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Trends of world e-commerce of the market in 2015-2016

3 years, 1 month ago
The market of electronic commerce both in the world and in RuNet very actively develops, despite crises and other negative phenomena. In the world in year average growth rates according to eMarketer make about 18-20% a year, in Russia and Ukraine growth rates reach 17-18%. These are about 3-4% of the general retail in Russia (in Ukraine slightly less, the market is developed less and now deep crisis) and to 10-12% in the USA and other developed countries. The average level in the world makes about 6%. The only exception, last year in Ukraine because of deep economic crisis the market has not grown in dollar equivalent, but for the local companies it is chance to overtake missed earlier. The most interesting that all of us still are in stage of origin of the market. According to many forecasts the share of electronic commerce in the general retail will reach 20% in the next some years. For the companies of this sector ignoring of this market is equivalent to death today tomorrow.

It is interesting as well that fact that many largest players of electronic commerce in the USA have offline roots, and the USA are certain litmus piece of paper, the catalyst of the market which shows us that will occur in our markets in the same segment in 3-5 years. To it already there is confirmation: in Russia number of large online stores belong large offline networks for a long time and absorption proceed. In Ukraine with it it is more difficult though it is process actively goes, so several months ago the Fokstrot company has redeemed 100% of online store

Mobile commerce

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Testing of RequireJS modules in Symfony2

3 years, 5 months ago
At the present stage testing holds very important position in programming of any products. The web programming on yavaskript is not exception. In this article we will concern such special case as testing of RequireJS modules together with Symfony2.

This article is logical continuation previous therefore I recommend to begin reading with the first article in this series "Optimization of RequireJS Modules in Symfony2" more accurately to understand that here occurs.

So, to have opportunity to test those modules which we create on yavaskripta by means of RequireJS, we will use such widespread library for testing of yavaskript, as Qunit. For this purpose, as write on offsayta it is necessary to create small html the page on which the carried-out tests will be displayed. As we deal with Symfony2, we will need to make the elementary controler, to register to it reception and to pick up work line rack. Depending on specific case, it can with be done in the separate bandl, or in any of the already available. Not to heat up article excess code, suppose, that there is WebBundle in which we also will make it.

The controler will look very simply:

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Design of shop: a multibrendovost, personalisation, microformats, integration with 1C and trading floors

3 years, 8 months ago
The last part of article about design of big online stores, at least, their external part. In it parts you learn about communication with Off-Line trade, a multivalyutnost, multilingualism, a multibrendovost, articles, news, polls and researches, behavioural system (personalisation), partner programs, adaptive imposition and applications, microformats, Social CRM, analytical systems, integration with 1C, integration with external DB, integration with trading floors, parsers, export of data and many other things. A series of articles about design of internal part of shops which includes accounts department, logistics, CRM, document flow and many other things will be farther still.

Last articles of a series can be found here:

"Design of shop. Researches"
"Design of shop. Modules of online store"
"Design of shop. Card of goods and not only"
"Design of shop. Substitutes, complements, comparison and other instruments of increase in conversion"
"Design of shop. Personal account, basket, delivery payment, mailing and another"

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The high-loaded sites and applications for PHP/Symfony

4 years, 3 months ago
Each developer who works at this or that technology, constantly reads about it something brand new and deepens the knowledge. And we not exception. PHP quite old and popular language in which there are many different frameworks. One of the most popular and serious? it is Symfony and so it has historically turned out that we on it is mute we write. On it freimforka in RuNet there is not a lot of information as it would be desirable, we often read different articles, reviews and interview in English to be aware of the latest events. This article? the overview of the big sites which are made for PHP/Symfony with information, unique for RuNet, and also the description of some technologies which are applied together with them. And yes, we know, what PHP? any more not pie? and what is not fashionable to use it any more, however this technology has big share of the market, it is a lot of practices and excellent documentation therefore we use it on an equal basis with Python, Ruby, Java and others.

The table of known projects (on the basis of data of http://builtwith .com/), it is clickable:

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The high-loaded sites and applications on Python/Django (29 projects)

4 years, 7 months ago
Our company for a long time is engaged in development of big web applications on Python/Django. In RuNet there is not enough information on this remarkable programming language and fremvorka on its basis. We have decided to correct this error and to tell about the popular high-loaded sites on this technology, and also to give many interesting technical details. For convenience of comparison of the sites among themselves we lead also a little statistics to each of projects. In general, of course, there is a lot of sites on Python/Django in the world, we will capture only the most interesting in our opinion.

The small table of known projects (on the basis of data of http://builtwith .com/), it is clickable:

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24 methods at last to find the good expert

4 years, 11 months ago

Today I wants to talk about one of the most widespread problems in IT – shortage of the qualif experts. With it all faced, in this sphere of vacancies more than experts in the market, and rates of increase of need for experts was huge.

