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DataGrip release (ex-0xDBE) 1.0 — new IDE for SQL

2 years, 11 months ago
Hi! We let out IDE for work with databases.

One and a half years we did 0xDBE according to the program of early access (EAP). And here, we understood that it is time to put end under our work. We thank all who tried 0xDBE on the projects and wrote us — you very much helped. We will miss this name too.

Now IDE is called DataGrip.

The supported DBMS

DataGrip is universal IDE for work with MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase, DB2, SQLite, HyperSQL, Apache Derby and H2.

Work with objects of a DB and code generation

DataGrip provides tools for work with database objects. If you create or change the table, add or change a column, an index, a key in already existing, use the graphic interface. Similar changes are followed by generation of the corresponding script — you can execute the made changes in base at once or copy the generated DDL request in the editor and work already directly with a code.

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Upsource 2.5: smart email of the notification, new design of the Review page, improvement in IDE plug-in and many other things

3 years ago
We are glad to share with you excellent news — today we released the new Upsource version, our tool for code review and navigation on repositories.

This time we completely rethought and processed UI of the code review page, relying on comments which we received from our users. The new review page has to be significantly more conveniently and quicker, especially for review with a large number of changes.


We also made email of the notification more smart. Upsource does not send the separate message on each event requiring your attention any more. Instead, notifications gather in one email not to litter your e-mail client. In addition, we added a feature to respond to comments directly from an e-mail client.


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AppCode 3.3: Xcode 7, Swift 2 and plans for the future

3 years ago
Hi, Habr!

Long ago we did not publish news about AppCode, it is time to correct it. Besides we have an excellent occasion — on November 2 there was a new version of our IDE for iOS/OS X.

If in AppCode 3.2 we worked hard on "smart" opportunities for Swift (and a lot of things were managed to be implemented), then in version 3.3 all forces were thrown on support of new language constructions of Swift 2.0 and Objective-C announced by Apple in June.

Support of Xcode

At the end of August we promised that we will try to implement support of Xcode 7 in AppCode as soon as possible. We made part of necessary changes in the first EAP version, and continued to work on this task during all program of early access. We will officially combine new AppCode 3.3 with Xcode 7/7.1, and here 10.11 we had to stop support of Xcode 6.x on OS X (why — it is possible to read here).

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That new and interesting in IntelliJ IDEA 15

3 years ago
Last week JetBrains declared an output of IntelliJ IDEA 15. As always, IDE is available in two editions: commercial Ultimate and free Community Edition. It is possible to download the new version on the official site of JetBrains. This post in brief that in it new and interesting.


The main news is that along with release of IntelliJ IDEA 15 there was also Kotlin Beta — the programming language, almost ready to JVM release, developed in JetBrains subsoil. In IntelliJ IDEA 15 support of Kotlin is available "from a box".

Popularity of Java 8 continues to gain steam, and JetBrains continues to do a debugger more convenient for work with a lambda expressions. When adding the break point of IDE allows to select specific expression now. It is possible to pass in specific lambda expression now and by means of Step Into and Run to Cursor.

Also the Force Return tool was added to a debugger. It allows to interrupt execution of the current method and to return the selected value. It can be convenient if you want to change logic of execution of the program without change of a code and without restart.

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There was JetBrains Toolbox with all updated desktop products

3 years ago
Though today Monday, we have an important day — we started JetBrains Toolbox, updated all desktop products entering it and began sales according to the new license scheme.

In brief about each of product updates:

  • ReSharper Ultimate 10 — ReSharper Build for increase of efficiency of assembly, continuous testing, profiling with a time scale in the Visual Studio, is more than monitoring aids behind style of a code, support of NUnit 3.0, a complete support of C99, new checks, corrections and refactoring for C ++, the improved support of JavaScript and TypeScript (including regular expressions and syntax of JSX/TSX), decompiling in an IL code.
  • IntelliJ IDEA 15 — new opportunities in a debugger, the improved user interface, the new built-in tools and integration, in addition improved help when writing a code, support of Kotlin "from a box".
  • PhpStorm 10 — the improved support of the PHP language, the increased convenience of editing, debugging, the analysis of a code and many other powerful opportunities.
  • WebStorm 11 — support

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It is available to 0xDBE 1.0 Preview

3 years ago
JetBrains approaches release of new IDE for work with SQL and databases. We started the EAP program a year ago and we thank all its participants. As always, your opinions and wishes made our product better.

