, 3 months ago
Recently carried out at office of Zabbix Meetup which because of number of participants (there have arrived children from Yaroslavl, Novosibirsk, Ufa, Vladivostok, Krasnodar, Voronezh, Bryansk, SPb and other cities) has developed into conference for all day. And today we want to share with you video of reports.

1. "Zabbix: last, real and future", Alexey alexvl Vladyshev, Zabbix.

2. "Zabbix in Badoo or about what do not write in manual", Ilya ableev Ableev, to Badoo.

NEW: Our Screens Controller for Zabbix.

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Video of reports from conference? Russian Internet technologies 2015?

3 years, 4 months ago
Videos of reports from conference are glad to share with you? RIT ++?. Separate post we will upload video and slides with LoveQA of mitap.

1.? Realtaym statistics of speed of work native and web applications at real users?, Pavel dpp Dovbush (Badoo).
Have told as the statistics and analytics of speed of work (UX) of the Badoo applications is made (Web, Mobile-web, iOS, Android, Windows). About the general concepts and examples as how to measure. How to collect data from 100% of users of the project and to sustain loading.
And also how from OpenSource of solutions to collect system of collecting and visualization of statistics for the project.
Bonus: have laid out ours? real user monitoring? Jinba solution in OpenSource.

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Zabbix Moscow Meetup in Badoo

3 years, 5 months ago
On June 27 at the Moscow office of Badoo we carry out Zabbix Moscow Meetup.
In the program: excellent reports, tea-coffee-pizza, there is a lot of communication. The beginning at 11-30, the detailed schedule we will lay out a bit later.
Let's write reports on video.

Alexey Vladyshev, Zabbix
"Zabbix: last, real and future"

I will tell about way which has passed Zabbix that has changed in the technology and functional roadmap, and my thoughts of that where we move.

Ilya Ableev, Badoo
"Zabbix in Badoo or about what do not write in manual"

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Video of reports with Golang Moscow

3 years, 5 months ago
Videos of reports from mitap of Golang Moscow are ready and we with you them share with pleasure.

1. "Go in Badoo"
Anton einstein_man of Cooks

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