We for the decision of this problem in the scales put mass of efforts and very many interesting courses tr. The output from a difficult situation are, after all the market worked and grew every year. In this article I will tell a 24th method which help us to solve this important problem for itself.

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Serious projection of serious shop. Part 1. We researched and thought over a functional

4 years, 11 months ago
Not so long ago I writing article about projection of the big sites on an example of a social network with a similar title: «Serious projection of serious sites». Today I wants to talk about one of the main spheres of our activity – electronic commerce, namely about projection of e-commerce shops.

It are a cycle of articles more experts, considerably it are more profound, than all my last to article in this area. In article I will tell about the largest e-commerce shops of the USA, China, Russia and Ukraine, I will tell as marketing influenced projection, I will show detailed Mind Map of a hypermarket, I will describe 57 main units of e-commerce shops for an exterior (consumer) part and more than 50 units for an internal part (administrative), I will show interfaces of shops and still a lot of the useful.

On the Internet personally I am t by e-commerce shops and technologies of sales with far 2005. For years of operation my judgement on this question strongly evolving. Once I thinking that the e-commerce shop are simple enough site with the point of view of the developer or the expert in marketing, it seeming to me that all shops was similar against each other and enough once to receive a pool of knowledge whom it will be then possible to use many years without special changes, after all the Internet shop are only type of a site for sale of the goods and at first sight there are nothing difficult in develop the next shop with a similar functional, but with other goods. Actually all are much more difficult and the more I learns about e-commerce shops, the I understands more that in this question the nobility all are impossible, even the one trifle in the interface could change profit of shop to thousand dollars, and for the big players this "trifle" could cost millions. This singularity of electronic commerce did requirements to sites and experts who done them, madly high. Hardly more low I will show many interesting digits who will prove my statement.

Earlier I already writing article about technology of projection of the big sites who, by the way, having very great popularity in a Russian-speaking and English-speaking segment of the Internet: «Serious projection of serious sites». Projection of an e-commerce shop though had the similar sequence of actions describ by me in last article, but the technology all the same strongly differed, therefore let's consider it in the smallest particulars. On a course of article I will refer on last not to repeat, and in this I will emphasize distinctions.
Mind Map

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As we d API for a social network (REST API for WEB)

4 years, 11 months ago
I in the operation often faces with different new concepts, ideologies and projects. In the core of that I participates in development of different big projects, in each of which I meets something new. Today I wants to tell about the experience with REST API. Ideologies who to me somehow time could be appl by development of an one social network.

About it it are already much wr, and still something the complete, allow to find all details necessary for me in an one place when I only starting to be engaged in it, in Russian-speaking edition I doing not meet. I will try to collect that it were possible to clarify, by samples, errors and constant searches in operation with various projects. So, we will start!

I wants to make a reservation at once: REST for me — it, first of all, ideology of whom I thinks much and are gentle. And, if someone are not ready to accept it such what it are — it is not necessary to read further this article. The programmer always had a heap of the useful affairs in which it are possible to be engaged while the understanding of necessity to write learn interfaces came and to hide for them simplicity logic of applications of any complexity …

At once should stipulate that I am a programmer, instead of the writer and are my first article. Probably, it turning out chilly, but we here all technicians, I hopes, will be interesting. In article I will describe the experience with REST API. I will try to make article of general-purpose that this ideology on my article could be appl for any Internet project.

Now give in sequence.

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S design of an e-commerce shop. Part 3. Design of elements

4 years, 11 months ago
Third part of article from a cycle «S design of an e-commerce shop». For those who passing the first and second, they can be read here: «S design of an e-commerce shop. Part 1. Analytics» and «S design of an e-commerce shop. Part 2. Elements of the interface».

Page of the goods

Ha g on page of the goods, the person should receive a maximum of the information on it. The rule «short – the sister of talent» here did not work. As we dealt online with shop our buyer of lishyon of possibility to see the goods alive, therefore we and should give it a maximum of the information available for us: detailed description, technical characteristics, qualitative photos, responses, video or 3D-review. Responses for the goods, by the way, invent by Amazon, importing a sociality on a site, ha strongly increas thereby conversion and sales.

Layout of elements on page. The uniform layout chart did not exist, differently all shops would be on the one person. However it are necessary to adhere to particular rules on page of a product: that are more important, and that less what to select first of all and what to leave on the second plan etc. Let's talk about it more in detail.


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S design of an e-commerce shop. Part 2. Elements of the interface

4 years, 11 months ago
Second part of article from a cycle «S design of an e-commerce shop». For those who passing the first, are more its it are possible to read here: «S design of an e-commerce shop. Part 1. Analytics». Today I will tell about different parts of interfaces of shops which was important for conversion and sales. I will try to designate what elements should be in a cap and futere of a site, on principal page, on page of the directory and many other things.

Logos of the largest e-commerce shops

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