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XML, XPath and threefold grief with a performance

2 years, 10 months ago
Trip to Dnipropetrovsk, chronic sleep debt the last couple of days, but a pleasant bonus on arrival to Kharkiv … A winter weather which motivates on writing something interesting …

For a long time in plans was to tell about "reefs" during the work with XML and XQuery which can lead to tricky problems with performance.

Generally, for those who often uses SQL Server, XQuery and likes to parsit values from XML it is recommended to get acquainted with the following material …

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How to prepare DTO?

2 years, 11 months ago
For the last one and a half months I happened to work over backend-ohm of three projects. In everyone it was required to prepare classes for interaction with remote service by means of an exchange of XML documents; in particular, it was required to prepare DTO classes for each of types of messages. For each of services there was a description from developers, with examples of XML documents so work was rather simple: to follow an example, to banish through the utility of xsd, to receive a class, to correct types, to add missing fields \properties, to test. Operations are routine, after ten classes it was not required to think already especially so in the head thoughts began to accumulate how to accelerate development process or to improve output result. Both that, and another turned out.

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The publication DITA in PDF with use of DITA Open Toolkit. Marking of pages — the layout-master overview

3 years, 1 month ago
In the previous article I have made the small overview adumbrating about the publication DITA in PDF. Now I have decided to tell how in XSL-FO the marking of pages of future document and how it is implemented in basic configuration of DITA-OT is carried out.
Materials of the book "Dave Pawson, XSL-FO — Making XML Look Good in Print, 2002" are used.

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The publication DITA in PDF with use of DITA Open Toolkit

3 years, 1 month ago
Hi everyone! Recently DITA has started using. As the only technical writer in the company, in general, I am the pioneer in this technology.

I write to DITA. As editors has tried Adobe FrameMaker and oXygen. As output format I use PDF. In general, the basic template quite satisfies. However, there is desire to finish it, for example, under requirements of GOST. In this regard has started studying technology of the publication DITA in PDF. Has decided to share the researches with colleagues on workshop in this and in further articles. So …

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Python meetup — 2 years

3 years, 2 months ago
Python Meetup Minsk Hi everyone!
In June of Python Meetup 2 years were executed. To note it, we have gathered on Saturday June 27 and have spent the whole day together, communicating and listening to reports. It was talked about:
  • Optimum name of variables
  • Safe start of others code on the computer
  • Use of Jenkins in testing of games
  • Pair remote programming
  • To object subsystem of Python

Records of performances under cat. Good viewing!

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Templates of design of XSD

3 years, 4 months ago

In life of each analyst and programmer there come such day when he learns about existence of templates (patterns) of design of XML schemes and his life changes. For me, for example, comprehension of beauty of design began with this knowledge.

Today I want to talk about what templates of design of XSD are, about benefits and shortcomings of everyone and why we for the tasks selected "A paradise garden".

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New operators in Blogger

3 years, 5 months ago
As reports Blogger Buzz, support of several new operators by means of whom it is possible has been added to the engine of blogokhosting of Blogger is thinner to configure appearance of separate pages when writing own template.

If earlier only addition operations and comparisons with multi-level conditions of if were available... else, are available now the following expressions.

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Development of simple plug-in for JIRA for work with database: we give to our plug-in normal appearance

3 years, 5 months ago
In the first part we have made simple plug-in for JIRA for work with database. Now we will give to our plug-in? the standard? appearance of JIRA.

For a start we will add a little functionality to our plug-in. Let now for each project there will be the list of students, i.e. the student will be attached to strictly one project, and we will add to students of surname just in case. Respectively, we should redo also delivery of students. Let's give out only the students attached to certain project now. For this purpose we should copy the class Students, having added attributes of the student are necessary there; to add to the StudentDAO interface (and by itself the class StudentDAOImpl) new method for obtaining the list of students for the project; and to copy in the class MyAction the execute methods () and doAdd () according to new changes.

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Development of simple plug-in for JIRA for work with database

3 years, 5 months ago
The plug-in will represent tab in administrative part of the project through which we will carry out work with database.

I will do plug-in for dzhir 4.4.4. For a start we will create the empty project. The project can be created by means of Atlassian SDK, and then to open in favourite IDE. In this case I will work with Netbeans. The file structure of the project will look as follows:

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Import of data from YouTube and Vimeo to Google.Docs

3 years, 6 months ago

UPDATE (on May 12, 2015):

It is forced to report that since May 1, 2015 data became outdated. Youtube changed rules of work of API: now it is impossible to perform anonymous requests. Authorization API-key is necessary for data acquisition.


Quite recently we had a situation when all YouTube and Vimeo of the link to rollers which number of viewings we need to output on the website "were lost". It is necessary that potential investors and partners saw what current indicators at our serial projects. The script updates data of times a day though I repeatedly asked to make updating of indicators in real time. I do not program many years, went to absolutely other type of activity and at the moment I head animation studio. Of course, I was discouraged by the arisen situation with data loss, bawled out and other, but it has no relation to business.

Links were recovered, but here the counter confused me. While there was a recovery, I collected digits by big groups manually, and now after they were bypassed by a script and issued result, they catastrophically did not fight. On my claims to programmers I received the answer that everything is OK though uproveryaysya. Without wishing to bother strongly, I decided to go on very strange way: to make a bypass of links by means of Google.Sheets and to look at results, and at the same time to check whether really it is so painful process: a bypass of several hundred links and data acquisition about viewings. I spent for the experiment several hours, found out what put it not cunning, it is rather simple to collect data in real time, and a script on our website, really, works crookedly and collects data inaccurately, losing millions of viewings on the road.

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