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WebGL for all

2 years, 10 months ago

The idea of this article was born after several painful weeks of studying of WebGL. On a personal example it became clear that the people who are not facing before with 3D - graphics, have generally wrong ideas of work of this technology. Besides there was a problem with information search on the Internet.

WebGL, unlike Javascript, has a high threshold of entry, still very few people use it, and it is even less of those who write about it. Jump over the majority of the manuals or articles on use of some library at once. But we know that big versatile tools are not always suitable for our tasks or, perhaps, do it at the unacceptable level: lose in speed, are delivered with unnecessary baggage, etc.

This article there is a wish to facilitate a threshold of entry in pure WebGL, to give an initial idea and to prompt, where to move further.

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Winium: now for Windows Phone

2 years, 11 months ago

For test automation under Windows Phone and Windows there are no convenient and open tools which can be adapted easily under the needs. Those that is are closed, limited and offer the approach different from the commonly accepted standards like Selenium WebDriver.

My colleague wrote on Habré as we developed the selenium-like the instrument of automation of functional testing of desktop-applications under Windows. In parallel we developed the similar tool, only under mobile platforms from Microsoft.

About why undertook to write it what benefited from use of a uniform platform for test automation under all mobile platforms and how to implement it on your project, read in this article.

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On foot on tayla

3 years, 1 month ago

For motorists the problem of unfamiliar streets was solved navigators long ago. But even motorists go on foot. If shop through the road, we get up and we go. Difficulties appear if it is necessary to pass five hundred meters on the unfamiliar street and two-three times to contract.

Any of services known to us did not build route of point And to point of B where there are no footpaths and sidewalks, but is full of fences and houses of freakish outlines.

2GIS has solved this problem. We have learned to build routes for pedestrians on the rasterized district map. The map formally is submitted the graph with tops on regular grid in places where the pedestrian can physically be.

It is considered to be that such way to build routes is unacceptable because eats many resources. Under cat — as we have coped with it.

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Winium.Desktop: Selenium for desktop-applications under Windows

3 years, 3 months ago

Hi, my name is Gleb, and I am engaged in test automation in 2GIS. More than a year ago I wrote about our Cruciatus tool? with its help we test UI of desktop-applications under Windows.

Cruciatus perfectly solves problem of access to kontrola, but tests are written strictly on C#. It prevents to rummage knowledge and experience between testers under different platforms: mobile, web and desktop.

We have seen solution in Selenium? perhaps, the most known tool for test automation. In this article I will tell how we have crossed Cruciatus and Selenium and how to test the Windows interface of desktop-applications by means of usual Selenium-bindingov.

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How to carry out Testing Dojo

3 years, 3 months ago

There is such piece? Testing Dojo. It competitions where participants look for bugs in applications. Who will find more? that has also won. Usually compete teams. If bugs have to be looked for manually, only testers participate. If autotests go into battle, developers are connected.

In 2GIS Testing Dojo became good tradition for a long time: let's see off it the third year in a row. During this time we have much understood how better to do. Under cat we will share experience: suddenly and you want to make the Testing Dojo.

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DevDay — open meetings for sociable IT specialists

3 years, 3 months ago

Three years ago web developers 2GIS gathered once a month to talk about essential. In big department it is difficult to follow everything, and we told each other by what methods and tools we solve interesting challenges. Did two small reports in working hours.

Then thought: to develop, it is necessary to communicate with developers from other companies. To impart experience and ask about things which they understand better. So there were DevDay — open meetings for sociable IT specialists in Novosibirsk.

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New 2GIS under Windows Phone: architecture and stack of technologies

3 years, 4 months ago
картинка для привлечения внимания

There was 2013. For dollar gave 30 rubles, and I have got a job in the company 2GIS to develop under Windows Phone. I managed to participate in start of application 2GIS almost ready by then which became shortly available to our users in Marketplace.

There was at this application one annoying feature: it worked at our WebAPI, and, respectively, demanded connection to the Internet. Therefore almost at once there was need to teach 2GIS to work under WP offline. And at the same time to solve other pressing problems.

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Release of new mobile 2GIS

3 years, 5 months ago
The first have received the iOS and WP updating. Android on the way. If it is short: we have completely processed mobile 2GIS.

Slightly more precisely about changes in our article.

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? Laundry, why you call me??? we have let out new 2GIS Dialer

3 years, 5 months ago
There are such releases about which there is no wish to write, what is it? updating at all?. That is, technically, indeed: major release 1.0., have added improbable quantity of everything, have as much again improved. But actually? this completely copied application.

2GIS Dialer updating such case.

We have issued the first version of 2GIS Dialer slightly more than a year ago. During this time we have managed to get up on one million devices, to catch and cure some critical bugs, to collect huge number of fidbek and to understand that it is necessary to improve first of all before to move further.

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Open Open Source 2GIS

3 years, 6 months ago
Open Source 2ГИС
2GIS publishes reference books and maps of the cities since 1999. During this time we have passed big technology way? from one PC-application with data for Novosibirsk to API cards and the reference book, desktop applications on Windows, Ubuntu and OS X, mobile applications on Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Blackberry with data on 270 cities of the world.

Often we solve problems for which there are no ready tools. Or they are, but do not cover all requirements. Therefore ourselves write for ourselves frameworks and libraries which most part is connected with test automation, assembly and acceleration of development.

We share these tools with pleasure on Gitkhab, and for convenience have made also Open Source has undressed on 2gis.tekhnologiyakh. That you have understood that is that, we will tell about our flagman tools with the open code.

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