We are glad to provide you 0xDBE 1.0 Preview. It is excellent chance to try our new IDE and to share impressions that will help us to make 0xDBE even better by the time of release.

We like the name 0xDBE, but it nevertheless working, and to release we will select another — more readable.

Still we want to know better our users and to understand how you work with databases therefore made small poll. We ask to pass it, on it 5-8 minutes will leave. Among those who took part in it we will play ten annual licenses on 0xDBE.

So, here what we added since EAP launch:

Fast and exact introspektion

First of all, we processed algorithm of receipt of a metainformation about the database and expanded standard JDBC интроспекцию for the majority of the supported DBMS. In addition to increase in speed it led to improvements in the graphic interface — now database objects are grouped in types:

Object management of a DB

By clicking Ctrl+F6 (Cmd-F6 for OS X) on a table name in a text editor or in the Database view window the Modify Table window in which it is possible to add and delete columns opens, to change their properties, to add and delete keys and indexes. In real time the DDL script which will be executed for these changes is generated:

Tekstoy search

Now text search in result of request is available. For example, you need to find data, and the column was forgotten. There is a support of regular expressions:

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IntelliJ IDEA 15 Preview is available

3 years, 1 month ago
Yesterday JetBrains has published preview of IntelliJ IDEA 15.

For those who does not participate in EAP, it is opportunity to get acquainted with the new version. For us it is opportunity to tell about on what we worked recently.


First, continuing to adapt IDE for Java 8, we have improved interaction of debagger with lambda expressions. Now at installation of breykpoint you can specify not all line, but specific lambda expression which contains in it. In the same way you can apply Run to cursor on the relation specific lambda to expression regardless of on what line it is. And at last if you cause Step Into, IDE will suggest to pass to lambda to the expression which is parameter.


Besides in debagger the action of Force return which allows to interrupt execution of the current method and to return the value selected by you has been added. It is convenient if you want to change logic of execution of code for the purpose of debugging.

Secondly, recent improvements of algorithm of indexation have allowed to implement inspection for instant detection of duplicates of code. Now if write or will copy the code which is already containing in other part of the project, IDE at once to you will report about it and will show coincidence. To make inspection unostentatious, we show only coincidence more long than 5 lines.

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News from the front about licensing of products of JetBrains

3 years, 2 months ago
At the beginning of September we, JetBrains, declared transition to the podpisochny scheme of licensing.

Declaration has caused wave of protests very inconsistent reaction in blogs, twitters, feysbuka, reddita, and equally and here on Habré.

About two weeks has left on realizing our main errors, to count possible options of actions, to talk over with users from the outside, to argue to blue in the face with each other and to come to the decision which we declare today.

In brief taking into account today's changes the new license model which will become effective on November 2, looks so:

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YouTrack 6.5 — the Bug tracker for all command

3 years, 2 months ago
Kind day, Habr!

I hurry to tell you that quite recently there was a new version of our bug tracker — YouTrack 6.5!


In the new version we placed emphasis on improvement of UIX, having completely changed design of administrative part of a product, added several important integration and simplified import from Jira to one click.

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Updating is available to ReSharper Ultimate

3 years, 3 months ago
Hi everyone! We hurry to share joyful news: available to downloading the updating for ReSharper Ultimate consisting of ReSharper 9.2, ReSharper C ++ 1.1, dotCover 3.2, dotTrace 6.2, dotMemory 4.4 and dotPeek 1.5.

New opportunities of ReSharper 9.2 include:

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