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New mobile financial service? there are ideas?

2 years, 10 months ago

Community of the mobile Apps4All developers jointly with Sberbank of Russia invite you to take part in Hakatona of mobile financial services who will pass on July 26-27 in the Central Telegraph (DI Telegraph).

Action will be 24-hour marathon of programming on creation of prototype of mobile financial service.

The best developers, designers and authors of projects in the field of mobile applications to expand borders of traditional financial services are invited.

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Mobile marketing: how to distinguish? the live? traffic from? garbage?

2 years, 11 months ago
Know how to distinguish live traffic from the lifeless? Why at the current realities of CPI it is impractical? And how to receive live traffic for 100%?

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Deduction and return of audience by means of Email and Push-notifications

2 years, 11 months ago
"It is difficult to find us, easily to lose, and it is impossible to return?"? Users

Owners of the sites and mobile applications are anxious first of all with questions of production, purchase of traffic and monetization. Many reflect and on deduction of audience, but practically nobody thinks how to return the user when he has left the site, or has deleted application.


In article we will sort as by means of Email and Push-notifications to hold and return users.

Under cat there are a lot of letters.

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Dark side of mobile traffic

2 years, 11 months ago
Especially for Habr we have interviewed with the representative? dark side? market of mobile traffic.
? You consider, what working with CPA agencies you get any live traffic? You trust in the CPI model? Will guess share of live traffic in similar networks? Actually, share? the gray? it is much more traffic, than you could think."

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How to advance applications in Facebook

2 years, 12 months ago
? Purchase of traffic intelligently? one of the main components of success. The opinion, what the most important is widespread on the market?? to push? application in the TOP. And life was successful. Actually it not so.?

Anton Losman? Producer of the Digital Click company

What tools use for attraction of audience?
We use different sources. The main for us at the moment? Facebook. And even in Russia. Because even in Russia we buy installa on 9 rubles, at the srednerekomenduyemy price of Facebook in 17 rubles.

We buy not such large volumes, but intelligently. It is smart to buy? one of success components. The opinion, what the most important is widespread on the market?? to push? application in TOP. And life was successful. Actually it not so.

It is smart to buy? it means to spend money so that they to you returned and made profit still some time after have returned.

It is necessary for profitable application that the price of involvement of the user was less than that sum which he will pay you for the period? the life?.

What to do if in certain country the price of involvement of the user is more than its LTV?

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? Earn not only games? or What niche to select for mobile application

3 years ago
Mobile application: where to go? What niche to select?

At once game creation, after all occurs? they earn very much?? But the first impression is deceptive. According to the statistics only 2-3% of applications really make profit. The others or hardly reach payback level, or sustain losses. Often such applications live only on money of investors, only promising earnings perspectives.

Now the cost of involvement of one user in application averages $2-3. Users have got used to free applications, and to extend from them though any money rather difficult. As a result, even taking into account virality to beat off the money spent for involvement of gamers, rather difficult.

For example, all the known game PVZ 2, with smart gameplay and beautiful design, is absolutely unprofitable.
TOP of free applications on UDA and data on their daily earnings: (With such name and nothing to earn? ;)


In addition to games there are many other niches which it is much more interesting in respect of profit. Let's consider some of them:

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Monetization of mobile traffic. Video

3 years ago
Mobile traffic on the sites already more than 30%, in a couple of years this indicator will increase twice:
Mobile traffic in 3-5, sometimes 10 times more expensively than the desktop. But as its correct to monetize not everyone knows.
Just about it our transfer

Leader: Anar Babayev
Head of marketing of and
From transfer you learn:
? how much is mobile traffic;
? what is missed taps and as on them to earn;
? how to sell installa of applications, being engaged in arbitration of traffic;
? what formats of mobile advertizing are most effective;
? how more effectively to monetize mobile traffic
? and many other things

Video: v=VJJFuk3DX-M

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Appintop? the automated service of advance of mobile applications

3 years ago
We have colleagues important event today! We are glad to present to yours the automated service of advance of mobile applications?

We work as agency of mobile marketing more than two years, and we are engaged in automation of marketing processes nearly a decade. We managed to structure all our experience and to let out product which helps us to conduct more than hundred advertizing campaigns of our clients at the same time. The last three months the product was in the closed testing, and now we are ready to present it to yours.

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Three strategy of advance of mobile applications [Video]

3 years ago
CEO of open company? Evotek?, the owner of the Apps4All trademark Alexander Vasilyev shares secrets of effective advance of mobile applications. You learn about pluses and minuses of three main strategy allowing to achieve growth of popularity of your product.
From transfer you learn:
? what three main strategy allow to advance mobile applications;
? in what strategy essence advance through top of applications;
? how to advance applications by means of purchase of cheap install;
? what merits and demerits of advance by means of targeted installations;
? and many other things.

Video: v=uQcllD-vPsY

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Mobile analytics. Now it is free!

3 years ago
Friends, we are glad to share with you good news? official start of service of the automated advance of the Appintop applications has taken place! Besides, we have prepared for you excellent gift on which some months of laborious work have left. It is the module of market analytics of SPY which is available absolutely free of charge! The subscription to similar services costs about $10 000 a month.

The SPY module allows:
? to view, how many earn TOP-400 applications over 25 countries;
? to peep at competitors (revenue and installations);
? to select niche for application;
? to learn, how many it is necessary installations to come to any position on any region;
? to learn, how many you will earn on certain position;
? to select the countries for advance;
? to look for objects for investment;
? and many other things.

How we collect data?

Access to the SPY module is free, but with one condition: in exchange you need to provide iTunes connect of your application. It allows us to do analytics of even more exact. In system more than 5000 iTunes connect are already? ov applications which give us the data on installations and earnings. The majority of analytical services work according to the same scheme, and only we provide all analytical data absolutely free of charge!

Connecting the iTunes connect, you get access to convenient system of analytics over 25 largest countries and on TOP-400 positions on each of them:


As the SPY module was created

Creation of the similar module was very difficult task both from technical aspect, and from receiving iTunes connect? ov. Some large analytical companies, having collected decent pool of applications, became monopolists in the market of mobile analytics. But we believed that it is possible to create technically more perfect service, and the main thing, to make it free! Developers should not pay for analytics, especially for $10 000 a month.

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