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4 years, 4 months ago
Especially for Habrozhitely I present to your video from startapersky party of Private Startup BBQ from the center of the Silicon Valley which we carry out once a month to give the chance to startups and businessmen to get acquainted with each other, to communicate, fry meat, to bathe in jacuzzi and it is simply good to have a rest.

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The errors A/B-testings in AirBnB

4 years, 5 months ago

Today to airbnb there was very interesting post how they do A/B-tests. It seemed to me that transfer of this article will be interesting Habrozhitelyam as many create own projects, and methods of the analysis of airbnb as at most can be useful, at least will allow to reflect that it is quite good to test metrics of your product.

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Hakerkast (1) from the Silicon valley. Alexey Fedoseyev? the former director of development of products of Motorola in the USA which has left to base startup 1World Online

4 years, 5 months ago

Good afternoon, to the habravchena!

Are glad to provide you our next podcast? Hakerkast (the collective blog of inhabitants of the Silicon valley) where we invite in studio of businessmen from the Silicon valley and we discuss the last IT news.

Today we have on a visit Alexey Fedoseyev? the serial businessman from the Silicon valley. Alexey has successfully sold the previous business 4HomeMedia to the Motorola company in which worked as the director of development of products and where bore idea of the new startup. At the moment Alexey has attracted already 1.5 million investments on the project 1 World Online.

1 World Online? it is sotsilno-research service. He helps to learn that people really suspect subjects actual today, and issues all information in the convenient, logically clear, structured look. Polls and expert opinions are for this purpose used.

Service represents? smart crowdsourcing?, self-regulating by means of back coupling from participants.

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The reporting from the Silicon Valley Open Doors conference in the Silicon valley? meetings with people

4 years, 6 months ago
Many are already familiar from the annual SVOD conference in the Silicon valley (the next will take place already on June 11-12), which though is not focused completely on Russian-speaking audience, but traditionally integrates prominent Russian-speaking and English-speaking investors of businessmen (this year the head of Electronic Arts will be one of speakers). On SVOD it is possible to communicate easily to interesting people that we also have made.

Sergey Burkov? the businessman with education of the physicist, at the beginning of the 2000th has sold Google startup, was the first head R&D; Google in Russia (informally has the status? the person who has brought Google to Russia?), mentor of accelerator of 500 Startups and member of Board of Directors of AmBAR business association. Sergey has given very interesting and unexpected interview. Together with the story about in what it is engaged and why it is worth going on SVOD, Sergey has also told history of the failure in one of the projects (long interview to Sergey).

Under cat there are more than interesting videos.

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Interview of the founder of the project 1WorldOnline, before the director of development of products in Motorola, Alexey Fedoseyev

4 years, 6 months ago
The next eminent businessman from the Silicon valley Alexey Fedoseyev has shared with here and here. Alexey also participated at the SVOD conference (Silivon Valley Open Doors) which will take place in June in California.

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Collective blog of inhabitants of the Silicon valley and Hakerkast

4 years, 6 months ago

During already long time we group of enthusiasts have the blog of the American business association of Russian-speaking professionals (AmBAR) on Habré. Significant amount of high-quality interviews, reportings, articles and transfers has been published. During this time we had had excellent team, which members (generally businessmen and the staff of the IT companies) are also engaged in organization of events (such as, for example, the SVOD conference) and the other useful activity anyway helping association and development of Russian-speaking community with the Silicon valley (after all there are also Indian, Chinese, German and even Scandinavian communities).

Being guided by the principles of crowdsourcing, we want to attract as much as possible interesting people, and today we announce the new RusValley resource in format of the collective blog for inhabitants of the Valley and? it sympathizing?, where information on different communities, actions, councils, analytics and many other things will also be published. Join. The chosen posts (not everything not to litter Habr with irrelevant posts) with RusValley will also be published in our blog on Habrakhabr.

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Principle 80/20. The manual for beginners

4 years, 7 months ago
Today we present to yours transfer of article A Beginner? readers will find s Guide To The 80/20 Principle about the principle of work and use of the rule 80/20 in which, we hope, for themselves useful tools on management of the productivity.

Briefly about 80/20.
? You do not need to do everything. You need to do only what yields result?.

You can consider it wrong, or exploit. If you read it, you? one of those smart people who will prefer to bridle energy of this rule rather, than to fight against it.

Here you learn how it is possible to optimize everything that you do, from the very beginning.

As works 80/20
In most cases, about 80% of result come from 20% of the reasons. These digits can change? sometimes it is 70/30 and sometimes 90/10. But any ratio, essence that render small amount of the reasons is disproportionate great influence on result.

In everything, from customer acquisition, posts in the blog, travel, fitness, the relations? you will find out that the rule 80/20 works everywhere.

But let's return back a little. What it for? rule 80/20? and what it in general means?

The original formulation governed:
? 20% of attachments lead to 80% of result?

The rule comes from Richard Kocha's book? Rule 80/20?. It represents volume work which definitely deserves to be read.

It is curious if you open the book of Kocha, you will find, on 25 pages, he mentions that you can receive the most important information from any book, following the instruction from three steps. How the good student, I has followed its instructions? I have read the beginning and the end of the book, have viewed casually its other part, and then have again read the beginning and the end. If the author tells how to read books? you should listen!

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Business secrets of the Silicic valley. How to build successful business without engaging of investments. Ilya Semin, the founder of startup Datanyze

4 years, 7 months ago

Ilya, one of young IT businessmen who arrived to submit the Silicic valley from small small town situated near Moscow ≈ Troitsk, some years ago. Ilya from null created the company without engaging of investments that recently meets less frequently. Recently in one of the most popular Internet issuings of the Silicic valley VentureBeat there was paper about Datanyze which also translated and published issuing ²tsukerberg calls ⌡.

One year ago we already published interview to Ilya which caused on Habre azhotazh, overtaking the majority other publications about the Silicic valley. Therefore we decided to make one more interview where Ilya tells about how left work and began business with null as attracted the first clients as found the partner, started to delegate duties etc.

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We go to the Silicic Valley ≈ independent round in sign places of the Valley

4 years, 7 months ago

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As to the programmer from Russia to arrive in Stenfordsky University in California

4 years, 8 months ago

And again with you the American Business association of Russian-speaking Professionals AmBAR and the design about businessmen from the Silicic valley to diversify posts about the Silicic valley, we periodically will publish stories of visitors of the Silicic valley ≈ what for they here go also what their experience. The story Dmitry, the skilled programmer from Moscow and the graduate of the Moscow State University who aimed to arrive in one of the best universities of the world ≈ Stenford today tells. Was possiblly, its experience will be interesting and useful to someone, and someone, on the contrary, can add or something to advise.

Greetings, I the programmer from Moscow, the graduate of the Moscow State University, are my second trying to arrive in topovyj world university ■ Stenford. More low I will present the experience of arrival, an error of the first trying and everything that I learned. At the same time, I would be grateful to councils of knowing people and any help in this direction.

I will begin with that from the very beginning of me business career attracted, and, working as the development engineer a sufficient time, I began to search for the further perspectives of development. As I had an interest to startups as probably at many reading this paper, I aimed to press off the maximum result of this interest. And the idea to enter the university which is in heart of the Silicic valley and on the advanced modern technological parties, had as it is impossible by the way.

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